After all it was good to do it! Zoom screen sharing practice session

Zoom practice session held from 10 am on September 12th.
The theme this time was screen sharing.
I think many people think that screen sharing is easy.
However, there are really many seminar instructors who share screens, which is unfortunate.


Zoom Academy Japan holds a practice session exclusively for those who have attended the Zoom Organizer Seminar.

Even if you take the organizer’s seminar, it is meaningless unless you can use it in practice.

And if you use it in practice, you only have to practice.


So, the theme of this practice session was “screen sharing”.


  1. “Screen sharing” Google slides
  2. “Screen sharing” of various sites
  3. Partial sharing
  4. Video audio sharing
  5. Audio sharing
  6. This is “super cool!” Screen sharing!

The point of screen sharing is how you can imagine “what the participants’ screens look like”.

And can you consider it …

If you think that the participants will be able to see the screen of the computer you are looking at, it will be a really disappointing screen sharing.


Zoom screen sharing uses more computer features than Zoom features.

Therefore, the operability may differ between Windows and Mac.

In addition, smartphones such as the iPhone and tablets such as the iPad can share screens differently from PCs.


Show only what you want to show smoothly and smartly

That is the secret of Zoom screen sharing.


  • I can’t share the screen.
  • I share the screen, but I’m often confused.
  • Is it okay to share the current screen that I am doing?


If you have such anxiety about screen sharing, please take a Zoom practice session.

Your seminar will be upgraded!

 This Zoom practice session is limited to participants of the Zoom organizer seminar.

If you would like to host a seminar on Zoom, please consider the Zoom Organizer Seminar first.


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