Can Zoom be used for free? Thorough comparison of features of Free Zoom with the paid version

Can Zoom be used for free? A thorough comparison of features and talk-time with the paid version!

Zoom is one of the meeting tools available for web conferencing and video conferencing.

It has a wealth of convenient functions for meetings such as screen sharing and recording, and is being introduced by many companies.

In addition to paid licenses for business, Zoom also has licenses that can be used for free.

This section explains the features that can be used with the Zoom free license and the differences between the paid license.

If you are looking for a free meeting tool, please check it out.

Is Zoom available for free?

Zoom comes in four licenses, from free licenses to enterprise licenses, depending on the usage and number of people.

In addition, an optional license called “Zoom Rooms” is available, which allows the equipment to be fixed in the conference room.

First, let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of the free license that you can use without charge.

Functions available in Zoom Free Edition

The following features are available in the free version of Zoom.

  • Screen sharing (file/whiteboard)
  • Breakout room (grouped)
  • Remote operation
  • Recording (Recording/Recording)
  • Text chat etc.

As you can see, Zoom allows you to use most features even with a free license.

Since there is no trial period, the free version may be sufficient for personal use, but if you want to use Zoom for business in a company or group, the free Zoom license is not enough.

Also, the free version seems to have more disadvantages when used for seminars and online salons.

Let’s check while comparing the difference between the free version and the paid version while comparing the paid version license without features and restrictions that cannot be used with such a free license.

Difference between paid license and free license

A paid license for Zoom unlocks the following features not available in the free version:

  • Unlimited group calls
  • Cloud recording function
  • Joint host function
  • Voting function

We will introduce each function and usage scene in order.

Group call time limit

Even with the free version of Zoom, you can use unlimited one-to-one calls.

However, if you make a call with a group of 3 or more people, you will be limited to 40 minutes each time.

Then it would be better to use other services that are free for group calls. You may feel that.

However, other completely free services may not have sufficient security measures or support, and there are other disadvantages such as high communication volume.

With Zoom’s paid license, stable communication can be performed with high security, so you can rest assured even in large-scale meetings.

Also , if you want to have a high-quality meeting without worrying about the time limit and you want to use very convenient functions, we recommend using the paid version.

Presence or absence of cloud recording function

Zoom has a function to record and save the contents of meetings and seminars.

There are two types: “local save” to save directly to a device such as a PC or smartphone, and “cloud save” to save on a server, and the free version can only use local save.

In the case of local storage, you have to go through another service such as emailing or uploading to YouTube when sharing videos to other people.

On the other hand, if you save to the cloud, you can share it by simply telling the URL of the save destination, so you do not have to take extra trouble.

It is recorded on the server, so it is recommended for scenes where you want to record reliably without worrying that recording will stop halfway.

Cloud save is a paid version only, so if you want to use it, consider a paid license.

Presence of joint host function

The joint host function is a function to set and operate a user with host authority separately from the meeting host (host).

This is useful when the host leaves your seat temporarily or when you want to ask someone else to proceed.

The co-host setting is not included in the free version, it is a paid version only.

Existence of voting function

Zoom also has a function that allows you to conduct a survey during a meeting.

It can be used for majority voting during meetings and satisfaction surveys after seminars, but only the paid version can also be used here.

As you can see, there are some differences in the functions that can be used between the free version and the paid version.

If you use Zoom for free, please understand that the above features are limited.

How to use Zoom? Registration flow

To use Zoom, the user who hosts the meeting must have an account.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at the flow of Zoom account registration and license acquisition.

Zoom account registration and license acquisition

Zoom is free for anyone to create an account.

Please install the browser for PC and the browser or application for smartphone/tablet before registering.

Simply enter the required information such as your email address to complete registration.

To obtain a paid license, purchase the license after creating an account.

There are three types of paid licenses: professional, business and enterprise, and the price and maximum number of participants are different.

Choose the right license for the size of your meeting.

A paid license is recommended for such people

In the following cases, we recommend that you obtain a paid license instead of the free version.

  • May hold group meetings of 3 or more people for a long time
  • We would like to hold a large-scale conference, seminars and online salons attended by many people.
  • I want to save the recorded data on the server

Almost all features of Zoom are available in the free version, but it may not be enough depending on the size of the meeting.

If you are considering using Zoom for regular meetings or seminars, why not consider using the paid version?


  • Zoom can create and use accounts for free
  • If it is free, there is a function that group calls are restricted or cannot be used, so a paid version license is recommended for commercial use
  • The paid version license has many useful functions that can be used for seminars and online salons.

Zoom is a convenient service that can be used in various situations such as meetings, seminars, and training.



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