Comparison of two wide-angle lenses for smartphones and precautions when shooting in Zoom

There are participants at Zoom, and there are also participants at the real venue.

An increasing number of people want or want to hold such seminars and courses.

However, even if you try to show the entire venue to Zoom participants, it is often not possible to project from one end of the venue to the other with the angle of view of the WEB camera.

Some WEB cameras have wide-angle specifications, but you can also attach a wide-angle lens to your smartphone.


This time, let’s compare two types of wide-angle lenses purchased from Amazon.

First of all, here is a picture taken normally with iPhone X without using a lens.

Click here for the first wide-angle lens.

LIEQI LQ-003 3 in 1 Cellular Lens Smartphone Camera Lens 180 Degree Fisheye Lens Macro Lens 0.4X Wide Angle Lens Compatible with iPhone / Android Smartphones Universal Clip Type Smartphone Camera Lens Kit (Red) I
actually shot with this wide angle lens Is this photo.

here is 180 degrees in the item description, but since it is 0.4 magnification, it is not 180 degrees as expected.

Is it actually about 140 degrees?

And because it’s a fisheye lens, the edges of the photo are distorted and a little blurry.

If you show the entire seminar room, it will be an interesting image.


Click here for the second wide-angle lens.

Camera lens for smartphone Clip-type lens Wide-angle lens Macro lens Self-portrait lens – Luxsure Apple Android Compatible with all models Easy installation Rose type 2in1 Two-year warranty
This photo was actually taken with this wide-angle lens.

Since this lens has a magnification of 0.6, it has a narrower angle of view than the first wide-angle lens, but it does not distort the edges and does not blur the edges.

It feels as natural as shooting with an ordinary lens.

Isn’t it a sufficient angle of view to shoot the entire seminar room?


If you look at the two lenses from the side, you can see that the first 0.4x lens is more rounded.

[Caution when using a wide-angle lens]

When shooting with such a wide-angle lens attached, if the smartphone has a thick cover, the camera lens and the wide-angle lens will be separated from each other, resulting in black shadows at the four corners of the photo.

This black shadow created by a wide-angle lens is sometimes called ” kerare “.

Keep in mind that you often see the word “kerare” in Amazon wide-angle lens reviews.

When attaching a wide-angle lens to the camera on the outside of the smartphone, remove the smartphone cover and then attach the wide-angle lens to take beautiful pictures.

The inner camera will not be covered by the smartphone cover, so you can take beautiful pictures as it is.

Also, in the case of iPhoneX, the outer camera has two lenses, so attach a wide-angle lens according to the upper lens.

The position of the main lens differs depending on the smartphone, so check which one is the main lens depending on the model.


In the case, with a macro lens, 2000 yen level

By the way, the second wide-angle lens I bought from Amazon this time was in a fashionable case.

And it also comes with a macro lens.

In the explanation about this macro lens, it says 15x, but if it is really 15x, it can be used as a microscope.

However, the following photos were actually taken.

Certainly, macro photography which was fairly close to each other is possible, 15 times instead of 1.5 times it is.

I think it is suitable for shooting flowers, insects, and knitting stitches.

With this, if it is 2,680 yen (as of August 1, 2019), it is no wonder that it is the best-selling Amazon.




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