100+ Best Free Video Conferencing Apps for Online Meeting

Video conferencing apps are software programs that allow users to communicate with each other through video and audio calls over the internet. These apps are designed for online meetings, webinars, and other virtual events, and they offer a range of features such as screen sharing, file sharing, and collaborative tools. Some popular video conferencing apps include Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and BlueJeans. These apps can be used on various devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, and they offer different pricing plans to meet the needs of various users, including individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises. Video conferencing apps are useful for remote work, distance learning, and staying connected with colleagues and clients, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person meetings are not possible.


  1. Video and audio calls: Video conferencing apps allow users to make video and audio calls to other users over the internet.
  2. Screen sharing: This feature allows users to share their computer screen with other participants during a video call, which is useful for presentations, demonstrations, and collaboration.
  3. File sharing: Users can share documents, images, and other types of files with each other during a video call.
  4. Collaborative tools: Some video conferencing apps offer tools such as whiteboards, annotation tools, and document editing for collaboration during a call.
  5. Meeting scheduling and management: Video conferencing apps often include features for scheduling and managing meetings, such as sending invitations, setting reminders, and creating agendas.
  6. Recordings: Many video conferencing apps allow users to record their calls and save the recordings for later reference or sharing.
  7. Security: Video conferencing apps usually have measures in place to ensure the security and privacy of calls, such as encryption and password protection.
  8. Mobile app: Many video conferencing apps have a mobile app version that allows users to join calls and participate in meetings from their smartphones or tablets.
  9. Integrations: Some video conferencing apps integrate with other tools and platforms, such as calendar apps and project management software.


  1. Increased productivity: Video conferencing apps can help increase productivity by allowing team members to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.
  2. Improved communication: Video conferencing apps facilitate real-time communication and make it easier to exchange ideas and feedback.
  3. Reduced costs: Video conferencing apps can help reduce travel costs and other expenses associated with in-person meetings.
  4. Flexibility: Video conferencing apps allow users to participate in meetings from anywhere with an internet connection.
  5. Improved accessibility: Video conferencing apps make it easier for people with disabilities or mobility issues to participate in meetings and events.
  6. Enhanced customer service: Video conferencing apps can help businesses provide better customer service by allowing them to connect with customers and clients remotely.
  7. Increased reach: Video conferencing apps allow businesses to connect with people from different locations, which can help expand their reach and increase their global presence.
  8. Greater convenience: Video conferencing apps offer a convenient and time-saving way to connect with others without the need to physically meet.

Here is a list of 100 video conferencing applications for meetings and webinars:

