Cisco Headsets App Frequently Asked Questions in webex

There are a number of questions that people frequently ask about the mobile app for Cisco Headsets that are answered below.

My Headset Can’t Connect to the Cisco Headset App

There are two Bluetooth standards that can be used with the Cisco Headset 730. The Bluetooth connection used by music and voice audio is a traditional method of transmitting content. It is possible to communicate with your Cisco Headset 730 using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) using the Cisco Headsets app. A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) headset allows the headset to wirelessly transmit data back and forth to the device and uses a fraction of the battery power of standard Bluetooth. Bluetooth headsets attempt to pair with both Bluetooth frequencies when they are put into pairing mode. Your mobile device only searches for traditional Bluetooth connections when you connect your headset through system settings.

It is also possible to connect your Cisco headsets to both traditional Bluetooth frequencies as well as Bluetooth low energy frequencies if you are using iOS 13 or later. It is necessary to connect the system settings and the app separately on iPhones and Android devices with iOS 12 or older.

If you are having problems connecting your headset to Cisco Headsets and you cannot seem to get it to work, try these steps.

  • If your headset is not working properly, reboot it while you have Cisco Headsets open on your phone.

  • Put the Cisco Headsets app into pairing mode by sliding up and holding the Power/Bluetooth switch for two seconds.

  • Devices should be rebooted.

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Why Can I Connect to the App When My Phone is Disconnected From My Headset?

Up to two Bluetooth devices can be connected to the Cisco Headset 730 at the same time. Using BLE to connect to your headset is not considered a traditional Bluetooth device, since Cisco Headsets’ app uses BLE.

If your mobile device isn’t showing as connected in the Cisco Headsets application, follow these steps.

  • Your other Bluetooth devices should be turned off.

  • Remove the USB adapter from the computer.

My Headset Update Failed in the App

Make sure the Cisco Headsets app is updated before updating your headset:

  • Charged headsets are available.

  • Cisco Headsets stays open on your mobile device.

  • In order for the update to complete, the headset must be close to your mobile device.

The Cisco Headset App Doesn’t Work on My Mobile Device

The Cisco Headsets app on your mobile device may not work if you follow these steps:

  • If you are using the Cisco Headsets app, please ensure that your mobile device meets the minimum system requirements and that it is compatible with the app. Please refer to your mobile device’s app store for more information regarding your device’s app store.

  • Your mobile device should be uninstalled, then reinstalled with Cisco Headsets installed.