Supported devices for Webex Calling

You are free to use any of these phones whenever you make a call via Webex. Registering Webex devices that are set to shared mode in the cloud is the first step, followed by adding the Webex Calling PSTN service to the Workspace.   Type Supported Models IP Phones (desk phones) The following Cisco IP … Read more

The Webex Toolbar is not Appearing in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Troubleshooting help for the Cisco Webex toolbar from Webex Desktop App not appearing in Microsoft Outlook 2010 The Webex toolbar is not appearing in Microsoft Outlook 2010. How do I enable the Webex Desktop App add-in in Outlook 2010? The Outlook toolbar is missing in Outlook 2010. I cannot find the Webex Desktop App toolbar … Read more

Webex App | Keyboard navigation and shortcuts

You can make the Webex App more accessible to your specific requirements by making use of the keyboard navigation and shortcuts. This will also save you time and cut down on the amount of mouse clicks required. These shortcuts are only applicable to the Webex App. The keyboard shortcuts for meetings that are listed below … Read more

Manage User Accounts in Webex Site Administration

Users can be added, edited, or deactivated by administrators of the site. Administrators can also assign multiple account types and allow site-wide account settings. User Account Types There are a few distinct types of user accounts, and each one confers a unique set of capabilities upon its holder:   User Account Type Description Host Users … Read more

Webex App | Make someone else the meeting host

Those who join a Webex planned meeting, Personal Room meeting, or enhanced meeting associated with a space using the Webex App have the ability to change the host of the meeting to another participant. You might have an emergency that requires you to leave the meeting early, or you might prefer someone else to take … Read more

Known Issues and Limitations for Webex Meetings

Known Issues and Limitations for the Webex Meetings Desktop Application Mac Outlook Plugin in the Cisco Webex Desktop App Requires Upgrade to Version 39.5.1 When users open an appointment and try to change it, the Webex Mac Outlook plugin continues to display Add Webex Meeting even though it does not recognize Webex meetings in Mac … Read more

How Do I Send a Chat Message? – Webex

How do I send a chat message? How do I send a chat message to the Host, Presenter, or Attendee? How do I enable the chat panel in a meeting? Solution: The presenter at a gathering or event has the ability to decide who is allowed to communicate with other attendees. The participants who have … Read more

Port Reference Information for Webex Calling

For a calling deployment to be successful, it is vital to have a firewall and proxy that are correctly setup. Because Webex Calling is a global service, it employs SIP and HTTPS for call signaling as well as the corresponding addresses and ports for media, network connection, and gateway connections. It is not necessary to … Read more

What’s new in RoomOS devices – Webex

It is our intention to forego releasing the software version RoomOS in May of 2023. At the beginning of June, a new software version titled RoomOS June 2023 will be made available. For the most recent version of the schedule, visit the Software page in Control Hub at See this link for an exhaustive … Read more

Webex SIP Addresses in Control Hub

SIP Address Format When you have finished specifying the organization-wide subdomain in Control Hub, SIP addresses for Webex will immediately be generated. Their system utilizes the (for users) (for Room, Desk, and Board devices), respectively. The SIP address format for users looks like this:, and the format for devices looks like this: … Read more

I Can’t Sign in to My Account at

I can’t sign in to my account at ‘Enter a valid address’ error when trying to log in at I’m having trouble logging in to my account at Cause: When you try to log in through the centralized login, you can see an error message like the one below: At, users … Read more

WBS Trace Grabber – Webex

Description After a meeting has ended, this piece of software is put to use to compile the minutes and any other relevant information. Supported OS/Version Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Supported Cisco Webex Product Version All Cisco Webex meeting service versions Note: There is a cap of 100MB on the amount of … Read more

Jabber | Sign In and Connect to Services – Webex

Jabber | Sign In and Connect to Services Your username and password are put through a verification process by the system at your organization whenever you login in to Jabber. After that, Jabber will connect all of your services automatically. There are a variety of methods available to accomplish such authentication. The manner in which … Read more

Support for Cisco Webex Meetings for macOS Catalina

Apple has given its stamp of approval for the Webex Meetings desktop application to function on macOS Catalina (Version 10.15). Lockdown Support Customers who are using lockdown versions of the desktop app will be required to use WBS39.5.13 or a later version. Earlier versions may have restricted users to only being able to arrange, begin, … Read more