Are you currently dealing with Zoom or PowerPoint on your computer?

I shared the PowerPoint screen, but it doesn’t move to the next page.
I often hear such voices.
At that time, you’re impatient.


Using Zoom’s screen sharing function, I started sharing the screen enthusiastically to show PowerPoint materials.

Let’s go to the next page! I pressed the down arrow or right arrow on the keyboard, but the page didn’t advance!

that? why?

PowerPoint should move pages forward and backward with the arrow keys!

If you have such a trouble during the production, it will be impatient.


However, this is a problem that can be solved immediately if you understand the basics of personal computers.


For example, suppose you open both Word and Excel on your computer.

Usually, you put Word on the back, put it on the front, put Excel on the back, put it on the front, so it’s clear that you’re using Word now, and you’re using Excel now.

But what about when Excel and Word are displayed side by side on one screen?

Sometimes when I try to type a number in Excel and press the “1” key, the word “1” is displayed.

This is because the word is in focus.

When using multiple apps side by side on one screen like this, you need to be aware of which app you are currently dealing with.


The same is true for Zoom.

When sharing screens with Zoom, we are dealing with Zoom.

You share the screen and at first glance it looks like you’re dealing with PowerPoint, but you can see the Zoom button at the top.

I’m still dealing with Zoom.

Even if you try to advance the page of PowerPoint with the arrow keys, nothing happens because the arrow keys are pressed for Zoom.

So, I will click the PowerPoint part once with the mouse.

This will shift the focus to PowerPoint.

Once the focus is on PowerPoint, you can use the arrow keys to advance the page.


What are the apps you are dealing with now?

By being aware of that, the page does not advance during screen sharing! You will not be impatient.



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