  1. Zoom
  2. Skype
  3. Microsoft Teams
  4. Google Meet
  5. BlueJeans
  6. GoToMeeting
  7. Webex
  8. Join.me
  9. RingCentral
  10. Slack
  11. Houseparty
  12. Whereby
  13. Meetnow
  14. Skype for Business
  15. Highfive
  16. UberConference
  17. ezTalks
  18. Viber
  19. Google Hangouts
  20. Appear.in
  21. FreeConferenceCall.com
  22. Skype for Business Online
  23. AnyMeeting
  24. Meetupcall
  25. Jitsi
  26. JioMeet
  27. Line
  28. Discord
  29. ClickMeeting
  30. Meetings.io
  31. Hangouts Chat
  32. Microsoft Lync
  33. Gotomeeting Webinar
  34. Adobe Connect
  35. Amazon Chime
  36. Microsoft Skype for Business Server
  37. Microsoft Teams Meeting
  38. VideoWhisper
  39. 3CX
  40. GoToWebinar
  41. BigMarker
  42. Livestorm
  43. Demio
  44. Webinarjam
  45. GoToTraining
  46. Join.me Pro
  47. Zoom Meetings
  48. BlueJeans Meetings
  49. CloudApp
  50. Dialpad
  51. Google Duo
  52. Microsoft Skype Meeting Broadcast
  53. Skype for Business Meeting
  54. Google Calendar
  55. Zoom Webinars
  56. Skype for Business Webinars
  57. Google Meet Webinars
  58. Webex Meetings
  59. GoToWebinar Webinars
  60. BigMarker Webinars
  61. Livestorm Webinars
  62. Demio Webinars
  63. Webinarjam Webinars
  64. GoToTraining Webinars
  65. Join.me Pro Webinars
  66. BlueJeans Meetings Webinars
  67. CloudApp Webinars
  68. Dialpad Webinars
  69. Google Duo Webinars
  70. Microsoft Skype Meeting Broadcast Webinars
  71. Skype for Business Meeting Webinars
  72. Google Calendar Webinars
  73. Adobe Connect Webinars
  74. Amazon Chime Webinars
  75. Microsoft Skype for Business Server Webinars
  76. Microsoft Teams Meeting Webinars
  77. VideoWhisper Webinars
  78. 3CX Webinars
  79. Meetnow Webinars
  80. ezTalks Webinars
  81. Viber Webinars
  82. Google Hangouts Webinars
  83. Appear.in Webinars
  84. FreeConferenceCall.com Webinars
  85. Skype for Business Online Webinars
  86. AnyMeeting Webinars
  87. Meetupcall Webinars
  88. Jitsi Webinars
  89. JioMeet Webinars
  90. Line Webinars
  91. Discord Webinars
  92. ClickMeeting Webinars
  93. Meetings.io Webinars
  94. Hangouts Chat Webinars
  95. Microsoft Lync Webinars
  96. Gotomeeting Webinar Webinars
  97. Highfive Webinars
  98. UberConference Webinars
  99. Whereby Webinars
  100. Houseparty Webinars


1. Zoom App

 Zoom Video Conferencing App Download-Login- Install and Basic Setting of Meeting.

Zoom conferencing video originated as an American video communication application in April 2021. Zoom offers services including video and audio calls, online chat options as well as works as a platform for peer-to-peer video conferencing, receiving distance education, and making social relations. The current headquarter of zoom telecommunication is in California, San Jose, US.

Some of the intriguing features of this newly launched decade-old video conferencing app are- .,

Features of Zoom Application.

The most evident reason for people choosing zoom for holding conferences is because of its availability of most of the features in a free basic account also. Some of the top highlights you should know before using the zoom app  are:

  • Streaming of HD Video and Audio display while conferencing.
  • Video sharing facility after asking for permission.
  • Meetings rooms are highly secured and password protected.
  • Zoom sign-in through Google, Facebook, or SSO platforms.
  • Zoom meetings follow end-to-end encryption.
  • Pairing with a calendar for scheduling features available.
  • Access to participants in the meeting via waiting rooms.
  • Customization of the personal meeting ID with pro or higher plans.
  • Zoom cloud recording for meetings is available.
  • For communication, the zoom chat feature is available.
  • Single sign-on facility.

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2.Microsoft Teams

What is Teams? How to Download, Install and change basic settings?

Are you aware of Microsoft 365? Then probably you should also know about Microsoft Team. The Microsoft Team is a collaborating application that is known as a segment of Microsoft and Office 365. You also have cloud storage with the Microsoft team. Some of the inbuilt features of the Microsoft team include video messaging and calling, video meetings as well as file sharing. Businesses irrespective of their sizes can easily accommodate through Microsoft teams. Now below let’s look into the specifications of the Microsoft team.



  • You can chat with team members in a fun way through the team’s chat feature.
  • Send emojis, GIFs, and stickers in the chat.
  • You can enjoy both group chats as well as one-to-one chats here.

Microsoft team Meetings

  • With a single touch, you can switch on to video conferencing from group chats.
  • Whether it is two or a thousand, all can collaborate or meet using the team.
  • Held interactive webinars for meetings for thousands of attendees.
  • You can also hold broadcasts for up to 10,000 attendees.
  • Microsoft team calendar


  • You receive or make calls anytime on the team.
  • It supports group calling, call transfer, and even cloud voicemails.

