Compare web conferences using Telecan and Zoom. Which should be introduced?

This article compares the features of telecans and the rapidly expanding web conferencing tool “Zoom” with basic information about what telecans are.

In the present era, it can no longer be said that it is an urgent task to tackle work style reform and work efficiency improvement as a company.

This is a must-see for those who are thinking of introducing telephone conferences and web conferences.

What is a telephone telephone

Telecan is a teleconference using voice over a telephone.

Although the etymology has various theories, it is said that the teleconference, the teleconference, and the telephony conference, which are the meanings of remote conferences, are influential.

The phone line can be a company phone, and now it is very easy to use a smartphone such as an iPhone.

You don’t need to do anything special at the meeting, so you can easily start by simply signing up for the telecan service in advance, and anyone can hold and participate with no initial cost.

What is the web conference tool “Zoom”?

There are many web conferencing tools, but the most representative one is “Zoom”.

Zoom is the only company with a track record of being installed in over 1 million companies and organizations worldwide.

It is such a Zoom, but this is one that downloads and installs the application on a PC or smartphone.

It’s very easy to set up, and even if you’re new to IT tools, it’s easy to operate.

Another feature that cannot be overlooked is that it has functions such as document sharing and screen sharing, unlike the conventional video conferencing system where dedicated terminals are installed in conference rooms.

What are the benefits of having a meeting or conference remotely?

What are the advantages of working from home or performing remote work (telework) with employees in overseas branches?

There are many merits, but I’ve listed some typical ones.

  • Fixed costs such as offices can be reduced
  • No commuting time required
  • You can work in a way that suits your personal lifestyle
  • You don’t have to be in the office with tools
  • Risk management such as infectious disease epidemic

Fixed costs such as offices can be reduced

By working remotely, not only offices and conference rooms, but also in-house equipment can be slimmed down.

Not only desks and PCs, but also utility costs can be saved.

No commuting time required

When I go to the company every day, I need transportation costs and commuting time.

You don’t necessarily need them for remote work.

You can work in a way that suits your personal lifestyle

By promoting work style reforms, work styles that are suited to each person’s lifestyle are recommended.

For example, it is preferable to work from home if you have a child or need to take care of your relatives, and if you can work remotely as a side job or while attending school, the hurdles will be lower.

You don’t have to be in the office with tools

Up until now, there was a tendency to lack communication when working remotely.

But now you can report and consult anytime, anywhere by using web meeting tools such as Telecan and Zoom.

Risk management such as infectious disease epidemic

The epidemic of the 2020 coronavirus and the influenza that comes every year. Risk management is possible when these infectious diseases are endemic.

Employees who normally commute can work flexibly by switching to work from home when these infectious diseases are prevalent.

Such remote work, so-called remote work, is likely to become the mainstream of the working style in the future, and it seems that there are actually many merits on both the employee side and the company side.

So, this is the main subject, but it is a remote conference method that can hold a meeting or conference without both Telecan and Zoom being there, which one is the recommended method?

Let’s compare Telecan and Zoom.

Which is the best, Telecan or Zoom?

When comparing as a method of teleconferencing, let’s first give a comparison point.

The points that should be suppressed as a tool (method) for remote conference are as follows.

  1. Ease of introduction
  2. cost
  3. function
  4. Communication quality

We will compare each of these points.

Ease of introduction

Ease of introduction is an important point when conducting teleconferences and meetings in companies and organizations.

Since the telephone uses a telephone line, it can be a fixed-line telephone or a mobile telephone called a smartphone or a mobile phone.

If you don’t know how to use a telephone, you probably don’t have one, and all you need to do is to apply for a service in advance.

The web conference tool “Zoom” can be used with a PC such as PC or Mac, or a smartphone such as iPhone or Android.

When installing, you can download the application and install it on your computer or smartphone. Anybody can start without the need for a particularly difficult setup.

There are many people who have a smartphone now, and most of them use a PC for work, so it can be said that there is no problem in terms of ease of introduction.

All you need is a telephone line. However, advance application is required for telephone call serviceYou need to download the application to your computer or smartphone. You can start immediately without any prior application


Cost costs are a concern when actually introducing it. What about Telekan and Zoom?

The cost required for a telephone call is often only the call charge for the telephone call.

Most telecan services do not pay monthly usage fees, but have fixed call charges.

Depending on the Telecan service, international call charges may not be required even if you are attending a Telecan meeting from overseas.

Zoom requires a paid license agreement if more than two people attend a meeting for an unlimited amount of time.

However, since the line used is an internet line, there is no communication fee if you use a computer.

If you are not using Wi-Fi from your smartphone, packet communication charges may be required.

Call charges are required depending on the time. About 20 yen/min at general market prices3 or more people, if you want to have a meeting without time limit, you need a paid plan contract


Telecan is a meeting using only voice communication, so its usage is very simple, but there is no particular function.

On the other hand, Zoom has many necessary functions as a web conferencing tool.

A screen sharing function that allows you to share the screen and show it to meeting participants at the same time, a material sharing that allows you to share materials on the spot, a whiteboard function that allows you to display handwritten characters on the screen on the spot, a chat function, etc. , To name a few.

Furthermore, the recording function that allows you to record and save the meetings and conferences you are taking is also very convenient.

In addition, unlike the telecan service, Zoom can also capture facial expressions, so it can be said that it is also a function that you can hold a meeting or conference while watching the reaction of participants and hosts.

No special functionScreen sharing function, document sharing function, recording function, whiteboard function, chat function, etc.

Communication quality

Needless to say, the communication quality of Telekan is more stable. Because Zoom, which is a web conferencing tool, exchanges not only audio but also video data, so the amount of data tends to increase.

But that doesn’t mean Zoom isn’t stable.

I was worried about communication quality with some conventional video conferencing tools, but with Zoom, high quality is not only available for fixed lines in the office or home, but also for mobile lines such as iPhones such as 3G and 4G (LTE). Clear communication is possible .

Since it is voice data, the amount of data is light and stable.Stable for mobile communication as well as fixed line


This time, I touched on Telephone and Zoom, a web conferencing tool, and based on the characteristics of each, I talked about which one is recommended.

As we have seen, the Telecan has the advantages of the Telecan and the Zoom has the advantages of the Zoom.

However, considering the variety of functions and the amount of information that can be conveyed, it can be said that Zoom, which is a web conferencing tool, fits in these days.

To be honest, it’s a pain to say that the call charges for using a telephone call are too high.

The web conference tool Zoom can be downloaded and logged in to start and join a meeting from the same day, and its usage is very simple and easy.

Zoom is a perfect tool for remote work because you can work online while sharing materials, data, and even sharing your screen.

In fact, more than one million groups and companies worldwide have introduced Zoom, and the move is expected to accelerate.

If you want to communicate smoothly with remote workers and clients, we highly recommend using the web conferencing tool Zoom.




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