Do I need a microphone for Zoom

The main feature of the Zoom platform is participation in video conferencing. Moreover, for this, users do not even need to create an account or install anything on their computer or mobile device. But what is needed for online communication besides being connected to the Internet? Often users are interested in whether a microphone is needed for Zoom . In this article, we will definitely explain everything.

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Immediately I wanted to indicate: the presence of a microphone is desirable , but not necessary . With him, of course, it will be better, but without him – it’s okay. And now about everything in a little more detail.

Participation in the conference implies only being present in it. That is, any connected user is already a participant. He may not say anything, but listen, if necessary, write to the chat or otherwise make himself felt. Or even just watch what is happening.

The technical aspect is also worth considering. The Zoom program on your computer will run without problems even if your computer does not have a microphone and headphones (speakers) connected. The same goes for connecting to an online conference.

Voice communication is, of course, more convenient, but no one has canceled the built-in chat, which is present by default. It can be disabled by the organizer, but this is quite rare.

You can write a message to other participants like this:

  • In the computer program, click on the “Chat” button . As a result, a corresponding window will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • In the mobile application, tap on the “Details” icon and select the second item in the menu that opens.
  • Another option for interaction is screen sharing with the ability to request or transfer cursor control .



There is no need to worry about the lack of a microphone, because without it, the Zoom can be used, albeit with obvious limitations. Most likely, you have a smartphone, and with its help you can already communicate by voice. And even old models will do. It is enough to install a mobile application to connect to the conference.

Well, if this option is not for you, then you can always correspond using the built-in chat. Of course, this is not so convenient for all participants, but it will not give anyone big problems.

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