Collaborating with other applications

  • You can also enjoy the collaboration of the Microsoft team with other relatable apps like Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

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3.Cisco Webex

What is Cisco Webex How to Download, Install and change basic settings

If you are looking for an alternative video conferencing platform exclusively for holding business-related conferences, then Cisco Webex serves the purpose very well. With the inbuilt features of audio, video, and voice users can instantly conduct meetings. Not only the video conferencing app is suitable for conducting business meets but adds solutions to several other purposeful meeting problems. Like helps in holding healthcare, education, governmental programs, And other financial startups.


  • Flexible adaptation to any working environment.
  • Cisco WebEx inclusive feature. It gives combines experience to all regardless of language, environment, and style of communication.
  • Cisco Webex app is secure from third-party threats or intervention.
  • Calling is permissible from all devices.
  • Meeting from everywhere.
  • Cisco WebEx file sharing and messaging option available for internal And external sharing of the same space.
  • Makes the conference meet more engaging with Q&A along with polls.
  • Hosting of virtual events with 100,000 attendees.

Can I use Webex for free?


You can start cisco WebEx meetings for free where your meetings can be held with hundred attendees. Limited storage facilities and other planning. You can Cisco Webex Lovin for free in three simple steps.

Step 1. At first, you will be asked to enter your email id.

Step 2. In the second step enter the confirmation code.

Step 3. In the third step, you have to select your region. And based on that you can continue to hold meetings.

Selected Add-ons.

You can also select add-ons during final check out like-

  • Call me add-on. There are two options available. These are a domestic and international add-on. Per-user with a domestic plan you can have $4 monthly. For international plans, you can have $35.75 per user monthly. Both are billed annually.
  • . The Real-Time Translation add-on. There are translations available for above a hundred captioned languages. With this, you will get a 15-day free trial. And $25 per user monthly annual billing mode is available.

4. Skype video call

What is Skype Video Call & How to Download, Install and change basic settings?

If you wanna connect with someone face to face then skype is a good choice. It was first released to the global market in August 2003, which is approximately eighteen years ago. Skype is a telecommunication-based app that supports VoIP-oriented video telephony, police calling feature, and skype video conferencing. Skype operates as a division of Microsoft accessible through desktop, video game, and other mobile platforms.

As per analytical research in 2020, it was found that skype as a video conferencing app is chosen by people on a monthly and daily basis. It has over forty million users on a single day.

Features about skype.

There are some advanced features related to skype which frankly lacks in many other video conferencing platforms. Those are-

  • With skype you can message instantly.
  • Other features like file transfer, debit based landline calls are available.
  • You can transfer files over skype.
  • You can share the same platform with co-works. Skype incorporates up to 100 people in a Skype meeting.
  • Share screen, present PowerPoint, and transfer files with the skype team.
  • The full-screen video feature helps the user to focus in detail on the work.
  • To have clear sound from speakers you can blur the background.
  • However, Skype does not support emergency calls.

Skype subscriptions.

Skype subscription plans are generally based on the features you want them for. However, below you will find three subscription plans based on the number of minutes for landline and mobile calls.



5. GoTo Meeting

What is GotoMeeting & How to Download, Install and change basic settings?

GotoMeeting works as a web hosting service that originally was marketed by LogMeIn. With the help of the Goto meeting, you can share the desktop screen during a meet, perform video conferencing, and also be helpful for online marketing. It initially was released on 214. When in 2016 cities and Logmeln merged, Goto meeting became a part of their family products.

Features of GoTo meeting.

To avail of the Go to meeting features, you can join after downloading the application from different devices like phones, tablets, and desktops. Below you will find Goto meeting features in three phases.

Specifications before entering the meeting.

  1. You can join the meeting with a single click event from the current conversation.
  2. Try to communicate from any integrated chat.
  3. You can easily invent attendees through customized personal links.
  4. The dialing of meetings over the phone for over fifty countries.
  5. Before you enter a meeting, you can also purview the video quality of your webcam.

Specifications during entering the meeting.

  1. You can share your screen through your mobile tablet and desktop screen.
  2. You can also doodle over the screen to make a point more clear.
  3. Customization of video backgrounds from anywhere is possible.
  4. The presenter of the meeting can take control of the presentation.


