What’s new for the latest channel of Webex Meetings

Check out the new features that have been added to the most recent channel of the Cisco Webex Meetings Suite. The following list of features and announcements is organised according to the order of the monthly updates. If you get Webex from your Internet service provider, you won’t have access to the traditional versions of … Read more

How do I change audio and video settings in Skype?

Changing the audio settings in Skype for iPhone and iPad is as simple as following these steps: Tap your profile picture. Tap Settings. Tap Audio & Video. Click on the Auto or the currently selected option next to Noise cancellation in the Skype settings. There will be a number of options available to you, and you … Read more

How can I customize the startup and close options in Skype on desktop?

You can customize the startup and close options of Skype so that it will automatically perform the actions you want every time you start up the computer or close the application window. In order to access the startup and close options in Skype, follow the steps below: Select your profile picture. Select  Settings. Select  General. The options that … Read more

 Manage call and meeting quality in Teams

There is an option available in Teams that can help you discover and resolve problems that you might encounter during a meeting or call using the Call health view. The Call health view allows you to easily identify and resolve any issues you might encounter. You will get here information about your network, your audio, … Read more

​​​Engage your audience with presenter modes in Microsoft Teams

Seeing a presenter with an accompanying presentation can help the meeting participants to stay focused and provide a more positive experience in the meeting. In addition to that, the presenter can also use visual cues along the way to guide the audience along the way through an interactive presentation, helping to reduce information overload while … Read more

How to use Cortana in Microsoft Teams Rooms

It is now possible to join or end a meeting in the Microsoft Teams Rooms using Cortana voice assistance without having to use any hands, adding a participant to a meeting, or even calling a number without having to leave your conference room. As part of the Cortana interface, it is possible to use either … Read more

How to Play and share a meeting recording

Important: It is our understanding that Microsoft Stream will no longer store recordings of Teams meetings as of early 2021. OneDrive and SharePoint are now the only places where meeting recordings are saved.   Play a meeting recording In the case of the recording, it will be available after the meeting has ended (so not necessarily … Read more

 How to Change participant settings in Microsoft Teams

In most cases, the default setting is handled by the IT administrator of the organization that hosts the meeting, but in some cases, the meeting organizer may want to make changes to these default settings for a meeting organized by the organization. In the Meeting options section of the Web site, the organizer has the … Read more

How to Use live captions in Microsoft Teams

Desktop As a team member, you have the option of using real-time captions to summarize what was said in a meeting in real-time. As long as you have enabled the new meeting experience for your meeting, your captions will include speaker credits. This means that you will see not only who is presenting, but also … Read more

How to add Zoom App to  McAfee Desktop Firewall configuration in Teams

For knowing how to add zoom on the McAfee Firewall, you first have to know about the McAfee support’s documentation. There you can know about the ways of preventing or restricting McAfee to the windows from further blocking the applications.  Prerequisites As a prerequisite, you would require to add the zoom app from the app … Read more

Highlighting the use of zoom tiered settings in Microsoft Teams

Tired settings is a pyramidal procedure of coordinating the settings which can affect the working of zoom webinars, meetings, and audio conferences. The settings at this level can be kept under check for users, groups, and account levels. It will make sure that the events of the entire organization get enforced for the settings if … Read more

How to Use the Zoom Phone Role Management? 

Using the zoom phone role management, it will be easier for you to operate on the access of the features for the Zoom web portal. For instance, you can anytime set zoom users of phones A and B as the members for the call queue admin role to coordinate particular call queues. After that, you … Read more

Merging or Switching between a Meeting and Call.

When you are busy at a zoom meeting and a zoom phone call at the same time you can follow the below things: Begin a Zoom meeting when in a zoom phone call and again get back to the phone call.  You can merge both zoom phone calls with the zoom meeting.  When in a … Read more