Do I need a microphone to use Zoom? Setting method and troubleshooting method

When using a web conferencing/video conferencing tool like Zoom, we recommend using an external microphone.

A built-in microphone on a PC or smartphone is sufficient for one-to-one communication, but an external microphone is smoother when used by multiple people.

This section introduces the need for a microphone when using Zoom, how to select a product and the actual setting method.

We also explain microphone problems while using Zoom, so please refer to it.

Do I need a microphone to use Zoom?

To hold a meeting with Zoom, you will need equipment such as a microphone, camera, and speaker.

These devices are pre-installed in laptops, iPods, iPhones, Android smartphones, etc. and do not necessarily have to be prepared.

However, depending on the usage scene, it may be better to purchase an external device instead of the built-in one.

First, let’s take a closer look at the role of the microphone when using Zoom and the cases where an external microphone is required.

Role of the microphone in a web conference

Zoom is a recommended meeting tool for web conferences using audio and video.

You can also use text chat, but basically you will exchange by voice call.

At this time, the microphone plays the role of picking up your voice and delivering it to the other party.
Without a microphone, you can hear the other person’s voice but you can’t deliver your own voice, so two-way interaction is not possible.

An environment in which a microphone can be used is indispensable for conducting web conferences and video conferences.

Is there a problem with the microphone attached to the device?

Generally, laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets have built-in microphones, cameras, and speakers.

Therefore, it is possible to use the Zoom with only the device without preparing a separate device.

If it is a one-to-one meeting, you can use the built-in device without any problem.

On the other hand, it is recommended to use a high-quality external microphone when you have a meeting with a large number of people in a conference room or when you want to make a call in a noisy place.

Also, when using Zoom on a desktop computer that does not have a microphone or camera, you will need to prepare an external one.

How to choose a product when introducing a microphone

There are various types of external microphones, such as those with a built-in WEB camera and those with a built-in speaker, but the most representative of these is the headset.

Next, let’s take a closer look at how to choose when purchasing a headset type microphone.

How to connect the headset

When buying a headset, try to find out what the connection looks like.

It is better to avoid pin jack type earphones like earphones because the sound quality may not be good.

We recommend that you select a USB type or a wireless type with relatively stable sound quality.

Price-quality balance

The price range of headsets is wide, ranging from about 2,000 yen to over 20,000 yen.

If you choose a cheaper one, the sound quality may be poor, so you might want to search for around 5,000 yen.

Please select the most suitable one according to your application and usage environment.

Setting method when using Zoom

From here, I will explain how to use the microphone in Zoom.

Also, check the setting method when the microphone does not respond or is not recognized, so please check it.

Zoom automatically recognizes the microphone

Many calling apps require you to set the microphone yourself.

However, Zoom automatically finds an active microphone so you don’t have to configure it yourself.

Basically, the built-in microphone is selected, but if you are using a headset, etc., that one will take precedence.

If the microphone does not respond or does not recognize

The following are possible causes for the microphone not responding.

  • The cord is not connected properly
  • The cord is broken
  • The microphone is off (if wireless)

When using a wired microphone, make sure that the cord is properly inserted into the computer or tablet’s outlet.

In the case of wireless, the cause may be that the Bluetooth connection is not established.

After confirming that the connection is established, start Zoom again and try connecting again.

If the automatic selection does not work, you may be able to improve it by manually selecting the microphone you want to use from Zoom’s microphone settings.

Causes and remedies for Zoom’s microphone problems

When using a microphone with Zoom, problems such as howling and inaudible sounds may occur.

Finally, let’s check the cause of the microphone trouble in Zoom and the solution.


Howling is a phenomenon in which a sound such as “keen” sounds when using a microphone.

A louder sound comes out of the speaker as the microphone picks up the sound of the speaker.
Howling occurs when the sound is picked up again by the microphone.

Howling can be prevented by lowering the speaker volume or muting unnecessary microphones.

Using a headset is also recommended as it reduces the possibility that the microphone will pick up the sound of the speaker.

I can’t hear or hear the sound of a call

If you can’t hear the voice of the other party or your voice cannot be heard even though the microphone is set up, check the device settings.

If the device does not allow you to use the microphone with Zoom, you can improve it by allowing it.

It is also possible that the microphone is muted in Zoom.
You can change the settings just by clicking (or tapping) the mute button, so please try it.

Recommended after testing

Zoom allows you to test microphones and cameras.

It’s a good idea to do a test before the meeting and check that each device works fine.

The test is available from the “Settings” button on the screen when Zoom is started.


  • When using Zoom with a large number of people, it is recommended to use an external microphone instead of the built-in microphone
  • You can prevent microphone problems such as howling by using a headset
  • Smooth microphone testing before meeting at Zoom

Zoom is a service that is suitable for meetings and training in the business scene as well as for hobbies between individuals.

Use the microphone that suits your needs to create a comfortable call environment.


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