Specifications after the meeting end

  1. You can share the transcripts of the meeting. And wherever possible take down the notes.
  2. If you want it you can also cloud record the meeting. For future reference.
  3. You can minimize the trouble of your video quality, by analyzing stats over the performance of the meeting at the individual level.


6. Blue jeans

What is Blue Jeans & How to Download, Install and change basic settings?

BlueJeans video conferencing service is a product of Verizon in 2009 and was founded by Krish Ramakrishnan. It is an interoperable video conferencing service that helps in linking participants throughout devices and conferencing platforms. Blue Jean’s functions by providing every member a private room through which they can schedule and host meetings. It collabs with conferencing services like Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, etc.

Blue Jeans feature.

  • It records your meeting and functions accordingly.
  • Through the waiting room, blue jeans can secure the conversations. It will protect your meeting from joining unwanted guests.
  • The moderator controls can share screen and can manage who else can share the screen.
  • There are real-time transcription and closed captions available.
  • There are interactive video tiles accessible to the meeting participants.
  • The team can respond to problems that originated from the command center.
  • It integrates and works with many applications like slack, Microsoft teams, etc.
  • The customer support team is available 24*7 to entertain your queries.

7. Big blue button.

The Big blue button is a free video-conferencing software for Linux servers. Its main aim was to promote digital learning. It’s a part of the affiliate marketer open-source initiative. In the market, it was first launched two months back in June 2021. There are two types of software used while operating the application and those are web conferencing and collaborative software. The big blue button platform is available in sixty-five languages. Teachers globally have contributed hugely to making a success plan. Through extraordinary teaching skills, the reach of students also expands.


  • Upload documents with ease. You can upload files in Docx, presentation, excel, and pdf format.
  • Video serving options for low, medium and high-resolution features are available. It fulfills the demand with every wifi bandwidth level.
  • For messaging and chatting, both public And private options are available.
  • Engage with more students with the help of instant as well as simple pollings.
  • For collaborative learning, breakout rooms are available.
  • For presenting content efficiently, there’s an option for whiteboard and multi-participating whiteboards.
  • With the means of group, collaboration has shared notes facility.
  • To make the student feedback funkier, share emojis.
  • If students have any doubts they can also raise their hands on the big blue button.


8. Whereby

The small video communication service AS in collaboration with the parent firm Video nor AS has together worked to create Whereby video services. It originated in 2013 as a summer internship to the Norwegian company called Telenor, which serves in the telecom arena. Soon in 2017, Video nor joined their journey. It’s convenient to use Whereby when you have limited time because you won’t have to log in or download the app to join with someone via video. The company since its launch is expanding the horizon with more than five million trusted people. Companies like Ogilvy, Spotify, Shopify have put on their thumb ups for Whereby.

Distinct features.

  • Customization of the meeting rooms with personalized names and URLs available.
  • Meetings are quite productive along with hosting with whiteboards by miro.
  • Integrate the meetings along with YouTube.
  • Have fun and engage with live emoji interactions.
  • Hosting videos without any installations or downloading the application.
  • The guests of the meeting won’t have to log in.
  • The meeting rooms can also be customized.
  • The telehealth option helps in linking health professionals with the patients.


9. UberConference/ Now DialPad

UberConference is a video conference application by Dialpad San Francisco, California. The former name of the company was Firesotter Lab cofounder by the later entrepreneur of Google Ventures Craig Walker. The idea of the company was first put forward in 2012 and soon after it was launched. The initial investment was made $3 million by fire spotter followed by later investments from google ventures. Go down below to know the features-


The Artificial Intelligence-based video conferencing app helps you to connect your acquaintances from far-off places. Know some of the intriguing features-

  • You won’t need any pins or downloads for meeting through the browser or application.
  • This all-in-one application is convenient for chatting and sharing files.
  • Presentation mode is very easy for sharing screen and whiteboard-related ideas.
  • High-quality HD videos for face-to-face meetings.
  • The audio quality is crisp and clear.
  • The background music, layout, and URL room can be fully customized.
  • Collaboration feature with Microsoft and Google calendar before scheduling any meetings.



