Unable to Import Users, Error: Incorrect File Format. UserID is Required – Webex

Unable to import users, Error: Incorrect file format. UserID is required. Site Administrator gets error importing users: Incorrect file format. UserID is required.Site Administrator unable to import .CSV list of users into site. Cause: The error message was generated as a result of an inconsistency between the encoding used on the Webex site and the encoding … Read more

Outgoing Calling Permissions for Webex Calling Locations

Outgoing Calling Permissions At a given location, you have the ability to establish the default calling authorization for each call type. You might, for instance, employ the calling permission Block in order to prevent users in the San Jose location from making calls to other national numbers. Before you can put them into use, you … Read more

Explore the Webex Education Connector for Students

Using the Cisco Webex Education Connector for students, you and your fellow students will be able to communicate with your instructor and share data from a central location. You may get the most recent version of this image, as well as a PDF version, by clicking here.

Webex App | Copy and paste multiple messages

By copying and pasting numerous messages at once within the Webex App, you can make it simpler to exchange messages with other people nd spaces. Windows 1 Go to the section of Messaging from which you wish to copy the messages, and then click there. 2 To copy a series of messages in the correct … Read more

Create and Configure a Schedule in Cisco Webex Control Hub

Create a Schedule A time schedule is a document that specifies a series of hours throughout the day or holidays throughout the year at which a feature, such as auto attendants, is able to carry out a particular operation. The names of the events and the schedule need to be distinct from one another. 1 From the customer view on https://admin.webex.com, navigate to the Services … Read more

Changes to Toll-Free Call-In Numbers for Mexico – Webex

The toll-free call-in numbers for Mexico that are used by the Webex telephony bridge that services your Webex site are going to be updated because of changes in the regulations that govern local telecommunications. According to the region that your site is located in, the following schedule window will be used to implement this number … Read more

Webex from Service Providers Feature Matrix

Pick a plan that corresponds to your specific requirements. Compare package features Webex from your Service Provider is an elegant tool that combines the capabilities of advanced messaging and meetings with cloud calling from a provider that you currently do business with and with whom you have confidence, all in one convenient package. Get things … Read more

Webex Audio Support

Webex Audio Supported Platforms and Services Webex Audio, also known as hybrid audio, gives participants the option of joining an audio conference using either their computer (using Voice over Internet Protocol) or a phone. There are no choices at the meeting level to enable or disable this function; it is only accessible within a Webex … Read more

Access restrictions to Webex toll-free numbers

Access to toll-free lines is frequently restricted by telecommunications providers and for that reason must be paid attention to. This paper provides information on the various access limitations that are known to apply to the Webex toll-free numbers in different countries. Because Webex does not actively enforce the limits, they are not subject to any … Read more

Compare Webex Webinars and Webex Events (classic)

Webex Webinars (formerly known as Webex Events (new)) consists of webinars that either provide an interactive and highly engaging experience or a webcast view with restricted attendee interactions. Additionally, Webex Webinars incorporates a number of the sophisticated capabilities that are already familiar to you from Webex Meetings. Events (classic) remains available on your site if … Read more

Change the Email Address for Your Account – Webex

You are need to have an email address in order to use the Webex App. This email address can be used to get access to your account, obtain information regarding your account, and make adjustments to your settings. Before you begin If you use the same email address to sign into both your Meetings account … Read more

Common Questions Regarding Mac and Webex Compatibility

Solution: Please refer to the table below for information regarding Mac compatibility: Question Answer Is The Webex Desktop App Supported for Mac? The Webex Desktop App is compatible with all versions of Mac OS that are currently supported. Install and Set Up the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Mac OS versions no longer supported: 10.8 … Read more

Manage your domains – Webex

You have the ability to view specific information on each participant’s audio, video, and sharing quality by drilling down into meetings or calls on an individual basis. Data for Webex Meetings and Calls on Webex are updated every minute, allowing you to diagnose issues as soon as they occur thanks to this feature. At the … Read more

Use your Webex site in Modern View

You are able to utilize the Modern View of your Webex site as a dashboard from which you may start new meetings and webinars, participate in future events, webinars, and training sessions, and schedule new meetings and webinars. Modern View If you utilize Modern View on your Webex site, you can access the controls of … Read more