Difference between Zoom paid account and free account setting screens

What is the difference between a paid account and a free account?
Let’s see the difference from the setting screen.

Zoom’s My Meeting Settings screen.

Let’s compare the two screens of the paid accounts and free accounts side by side.


If you scroll down, first

You can see that the items “Co-host” and “Voting” are in the paid account but not in the free account.

The “Co-host” feature is not available for free accounts.

The “joint host” function is a function that allows multiple people to operate a meeting by setting up another partner who can control the meeting in addition to the host.


Also, “Voting” is a questionnaire function that can be conducted during a meeting.

This feature is only available when you schedule a meeting, but it is also available only for paid accounts.

If you scroll further down, the item “Group HD Video” will appear only on the paid account screen.

It says “Locked by administrator” and cannot be turned on.

Is it a feature that makes all hosts and participants high resolution?

If you scroll again, you will see the item “Allow live streaming of meetings” only for paid accounts.

For example, with Facebook, you can create a Facebook page that employees can use within a company called Workspace, but it seems that live streaming can be done here.

It is not a regular live distribution on Facebook.


In My Meeting settings, the only difference is the above four points.

Of course, with a free account, you can’t leave videos in the cloud, so with a free account, there are almost no setting items in the video settings.

As you can see, there aren’t many differences between free accounts and paid accounts.

The biggest difference is the time limit that you can only continue the meeting for 40 minutes when there are 3 or more people.



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