10. Google Duo.

The Google Duo mobile application was developed by the parent brand Google for Android and iPhone users. The application was first introduced to the market by Google in May 2016.  You can also use the application. Bia Google chrome application over a browser on laptop and computer desktops. It’s widely chosen by users for its HD video calling quality. Along with that end to end, encryption is also by default enabled. The preview test of your video quality is also available through the knock-knock feature.  Explore more Google Duo features below-

Google Duo features.


  1. Google Duo works with high definition video quality for smart displays like Google Next hub Max.
  2. You can make up your one-to-one calls.
  3. Have the facility to invite friends to join Duo.
  4. Up to 32 participants create friends and family groups and make the group video call.
  5. The call, messages, and conversation stay private with end-to-end encryption.
  6. Take screen photos from the favorite moments of the Google Duo video call.


The other amazing aspect about the Google duo is that it’s completely free of services. It works on all kinds of smart devices like android phones, tablets iPhones, etc.

11. Anymeeting conference

Anytime conference is best known as web conferencing and webinar-related services for both large firms and smaller business hubs. These web-based conferencing features are appropriate for hosting meetings from any desktop as well as other minor device screens. Any media on 2017 became a part of intermedia.

Features of Anymeeting.


  • You can screen share, record, and conduct survey polls within your conference meetings or webinars.
  • One can also share YouTube videos through anymeeting.
  • The attendees can have either a free plan or paid subscription.
  • Thirty days free trial for the users available.
  • No ads for paid versions.
  • Can accommodate between 25 to 200 meeting attendees.
  • Any meeting based on adobe flash player runs through a browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla firefox.

12. 8*8 video conferencing.

As the official website claims, 8*8 video conferencing promises the users with providing productive meetings from their home screen phones and desktops. The conference gets streamed for audiences of more than fifty countries. They also have dial-in access with instant launch meetings from the phone.


  • HD video conferencing with 500+ participants.
  • Easily available for the enterprise community whether it’s a 5 or 50,000 men business.
  • For privacy, the meetings are strongly secured as well as end-to-end encrypted.
  • 8*8 meetings can also be held with desktop browsers.
  • You can also enjoy virtual backgrounds.
  • There are three plans available for 8*8 video conferencing. Those are:
  • The Small business phone system with 8*8 express. The pricing starts from $12 per user monthly.
  • The X2 plan at $24 monthly. It includes the feature for compact video, chat, and voice calling.
  • For the analysis of supervisors or administrators, there are X4 plans at $44 monthly.

13. Amazon Chime conferencing.

Powered by AWS, Amazon chime is a completely managed communication system that provides a free video-conferencing experience. Whether with a mobile phone, desktop, or all in-room video systems one can join the meeting. Not only that, high definition video options are available with Amazon chime.

  • You can conduct an interface meeting even being situated at remote locations.
  • Amazon chime offers to pay as you go service. This does not support upfront investments.

Amazon Chime pricing.

  • The basic Chime features like screen sharing, dial meetings, and VoIP are free.
  • You can have thirty days of free use.
  • But the Amazon chime basic voice connector plan charges $53.28 monthly. (It costs the outbound minutes)
  • The Amazon chime pro takes $420 monthly.
  • Amazon chimes us the toll-free plan is $119.10 per minute.

Other than that all Amazon chime audio and video screen sharing meetings are recorded.

14. Discord video calling app

Discord originally is a software-based on VoIP where users can instant message and make voice and video calls. For the servers, there is a continuance for chat rooms as well as other voice chat channels. Besides that, you require windows, Mac’s Linux, and Android versions of the discord software to avail the features. It was recently realized on August 14, 2021. Below you will find its features-

Discord features.

One of the most alluring features of discord is that you can have all the fun on the platform free of cost. Not only that during a video call you can also have

  • Video chatting option during the call.
  • You can screen share with video chat simultaneously on the discord platform.
  • You can also voice chat a watch others videos
  • Before starting the call you can adjust the video and voice quality call.
  • Other voices and video settings are also adjustable.
  • Begin the video call from direct t message.
  • Both input and output devices are changeable with the ongoing call.


