Difference between Zoom and Skype? Do you understand?

Recently, I’ve often been asked the question “How is Zoom different from Skype?”
…And how does support answer that question?
“Zoom has more features and more than Skype can do,” he says.
Many people think Zoom is like an enhanced version of Skype.
But it’s all different.
Is it totally different?
Skype is on a one-on-one basis and in a group talk for up to eight people, they are all on equal footing.
…Well, that’s right.
But Zoom is different.
Zoom means that the organizer (host) holds the meeting.
And the host can control the meeting by the host authority.
In the first place, the fundamental idea of ​​what Zoom was developed for is different.
Is that so?
For example, how?
For example, suppose there is a person who causes howling due to the performance of the microphone.
Howling is loud and annoying to all participants…
so the host can turn off howling participants’ audio.
The host can also turn off the participant’s camera.
Also, Zoom allows you to record a meeting with one click, but only the host can record it freely.
The host’s approval is required when the participant’s record.
There are also breakout sessions in which participants are divided into small groups to discuss with each other, and the host can group them and show their faces.
In other words, the organizers of seminars and meetings need some operating skills!
that’s right.
The Zoom host has to take care of smooth seminars and meetings so that everyone can have a pleasant and meaningful time.
that’s it.
In other words, Zoom and Skype are completely different things, and they may not even be compared with each other!
That’s right.
Zoom is a completely new piece of software that was developed for a different purpose than Skype.

Difference between Zoom and Skype

The differences between Zoom and Skype functions are summarized in ” Differences between Zoom and Skype “.

However, this is just to put Zoom on the same playing field as Skype and enumerate the functional differences.

Comparing Zoom and Skype is like comparing Word and Excel, which is completely meaningless.

As Zoomy says, Zoom and Skype aren’t even targets for comparison because they’re softwares with completely different development concepts.

The more you know about Zoom, the better you can understand why Zoom was created in this world.



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