Did you forget the most important thing when you give a seminar at Zoom?

I also take seminars at Zoom, but I was surprised that there are many seminars that make me think,
“What? That’s not thinking about the students!”


There are many seminars that introduce the functions of Zoom.

A zoom is a useful tool, so many people will come up with various ideas the moment they learn about Zoom.

However, it is not enough to hold an online seminar just by knowing the functions of Zoom.

… No, you can do it.

All you have to do is distribute the Zoom invitation URL and come in here.

However, that alone is not enough to give seminars that give students a sense of stress and

There is no problem if you know all the functions of Zoom.

The important thing is to make sure that the students feel comfortable and can take the course with peace of mind until the end.


For example …

  • Can students attend the meeting without hesitation?
  • How do you support people who want to participate but can’t?
  • Are students looking at the instructor and other students in the way they want to see them?
  • What to do when there is noise from the microphone?
  • The image doesn’t appear, it cuts off immediately, what should I do?


At the Zoom Organizer Seminar hosted by Zoom Academy Japan, we will explain the features of Zoom, how to use those features, and what to consider.

Of course, we always keep you up to date with the latest information on features, and the Zoom Master Study Group also introduces the contents of frequent version upgrades.

But the most important thing is the consideration for the participants.


The Zoom Organizer Seminar is a seminar where you can enjoy using Zoom while incorporating the functions of Zoom, consideration, and consideration for students, and so on.


Yes, here is the problem.

The photo below is a scene from the Zoom Beginners Seminar.

We are waiting for those who want to meet Mr. Shirai and those who want to learn Zoom while laughing happily.



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