It’s too early to analyze the pros and cons of discord as it has launched even less than fifty days earlier.

 15. Etherpad meeting

Originally developed by the road foundation, its twelve years long web-based editing collaborating platform for the authors and editors. Here, users at the same time as other editors can edit the same document.  The editing text colors for each editor are different. For allowing meta description, you can also find a side chatbox.

How does the etherpad work?

In contrast to the above video conferencing app where the main motto was the face to face meetings. The idea of an etherpad is completely different. Here authors edit documents simultaneously.

  • So, first, any user can create a collaborative document called pad. Then he can share the URL of the pad with other users.
  • Whoever has the URL for the pad can participate in the editing mission of the pad.
  • The ads can also be secured without a password-protected version.
  • Through etherpad operational transforms, marginal changes can be made.
  • Etherpad is implemented through Javascript on the Appjet platform.
  • The functionality of the etherpad is achieved through complete streaming.

Etherpad as a direct editing tool has been working since 2008, however with we’ll arrange features the app was recently released. Also, you don’t have to worry about the pricing as etherpad is a free tool without any enterprise pricing.

16. Facetime

As a video telephony product by Apple Inc, FaceTime works for mac computers and iOS mobile devices. The application mainly works to establish connections between two supported devices. Facetime video quality is also praised for its high definition video quality and the camera supports HD picture quality. However, facetime as a video telephony app does not support conference calling. It allows one and one video chatting between two individuals.

Features of Facetime.

  • With the share play, options users can share multimedia files including music files, video files, and documents during the facetime call.
  • The audio isolation feature is available.
  • Instant facetime call via person’s phone number or registered email address.
  • Facetime audio call choosing option through call waiting.
  • You can filter out the background noise during an ongoing call.
  1. Other than the charges of ISP for internet access during wifi-connected calls, video facetime calls are free for both parties.

17.  Hang out

Hang out as a video massaging and chatting platform has been owned by Google. It’s among the most popular cross-platform with instant messaging services. The platform at first was launched in 2013 which supports all the three operating systems of Android, web, and iOS.

However, since 2017 Google is trying to transfer workspace users from google hang out to google meet. Some of the intriguing features about Google hang out are-

  • You can carry on the conversations between dual or multiple users.
  • Since can’t histories saved online, syncing of devices is permitted.
  • In 2016 hang out upgrades 10 concurrent hangout users to 25 users per meeting.
  • One can make free voice calls in hang out.
  • In the grid view of a meet, the screen can accommodate four or more participants.
  • Google hang out works with browsers like chrome Mozilla safari.


18. Hang out Meet

The Hang-out meet is the former version of Google meet. The Google hang out meet application see widely used all over the globe for its security and protective functions. The video conferences hosted by Google meet are highly encrypted which get updated continuously over time. Not only that, Google hang out meet is desirable for users because of the following features-

Features of Google Hangout meeting.

  • The live streaming features of the meetings for up to one lakh viewers with domains.
  • You can accommodate participants in a google meeting or webinar from any device. Irrespective of mobile apps or from pcs.
  • Highly adjustable as per the network needs. Artificial Intelligence-based enhancements keep the meet crystal clear.
  • Recording of the meeting with favorable layouts.
  • You can host large meetings with both external and internal participants. ( up to 250 members).

In the pricing section, you will find two plans. For Google Workplace Individual you can have up to $7.99 monthly. And another plan is Google Workplace Enterprise who’s proving and the plans are customizable.

19. House party application

The app named house party are originally modified by the owner Ben Rubin. Originally it was a social networking service that later adopted the video chatting feature for both mobile devices and desktops. The contact between other users using video calls can only be made when the next person is online. The company Life on Air inc, 2016 primarily launched this application.

Houseparty app during Covid 19 pandemic.

