How to activate internal communication! Benefits of sharing information using tools

Smooth communication within the company is essential for improving operational efficiency and smooth information sharing.

In the past, communication methods such as email and telephone were the mainstream, but recently, more and more companies are using various tools collectively called communication tools.

Especially for companies that have introduced various work styles such as remote work and working from home, it can be said that the use of communication tools is essential.

Here, we introduce the necessity of activating internal communication, the efforts of companies, and the merits of introducing tools.

It also explains the differences with email and SNS, so if you are thinking of introducing it, please refer to it.

How to activate internal communication


Internal communication has long been emphasized.

This is because smooth communication within the company can be expected to improve teamwork and improve the skills of each employee.

However, due to differences in the way of thinking between generations, many companies are facing challenges in their current internal communication.

First, let’s take a closer look at the necessity of communication within the company and the measures that are effective in activating communication.

The need for communication

Communication skills are required in all situations, including home and student life.

Especially in the business scene, not only unilateral information transmission but mutual information sharing is more important.

The benefits of smooth internal communication are as follows.

  • Business efficiency
  • Motivate individuals and teams
  • Lower turnover

Good communication between managers and subordinates will facilitate problem solving and work follow-up.

It can be expected that the motivation of the entire company will be increased as the work proceeds efficiently.

Many people who leave their workplace cite internal relationships as a cause.

In a workplace where communication within the company is solid, it will be possible to increase the number of people who control the turnover rate and continue working for a long time.

Effective method for activation

There are roughly two types of communication, one that is necessary for business such as Horenren, and one that is motivated by holding events and setting up a chat space.

Let’s check each effective method to improve communication.

Work style and environment improvement

One of the ways to activate communication is to improve working style and environment.

For example, there is a way to set up a break space within the company and provide a place where employees can easily talk with each other.

In difficult environments, it may be difficult to make a call, so using the break space positively may be a step toward smooth communication.

In the past, it was natural to communicate at a drinking party at the end of work, as in the word “drinking nication”.

However, nowadays, there is a strong tendency to avoid drinking parties by giving priority to one’s own time, and “drinking nication” is no longer valid.

Instead, install a vending machine inside the company and guide them to communicate during working hours.

In-house event

By holding unique events in-house, you can communicate with many employees regardless of their position or department.

Events such as company trips and training camps may help deepen human relationships.

Creating opportunities to talk to employees that you don’t usually talk to may create new ideas.

Introduction of chat and information sharing tools

It is also recommended to use tools such as chat and groupware to activate internal communication.

Introducing the tools will improve the efficiency of information sharing within the company, and smooth the work of the entire company.

There are various types of tools, such as chat and web conference for the purpose of promoting communication, groupware mainly for information sharing and task management tools.

By combining and using these, you can expect smooth communication not only inside the company but also outside staff such as remote work and telecommuting.

The advantages of introducing communication tools will be introduced in detail in the next section.

Benefits of introducing communication tools within the company

The advantages of introducing a communication tool are as follows.

  • Business efficiency
  • Smooth information sharing and communication

Business efficiency

Communication tools help streamline conversations and communication.

In the case of e-mail, for example, you have to put extra effort into the clerical text such as entering the subject and greetings.

Also, if there is a gap when entering the address in Cc or Bcc, it may lead to unexpected trouble.

On the other hand, communication tools allow you to send and receive messages as if you were talking in real time.

You can also use the actions and emoji functions provided in the tool to respond, which will reduce the amount of time spent on emails.

If you have members who you haven’t added to your chat group, you can add them back when you notice them.

Once added to the chat, you can check past conversations, so you don’t have to listen again and again.

By shortening the time required for individual communication, we can expect to improve the efficiency of the entire work.

Smooth information sharing and communication

Many communication tools have functions such as chat, voice call, and video call.

Recently, there are many apps that can be used on smartphones and tablets as well as computers, so you can communicate anywhere regardless of location.

The advantage of the tool is that it allows you to talk face-to-face not only inside the company but also at remote work and telecommuting staff, as well as at remote business partners and branch staff.

Tools are also useful for conveying a small amount of emotion that cannot be expressed in the text of an email.

If communication is smooth, the atmosphere inside the company will improve.

How is it different from email and SNS?

Chat tools and bulletin board functions are no different from email and SNS. You may feel that.

The big difference from email is the speed of communication.

Chat can proceed as if it were a real-time conversation, or it is possible for multiple people to have a conversation at the same time.

In addition, compared to general SNS/communication apps, tools for business often have better security measures.

The feature is that you can freely set the disclosure range such as important communication and information sharing only for some administrators.

In addition, there are also tools that offer two types of free plans and paid plans.

If you have a paid plan, consider using it because it has the advantages of being able to use more business-specific functions and receiving generous support.


  • Smooth internal communication leads to operational efficiency and motivation
  • Improvement of environment, introduction of internal events and tools are recommended to promote internal communication
  • The introduction of tools also has the advantage of smooth information sharing.

If communication between employees is smooth, problem-solving and role sharing will proceed smoothly.

Your work is highly motivated, so please consider introducing a tool to improve work efficiency.


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