Changing account-level settings in zoom App

A Zoom Contact Center account’s preferences can be altered by admins to change queue opt-out reasons and other settings.

Prerequisites for changing account-level settings

  • Ownership or administrative privileges of the account
  • Business, Education, or Pro
  • License for Zoom Contact Center

How to change account settings

  1. Log into the Zoom web portal by using your email address and password.
  2. You can find your preferences under Contact Center Management under the navigation menu.
  3. To change your preferences, follow the steps below.

Account ID tab

  • System Status(s): Agents can select the statuses that are displayed. To add more statuses, click Add Status. You can view the status of your agents in real-time on the analytics dashboard.
  • Queue Opt-out: Members of the queue can choose whether or not they would like to receive inbound messages from the queue.
  • Queue Opt-out Reasons: If you want a queue member to opt out of a queue, you should require them to choose an opt-out reason.

Entry ID tab

Managing video flow entry IDs.

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