When during a lockdown situation, everything looks boring then hang out as social networking plus video calling app is a perfect choice. Countries like the USA, UK, Italy, Spain are rapidly downloading the app from the play store. Its features like

  • Video chatting up to eight people per meet and
  • Free-of-cost services are widely embraced by people to a great extent.
  • When your friends are around, you will receive a notification that will keep you engage with them.
  • Play, house party awesome game during the houseparty video chatting sessions.

The types of services the application provides surged during the Covid 19 pandemic times when the world was looking for some new interactive platforms to try. Besides that to make the chats from this social networking site more engaging you can share media files as well as express emotions with different emojis.

20. Jami video conference

The earlier name of the Jami video conferencing app was GNU ring and SFLphone. It’s a SIP-oriented peer interactive platform used for quick messaging. For operating modes like Linux Microsoft windows etc, Jami video conferencing app can be used. The Canadian company Savoir-faire Linux develops and maintained the functioning Jami.

Jami specifications.

Some of the features offered by Jami video-conferencing application are –

  • With instant messaging, you can make innumerable calls.
  • The option of call holding is available.
  • If you wish you can transfer the call also.
  • The multi-channel audio function is also there.
  • There’s an account wizard assistant available there.
  • You will find SIP Re invite.

Making calls from Jami is free as of now. And are subject to change based on the discretion of the developing company.

21. Jitsi meet

The original functioning plan of Jitsi is specifically different from most of the video conferencing app. It serves as an open-source for multiplatform Voice and instant messaging (VoIP). When the WebRTC develops its vision is to transform Jitsi into a web-based multi-party video calling application. The extended team of Jitsi later had added Jitsimeet an application workable for web, Android, and iOS clients.

The success of Jitsi projects.

Jitsi as a video conferencing medium has extended its hand on multiple projects. Some of them are particularly-

  • Jitsi meets which helps in instant installation from Ubuntu or Debian servers.
  • Jidesha is also known as a chrome extension for jitsi meet.
  • Jitsi Video bridge engines the powerful potential multiparty conferencing platforms.
  • Lib-jitsi-meet which delivers customized UI or Jitsi meet services.

There is no time limit while using Jitsi, and the maximum participant limit for each meeting is up to 75 individuals. Besides that when you have one on one meetings, jitsi is completely free. Many find Jitsi meet as the tough competitor for zoom video-conferencing applications. They have toe to toe competition with both 8.6  ratings by the users.

22. Lifesize telecommunications


The Lifesized based in the USA is a telecommunications and video audio company that serves with HD videoconferencing endpoint. Different parts of the world where the companies headquarter are situated are Texas, Austin, Europe, the middle east, etc. When you use lifesize you can have additional accessories, cloud-based video conferencing, and other touch screen room phones features.

Intriguing lifesize video conferencing features.

Some of trying best intriguing features about life-size communication include-

  • You can also join the meeting via browsers like google chrome.
  • In mobile applications supports Android and iPhone clients.
  • For desktop applications, it would support windows and Mac clients.
  • The free version can accommodate 250 participants with ninety minutes time limit.
  • For the paid version it would have up to 300 participants with an unlimited limit.

As one of the best secure video conferencing app, it entails end-to-end encryption. The most basic starting plan of the Lifesize video-conferencing application includes $12.95 monthly.

23. Facebook Messenger

Originally messenger was a part of the Facebook team that works for interacting with friends and anytime making video or audio calls. With messenger, you get another means to connect with your closest friends. Messenger not only helps you to initiate conversation within handbook services, but you can hang on more with other application services like Instagram, portal, oculus, etc. You can also customize your chat session with friends by sending your favorite emojis to them. You can also create an open room with others and for business purposes can chat confidently with clients over messenger.

 Features for messenger video calls.

  • First of all, making video calls using messenger is not paid and free of charge.
  • You won’t have any time limit for continuing your fall session with your friends.
  • It is supported by the chrome version of  Mozilla.
  • Not only that during the video session one can text chat and can join like a guest.
  • For more convenience in making multi-friends video sessions, you can turn the screen into a grid view.
  • However, with messenger, you won’t have end-to-end encryption.


