Differences between voice type and password setting for free and paid users of Zoom App

The Zoom free account (Basic) has limited audio and password settings.

Voice types that can be used with Zoom include

  • Phone and computer voice
  • phone
  • Computer voice

There are 3 of these, but you can select this only for paid Pro accounts.

Your free account will only show ” computer audio ” in your settings on zoom.us.


Also, when scheduling a meeting in the Zoom client, the item ” Audio ” does not appear in the free account.

” Computer audio ” is always selected.


Also, passwords are mandatory for free accounts.

The password for the personal meeting ID is always added, but you can change the password by clicking.


The problem is about scheduled meetings.

In this item, ” you will be prompted for a password when you schedule a new meeting but says that”, the password is also required for all meetings scheduled so far.

Again, the password can be changed by clicking.

Passwords are also enforced in instant meetings.

The above restrictions are for free account users only.

As for paid account (Pro) users, it is as before.


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