Changing the video layout of a Zoom Room display

You can choose the video layout that appears on Zoom Rooms screens by using the Zoom Rooms controller. Zoom Rooms with one screen allow you to change the layout by selecting Change View on tYou can toggle between the Active Speaker and Gallery views in Zoom Rooms that have multiple screen Gallery views

Prerequisites for changing the Zoom Room video layout

  • Zoom Rooms for Conference Room
    • Windows: 5.3.0 or higher
    • macOS: 5.3.0 or higher
  • Zoom Rooms Controller
    • Android: 5.3.0 or higher
    • iOS: 5.3.0 or higher

Active Speaker view

As a picture-within-a-picture, the Active Speaker View shows a large view of the person speaking as well as a smaller thumbnail of the previous speaker. When screen sharing is active, the shared screen appears in the large display and the thumbnail shows the sharing user. The Advanced view includes options for setting the size and location of the thumbnail, or displaying the active speaker or shared screen without a thumbnail.

Thumbnail view

A thumbnail combines a view of the Speakers with a view of the Gallery, scaled down. Under a relatively larger view of the active speaker, a small strip of thumbnails displays up to eight participants. Each thumbnail represents the most recent active participant. In Zoom Rooms with a single screen, this view is available only.

Gallery View

Gallery View, by default, displays up to 25 participants per screen. If you enable it in the settings, you can display up to 49 participants per screen. An active speaker will appear in Gallery View. A small arrow appears next to the icon if there is more than the maximum number of participants per screen. To display the next group of participants, tap the right arrow, and to display the previous group, tap the left arrow. Zoom Rooms with one screen do not have this view when screen sharing is active.

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How to change the layout on Zoom Rooms with one screen

To choose the display layout for a room with ones screen:

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  1. Attend a meeting or start one.
  2. Switch views.
  3. Click the icon for the view you want to display.

Active Speaker View options during screen share

If a participant is sharing their screen, Tap Options below Change View for these layout options:

  • By tapping a corner, you can move the floating video to a different location.
  • Turn the floating video off to remove it.
  • Normal: Change the floating video’s size back to its original size.
  • 2x: Double the size of the floating video.
  • Swap the floating video with the shared screen and the participant’s video.

Thumbnail view options during screen share

If a participant is sharing their screen, Tap Options below Change View for these layout options:

  • Switch the shared screen and participant’s video between the thumbnail row and the main screen.

How to change the layout on Zoom Rooms with multiple screens

Note: Thumbnail view is not available in rooms with multiple screens.

A Zoom Room administrator can customize the display settings for each screen in Zoom Rooms with two or three displays. Depending on how many participants and whether any screens are shared, you will see different things on each screen.

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Each screen might be configured to display any of the following:

  • You (the image displayed by the room’s active camera to other participants)
  • Shared content from a meeting participant
  • Gallery View
  • Active Speaker View
  • Background image for the room

During a meeting, you can toggle between Gallery view and Speaker view on a screen. The icon shows the name of the view that you will switch to.
See Customizing Display for Video and Content for information about how a Zoom Rooms administrator can customize the display on each screen.

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