How long are files and data available in Skype?

If you have shared files or photos, recorded calls, or other items that you wish to access anywhere with Skype, it will store them on all of your devices for easy access so you can access them at any time from anywhere. It is, however, important to note that each item in your chat history … Read more

How do I manage notifications in Skype on desktop?

Choose a profile picture for your profile. Select the Settings option. In the Notifications menu, select Notifications, then turn on or off the different types of notifications that are listed. Chat Notifications : mutes only chats (calls still come through). Contact comes online notification : alerts you when a contact is online. Reactions : notification of responses to … Read more

 How to Manage event recording and reports in Teams

After a meeting or event has finished, producers can take the following actions, which will affect either the recording of the meeting or the associated reports (if any have been configured) following it. View in Teams Download Delete Attendee report No Yes Yes Live event recording No Yes Yes Hive Insights report No—opens the Hive … Read more

How to Allow anonymous presenters in Microsoft Teams

On May 1st, this feature will become fully available, and at the moment, it is in preview. If the meeting organizer allows anonymous people to present content in live meetings, the anonymous person can present the content in the meeting. Using Teams on a desktop or an iPad device, the anonymous presenters can join the … Read more

Tips for meetings in Microsoft Teams

Try it! I am writing this post to provide you with some tips on how to make your Microsoft Teams meetings more productive and personal by focusing on audio, video, and collaboration. Preview your video It is a good idea to preview your video before you turn on your camera when you are in a … Read more

How to Moderate a Q&A in Microsoft Teams

Attendees can engage in moderated Q&A sessions when a live event includes the Q&A option. Before the event The Q&A can be started by attendees even before the event starts, even if the event has not yet begun. Moderators can only view these questions once they have been published to the event by a moderator. … Read more

How to Present in a live event in Microsoft Teams

In your role as a presenter, you will play a vital role in the success of the event as one of the behind-the-scenes workers. Desktop If you wish to take part as a presenter in the event, select Join in Teams. In order to open the live event in Teams, you will need to select … Read more

How to Cancel a webinar in Microsoft Teams

The presenters and attendees of the event will receive an email informing them of the cancellation. When you open your calendar, you should be able to find the webinar event by double clicking it. From the top left corner of the page, select Cancel meeting from the drop-down menu. Select the Cancel Meeting button and … Read more

How to Change webinar details in Microsoft Teams

We will notify the presenters by email in the event that any changes are made to the basic information about the webinar (title, presenters, date and time). The webinar event can be accessed by double-clicking it in your calendar. Change the text as you see fit. On the right side of the page, you will … Read more

How to Publicize a webinar in Microsoft Teams

Share the details of your webinar and the registration link with potential attendees in order to create excitement and gather an audience for it. It is a good idea to advertise the event on social media, via websites, via email, via chats, etc., as well as through other means. As soon as the meeting invitation … Read more

How to Schedule a webinar in Teams

In order to make the event as strong as possible, you need to set a specific date and time, invite additional speakers, and create a registration form that prospective attendees will need to complete before the event. Here is an overview of the Teams webinars that you can use as a starting point. In case … Read more

Get started with webinars in Microsoft Teams

You can use this tool to schedule your webinar, register attendees, run an interactive presentation, and analyze attendees’ data after the webinar is complete for the purpose of effective follow-up after the event, providing you with a number of tools to help run a webinar with Microsoft Teams. How webinars are different from ordinary meetings … Read more

How to Best practices for producing in Microsoft Teams

Here are some best practices for producing a great live event. Planning and producing your event The most important thing is to practice. Several events should be run as rehearsals, and the attendees’ experience should be observed live and on demand. Producing the live event without problems is easier if the producers have a thorough … Read more

How to Produce using in Microsoft Teams

Producer capabilities A team live event offers event producers a variety of options: With Teams, you can produce a live event, invite remote presenters, and share your screen. An external app or device can be used to produce an event with a production crew. Microsoft Stream powers this method. Depending on how you produce, your … Read more

 Video: Plan and schedule a live event in Microsoft Teams

Try it! There is a Teams live event service that is an extension of Teams meetings, allowing you to create events for large audiences using live video, audience interaction, and reporting functions, and in a more controlled manner than Teams meetings, as well as interacting with each other and collaborating with each other. When you … Read more