A convenient function of Chrome that allows you to use various multiple accounts properly!

The other day, I split my Facebook account for work and private.
This is because my work and hobbies, and their specialties, are too far apart.
Here’s how to use Google Chrome accounts properly, which is convenient at this time.


You must have multiple Google accounts to use this method.

If you only have one Google account, please get another Google account.


Well, if you can get another Google account,

  1. Click the small face icon in the upper right corner of Google Chrome
  2. Click “Manage Users”

Click “Add User”


  1. Enter a name to identify multiple users
  2. Click “Add”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cute name or a funny name, as long as you can identify it.

Click “Login”.

Enter the email address of your newly acquired Google account and click Next.

Then enter the password to complete the user settings.

You can now switch between multiple Google accounts.

This allows you to switch between various Google accounts such as Facebook, twitter, Ameba Blog, and Zoom.


For example, in Chrome, which is a Google account for work, set up a Facebook account for work, a twitter account for work, and an Ameba account for work.

In Chrome, a private Google account, you can set up a private Facebook account, a private twitter account, and a private Ameba account.


With this usage, you can easily switch between various multiple accounts such as SNS and blogs.


Also, when deleting a Google account that you no longer use from Chrome

  1. Click the small face icon in the upper right corner of Google Chrome
  2. Click “Manage Users”

Click the button with three vertical dots on the upper right of the icon you want to delete.

Click “Delete this user”.


Then click the “Delete this user” button to complete the deletion.

It’s a very convenient function, so please try it.

And, in fact, this function is even more convenient when used in a dual monitor environment




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