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How to add a person to Zoom

The Zoom service provides a contact system, which is analogous to the list of friends on social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, etc.). In the mobile application, their list is automatically taken from the phone book of the device. In other cases, they need to be invited manually. Let’s see how to add a contact to Zoom on a computer and phone. Instructions The only way to invite …

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How to delete a meeting in Zoom

Since Zoom is needed for video conferencing, this service provides the ability to schedule online meetings. The organizer creates an event in advance, selects its start date and time, duration, title and other parameters, and then sends invitations to other participants. It happens that some mistake was made in the course of planning. If you can’t fix it, then erase …

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How to draw in Zoom

Interactivity is one of the main strengths of video conferencing in Zoom . Participants can not only communicate, but also display various information on the screen, presentation, sound, etc. On top of the picture itself, you can draw something, for example, explanations for solving a problem. This feature will be very useful during an online lesson and in a …

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How to stream music to Zoom

Conferences on the Zoom platform are highly interactive. Participants can display running programs, presentations, documents for collaboration, etc. All these features are available at the base rate and even without registration at all. Users may be wondering how to stream music in Zoom . Sound output method This function is only available in the PC software (Windows and Mac OS). It is not available …

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How to bypass the 40 minute Zoom limit

All basic functions of the Zoom platform are completely free, in particular, this applies to the organization and connection to a video conference. But for this reason, their use is impossible in full, unless you switch to an advanced plan with monthly payment. At Zoom, the 40-minute limit applies to group conferences of three participants. Is there a way how to get around …

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