Using Briefing Room on Cisco Webex Room devices

Briefing Rooms are equipped with a modular design that allows them to be quickly and easily adapted for use in training facilities and classrooms. As a result of the setup, groups from different locations are able to come together. A good and engaging experience is assured for participants regardless of whether or not the presenter … Read more

Troubleshooting for Salesforce in zoom app

It is recommended to have a look at the following information to assist you in troubleshooting and resolving common Salesforce issues. How to troubleshoot common issues with Salesforce Unable to synchronize Zoom Webinars attendees to Salesforce Ensure that the Zoom account of the user has the BAA security disabled. A security feature called BAA prevents … Read more

Syncing Zoom Meetings to Google Calendar

Zoom Meetings have the ability to be synced with Google Calendar by creating a Google project and enabling authentication between the Google project and Zoom for Salesforce. This table provides an overview of each piece of authentication information, its source, and where it is used in the authentication process. How to set the Zoom Google … Read more

Configuring Zoom Phone in Salesforce

There is an option in Zoom for Salesforce to configure Zoom Phone for users. Prerequisites for configuring Zoom Phone in Salesforce License for Zoom Phone Client for Zoom on the desktop The latest version of Windows is 5.8.3 or higher The latest version of macOS is 5.8.3 App version 3.19 or higher of Zoom for … Read more

Using Zoom Phone in Salesforce

It is possible to seamlessly place a phone call from the phone widget of Salesforce if you use the Zoom phone app within Salesforce. Salesforce Lightning or Salesforce Classic can be integrated with this integration. Prerequisites for using Zoom Phone in Salesforce Accounts with Zoom Phone plans are included with Zoom accounts There is an … Read more

Using Zoom Meetings in Salesforce

Zoom meetings can be scheduled both through the Zoom web portal and through Salesforce. In order to integrate Zoom with Salesforce Events, the Zoom web portal information will be automatically synchronized from Zoom. In addition to Salesforce Lightning, this integration can also be used with Salesforce Classic. This integration allows you to take advantage of … Read more

Using Cornerstone for Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinars has been integrated with Cornerstone OnDemand Learning Suite to enable you to create webinars using Zoom as the webinar service within Cornerstone OnDemand Learning Suite®. Prerequisites for using Cornerstone with Zoom Webinars Accounts for Professionals, Businesses, Education, and Enterprises Add-on for webinars On-Demand Learning account with Cornerstone Learning. In both Zoom and Cornerstone, … Read more

Using the Cornerstone Learning Suite integration in zoom app

The vILT integration offering on the Edge Marketplace allows you to configure Zoom as a conferencing service within the vILT integration to be used from within the Cornerstone Learning Suite. Prerequisites for Cornerstone Learning Suite integration A Pro account, a Business account, an Education account, or an Enterprise account An account with Cornerstone On Demand … Read more

Creating Zoom Webinars in Salesforce

For webinars, it is possible to create Zoom settings, register registrants, and manage campaigns in a variety of ways. Prerequisites for configuring Zoom Webinars for Salesforce A Zoom account that has been licensed for webinars For Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Domain is required How to configure Zoom Webinars settings for Salesforce Access Zoom Config from the … Read more

Using Zoom Webinars for Salesforce

With Zoom integration you can automatically create Salesforce campaigns with the name of your Zoom webinar as the title when you create Zoom webinars. You can do the following things with Zoom Webinars and Salesforce integration by integrating Zoom Webinars with Salesforce: See who has been approved, who has been blocked, and who is pending. … Read more

Using the Zoom chat integration for Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud notifications are sent to Zoom chat channels when you use the Zoom chat app for Adobe Creative Cloud. Prerequisites for using the Zoom app for Creative Cloud Account with Zoom Accounts that have been verified by Adobe Creative Cloud In the Zoom Marketplace, the Adobe Creative Cloud chat app has been approved … Read more

Using the Zoom video conference integration for Cerner

Through the integration of Zoom with Cerner, practitioners are able to conduct secure video visits with patients via Zoom, allowing them to have video visits with their patients. For the purposes of connecting patients, providers, and other healthcare professionals face-to-face using Zoom video, Zoom’s HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant Cerner app enables patients, providers, and other healthcare professionals … Read more

Using the Docusign Notifications chatbot in Zoom

It is possible to receive notifications from Zoom’s DocuSign Chatbot in regards to the envelopes in DocuSign that you have created. Prerequisites You can sign up for a Zoom account for free or for a fee It is necessary to have an administrator account for DocuSign DocuSign chatbot pre-approval on Zoom Marketplace for the DocuSign … Read more

Using the Oracle Eloqua Zoom integration

As part of your campaign, you can easily register contacts for a Zoom Webinar, Zoom Event or a Zoom Conference through the Oracle Eloqua Zoom Integration. Also, you can use Eloqua to make decisions based on the attendance, registration, and other data that you have from Zoom without having to manually go into Zoom and … Read more

Using Zoom’s Epic FHIR integration

Health care organizations can now integrate Zoom into the Epic FHIR workflow for video visits by integrating Zoom with Epic FHIR’s integration. During video visit appointments, Zoom video links will be included. A physician is able to access appointments on Hyperspace directly, launch Zoom video calls directly from here, and document the visit in Epic … Read more

Using Freshdesk Notifications for Zoom chat

You will be able to connect your Freshdesk account in the Zoom desktop client and receive notifications from Freshdesk for any tickets you have in Freshdesk. Here are some of the notifications that are available: Ticket Creation: A ticket creation rule, which can be set up to perform a predefined set of actions when a … Read more

Using Zoom’s GitHub notifications integration

GitHub notifications are now available through Zoom’s integration with GitHub, which allows you to receive Zoom chat notifications about changes to your GitHub repository and messages from a chatbot about them. Prerequisites for Zoom’s GitHub integration An account on GitHub is required Zoom App Marketplace pre-approval of the GitHub Chat Chatbot in the Marketplace of … Read more

Using Zoom’s GitHub Enterprise chatbot integration

Zoom has integrated its Zoom chat into GitHub Enterprise, allowing you to receive chat notifications from Zoom chat about changes to your GitHub Enterprise repository, as well as messages from a chatbot related to those changes. GitHub Enterprise private servers are intended to be integrated with this integration. Prerequisites for GitHub Enterprise An account on … Read more

Using Zoom’s Jenkins Chatbot integration

Jenkins is a continuous integration server which can be customized to meet your requirements. It includes over 600 plugins making it possible for you to make it work for you. By integrating Jenkins with Zoom, you have the ability to receive notifications (through Zoom Chat) and messages (from a robot) from a robot regarding build … Read more