24. Signal

Signal video call software is a cross-platform developed by a nonprofit organization called Signal Technology Foundation. Through signal, one can instantly message, share group messages, and include media files like images, video, and audio recordings. It works for Android, desktop, and iOS clients. It’s an end-to-end encrypted service based on the guarantee of providing standard cellular telephone numbers which identify other signal users. It’s a free service with a mobile license of GPL 3.0 only. Till January month of 2021, reports suggest that the signal has a total download of over forty million users per month.


  • With signal, you can make a group call of up to eight people and it also allows one call.
  • The calls are based on wifi data connection without any monthly additional two-time recharges. However, there can be exceptions of data fees for some international countries.
  • For each video calling session, there won’t be any time limit.
  • One can also moderate signals with default Sms or moms applications.

Problems faced with Signal.

With signal video calls, you won’t get the advantage of screen sharing, recording videos, and, in addition, can’t also join as a guest. All these limitations restrict signal from becoming the most priority of users considering a wide range of choices is available to them.

25. Spike

Spike earlier was best known for its emailing services but with time the software company has evolved and brought more features to its users. Now, the spike has developed into a text to voice to video meetings application. Anyone irrespective of the devices they are using can join spike video meetings. Spoke video conferencing is the ideal platform for making an online conference call on communities, small businesses, and other nonprofit organizations.

Three steps for inviting on a spike video meeting.

Through a thread medium, the spike will send a video meeting invitation link for all attendants. So, once you click on the link you can join the meeting.

Step1. You at first gave input to a thread.

Step 2. Then you had to tap on the present + Icon.

Step 3. Then based on your need you either can click on spike video meeting or audio type for sending the meeting invite.


  • One spike there is a maximum participant limit of 500.
  • You can screen share, text chat, and record spike meetings.
  • Both free and paid versions are available.
  • In the paid versions there are three monthly plans: $7 monthly (spike business with 5 minimum accounts), $7 for spike Team with a minimum of two accounts, the solo spike plan at $12 with one minimum business account.


26. Slack


Slack video conferencing outlet was mainly developed to assist with business-related concerns through meetings. It was developed by an American company named Slack Technologies. Some of the unavoidable features, that slack video conferencing will offer are-

  • Through channels, you can have persistent chat rooms.
  • Direct messaging through personalized groupings is also there.
  • The platform does not have any time limit for meetings.
  • Per meet it can accommodate up to 15 participants.
  • Both free and paid versions of the app are available. When paid, it is available at an enterprise price of $ 12.5 monthly.

27. Wire video calling


The Wire Swiss developer has created this encrypted as well as a collaborative application for messaging, video calls, voice calls, etc. There are three types of Wire security solution plans for availing the video conference app.

  • Wire Pro. ( With wire pro one can have widely featured services based on business ).
  • Wide Enterprise. ( it includes all the wite pro features + large and regular scale organizations).
  • Wire Red. ( with wore red one can have on-demand collaboration suite facilities).


  • With wire while in a group calling you can invite up to 25 people. And for conferencing, it can have up to 12 heads.
  • An inclusive built virtual space for distinguishing voice directionality.
  • For iOS and Android versions, one can also have a sketch feature when during the meeting.
  • It also has external secure collaboration with guest rooms.
  • A 1:1 and group conversation with epidermal messaging. The price range varies between $4 to $8 monthly depending on plans.

28. WhatsApp video call

WhatsApp messenger is originally a freeware centralized cross-platform messaging tool. But constantly with each update, the app is growing its features for the users. With Whatsapp messenger, one can send unlimited texts, voice recordings and recently can also make video calls. In 2018 with Whatsapp standard clients, small business holders can easily communicate with customers.

Features of WhatsApp video calls

  • With WhatsApp video calls one can make unlimited can’t for free even from two different countries.
  • The voice video call does not cut-offs your cell phone’s voice minutes. It only uses the phone’s internet connection.
  • There is no time limit for making calls.
  • Per video call, there is a participant group limit of up to eight members.


Therefore all the above-mentioned video conferencing apps have their share of pros and cons. But it is undeniably true that all these video calling services have been applauded globally with than more than a million users record each month.