Change the Sound on Your DECT Handset in webex

When you are on a call, you have the option of changing your DECT handset’s volume and muting yourself while you are on the call.

Mute Your Call

The option of muting yourself is available, so that other callers won’t be able to hear what you are saying.

  1. You can mute the sound by pressing the mute button.
  2. By pressing Mute again, you will be able to unmute yourself.

Set the Ring Volume from the Settings Menu

A ringer can be set to a different volume by adjusting the volume control. As long as you are on a call, this volume does not have an effect on the volume level.

  1. Click on the Menu button.
  2. You can change the ring volume by selecting Settings > Ring volume.
  3. On the navigation cluster, you can press the right or left arrows to move right or left.
  4. The level will be saved when you press OK.

Set the Ring Volume for an Incoming Call

Press Volume up or down on the handset while it is ringing.

Change the volume on a Call

It is possible to increase or decrease the volume when on a phone call.