Difference between app and WEB schedule in Zoom App

There are two ways to schedule a meeting in Zoom.
I wrote about the difference.


There are two ways to schedule a Zoom meeting: in the app or on the web.

Which one should I schedule?

What is the difference between them?

I will write such a thing.

Scheduling with Zoom app

In scheduling with the Zoom app, the screen is as follows.

All the items in this are also on the WEB schedule screen.

However, there is one item that behaves differently from the WEB.

That is a ” regular meeting “.

If you check the regular meeting,

The message “Please be sure to check the repetition in the calendar invitation to the attendees.” Is displayed.

This will be a meeting ID that you can use for a long time with no fixed date and time.

It’s convenient because it can be used instead of a fixed personal meeting ID.

Scheduling on the WEB

On the WEB, there are three items that the app does not have.

” Description ” ” Registration ” ” Enable waiting room ”

And a ” regular meeting ” that moves differently from the app

In the ” description “, you should write something like a remark of the meeting name.

However, this is not visible to the app.


” Regular meeting ” can be set in detail such as “every few days” or “every Tuesday”.


” Registration ” allows you to set up a meeting that only registered people can attend.

If you check here and create a schedule, ” Registration URL ” will be displayed in ” Invite Participants “.

Distribute this URL to participants and ask them to register.

If you check ” Enable waiting room “, participants will be put on standby when they join the meeting.

The organizer is informed that there are people waiting, so if the organizer “approves” the waiter’s entry, the waiter can join the meeting.


You can really do a lot with Zoom.

It may be a feature you don’t use often, but you may need it.

By the way, there was such a function …

By the way, it was written on that blog …

It would be great if you could leave it in the corner of your head and look back at this article when you need it someday.


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