Advantages of marketing using webinars and recommended tools

Today, with the spread of the Internet, various marketing methods using SNS and video advertisements have been introduced.

One of the most popular marketing methods is online seminars.

Speaking of seminars, it is a more popular marketing method than before because it allows two-way communication in real-time.

With the recent shift to online, seminars have even more possibilities.

Here, we explain the features of online seminars (=webinars) and the advantages of marketing.

We also introduce recommended marketing tools, so if you are thinking of distributing seminars, please refer to it.

What is the Webinar?

The webinar is a coined word that combines “Web” and “Seminar” and is mainly used in the business world.

Refers to lectures and product introductions over the Internet, and is also called an online seminar.

First, let’s take a closer look at the differences between webinars and traditional seminars, and how to deliver webinars.

How is it different from an offline seminar?

Since the webinar is held online, the advantage is that you can participate freely from anywhere and have smooth communication with the organizer.

Compared to conventional seminars, the hurdles for participation are lower and it has become possible to broaden the range of marketing.

Other differences between webinars and offline seminars include:

 WebinarOffline seminar
Holding methodDelivery using the InternetConducted at a specific venue
Required preparationsCreating materials for distributionDocument preparation/printing on the day/Venue preparation/Staff arrangement/
costWebinar system usage feeVenue rental fee/Staff personnel cost/Transportation cost for moving, etc.
Participant limitsNoneThere is a capacity according to the venue / Only people who can come to the venue

In this way, webinars are a convenient tool that can be held at a low cost and can be expected to attract a large number of customers.

Type of delivery method (real-time recording)

With the webinar tool, you can select the delivery method of the seminar video from the following two methods.

  • Real-time distribution (live distribution)
  • Recording delivery

Real-time distribution (live distribution)

If you want to deliver the seminar in real-time, you need to set the delivery date and notification in advance.

Participants are limited to those who can watch the video at the time of distribution, but the advantage is that communication such as questions and answers can be planned.

Highly effective marketing is expected because it can eliminate anxiety about products and services on the spot.

Recording delivery

In the case of recording delivery, it is possible to deliver the prerecorded seminar video so that it can be viewed at any time.

Although we cannot communicate with the participants, there is an advantage that even those who could not attend the seminar day can watch the video.

Another method of marketing is to use the “pseudo live distribution” method, in which recorded videos are distributed at a specified date and time, and a question and answer session is also conducted.

Benefits of using webinars in marketing

Some of the benefits of marketing with webinar tools include:

  • Get new prospects
  • Build relationships with existing customers
  • Cost reduction for holding seminars

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Get new prospects

Depending on the webinar system, it is often the case that you need to register for an account when attending a seminar.

Even if you can’t sign a contract on the spot, there is a good chance that a prospect will eventually become a customer by continuing to deliver emails and webinars.

Increasing your customer list is a very important point in online marketing.

Webinars, which have lower participation hurdles than the seminars held at the venue, are recommended marketing tools for taking the first step.

Build relationships with existing customers

Unlike email and phone calls, webinars allow you to communicate with large numbers of participants in real-time.

Direct Q&A through voice and chat will help build relationships with participants.

A webinar with real-time delivery is a great tool for participants because it can solve questions and concerns on the spot.

Cost reduction for holding seminars

Since webinars use the Internet to deliver seminars, there are no costs for venue preparation or securing personnel.

In addition, it is possible to hold the event without having to visit the venue on the day of the event and without incurring transportation costs.

Participants can attend the seminar from their favorite places such as home or cafe.

Being a prospective user in Japan or around the world is also a big advantage of using webinars for marketing.

Recommended marketing tool “Zoom”

Finally, we will introduce the features of “Zoom”, a recommended tool for webinar marketing.

A zoom is originally a meeting tool for web conferencing, but it can also be used as a webinar tool.

The features and main functions of the Zoom webinar are as follows.

  • Up to 100-10,000 people can participate
  • On-demand viewing with recorded data
  • Acquisition of participant analysis/report
  • Live distribution from Facebook/YouTube platform
  • Switching between panelists and viewers
  • “Raise hands” action and chat-type Q&A
  • Webinar monetization options, etc.

The Zoom webinar supports both real-time streaming and recorded streaming, as well as features for questions and answers.

It is also possible to analyze participants and use it effectively as a resource for marketing strategies.

Zoom webinars can also be deployed using existing devices without the need for specialized equipment.

Therefore, it is also an advantage that the introduction cost is lower than other webinar tools.


  • The webinar is a marketing method for delivering seminars on the Internet.
  • There are advantages such as customer acquisition and cost reduction
  • We recommend using Zoom for meetings and webinars

Webinars are effective marketing techniques in various situations such as BtoC and BtoB.

You can expect high effects by creating a webinar tailored to your purpose, such as selling products and publicizing services and distributing it regularly.


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