Are you using Zoom features, Spotlight Video?

One of Zoom’s signature features is spotlight video.
This is a useful function even during seminars, but there is another situation where this function is needed.


Spotlight video is a feature that only the host can use.

It’s a function that keeps the spotlight on a specific person all the time.

Spotlight video is a feature that can only be used in meetings with three or more people, including the host.


The host selects “Spotlight Video” by clicking the “…” in the upper right corner of the image of the person.

Then, the image of the participating people will be reflected in a big picture.

This is a function that the host recommends to take a big look at this person, but it is only recommended, not compulsory.

Participants can return to the gallery view, saying, “I want to see everyone’s faces in the same size!”


Now, there is another benefit to using spotlight video.

That’s when I recorded it in the cloud.

When you record a Zoom meeting in the cloud, you can record it in speaker view, gallery view, etc.

At this time, the recorded data in the speaker view shows the person who made the voice or sound loudly.

When the seminar instructor is speaking, if one of the participants does not mute and clears his throat and makes a sound, it will switch to that participant’s face.

If you plan to distribute the recorded data later and want to record the instructor’s face all the time, it is a good idea to set it as a spotlight video.






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