Why are some features not available in Skype anymore?

Our goal is to make Skype a better experience for you every day. Our goal is to provide you with the best Skype experience possible, which may sometimes mean discontinuing certain Skype features or products. Skype has discontinued the following features: Skype Mojis – Video clips that can be shared in Skype chats. Skype To Go: … Read more

What is the Skype extension?

No sign-up or sign-in is required for the Skype extension to create and join Skype calls quickly and easily. Creating and starting a call is as easy as clicking two buttons. For your convenience, you can also customize the name and avatar of your meeting. How do I get the Skype Extension? Chrome extension for … Read more

How do I organize members of my Skype Manage into a list?

Throughout this FAQ, we provide instructions on creating a new list, as well as adding members to the list. In Skype Manager, lists are an excellent way of managing members of your group. The use of Skype Credit can be assigned easily to individual lists, features can be assigned, and Skype usage can be monitored … Read more

Can I share my Skype products with my friends and family?

Skype Manager gives you the option of sharing Skype products and features that you purchase with your Skype contacts, which you can use within Skype. In order to manage the usage of Skype products by your friends, family, colleagues or colleagues, you can use the Skype manager, which is a free, web based tool. Creating … Read more

Can I monitor a member’s usage with Skype Manager?

Yes. A detailed report of your members’ Skype activity can be found in the Usage report in Skype Manager. Calls, texts, purchases, and downloads are listed here along with the time, date, duration, and destination number. You should be aware of the following: Admins can view information about the Skype usage of individual members with … Read more

How do I know that an email is really from Skype?

Emails claiming to be from Skype should not be responded to, clicked on, or opened if they do not appear genuine. Genuine Skype emails usually come from the following email addresses: @emails.skype.com @email.skype.com @skype.delivery.net @notifications.skype.com @alerts.skype.com @skype.net @css.one.microsoft.com You should be wary of emails that come from addresses other than those. The message should still … Read more

What happens if a member uses a different currency to my Skype Manager™?

A currency selection is required when registering your Skype Manager. Additionally, Skype Manager members can specify their preferred currency. Whenever you allocate or withdraw Skype Credit from a member in a currency other than your Skype Manager’s, it will be converted based on the same exchange rate as major credit cards. It may be necessary … Read more

How do I register with the Skype Developer Program?

It is now too late to apply for the Skype Developer Program. 3rd party developers are advised to use Skype URIs when integrating with Skype; visit MSDN for more details. Frequently Asked Questions How do I register Skype on my phone? What you need to know about setting up Skype Your Android device should open … Read more

What accessibility features are available for Skype?

Users with disabilities benefit from assistive features that improve their navigation and control of their devices. In addition to Skype, the following devices are compatible with accessibility features: Skype for Windows desktop (Windows 8 and above) By reading the screen aloud, Narrator screen reader is able to assist blind people using computers or other devices. … Read more

How do I sign in to Skype Manager™?

You can log in here if you are already logged in as an administrator of a Skype Account. Using Skype Manager for the first time would require you to go through the process of setting up your personal Skype Manager account. The PDF user guide for Skype Manager can provide you with more information about … Read more

Can I change the currency used by my Skype Manager™?

If you create a Skype Manager, you have the option of specifying which currency will be used to calculate your Skype Credit balance. In any case, if you want to change the currency, it is very easy to do. The following steps will guide you through the process of changing the currency used by Skype … Read more