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Do you want to Download Cisco Webex App? Cisco Webex is a software suite that allows for video conferencing and team collaboration, making it one of the most popular conferencing and collaboration tools available. It is important to note that this cloud-based collaboration suite includes more than just Webex Meetings and Webex Teams, it is also composed of a variety of software applications, including Webex Meetings. In Cisco’s Webex suite, you will find both Cisco’s Webex web conferencing platform and Cisco’s Spark team collaboration application, which is also included in Cisco’s Webex suite. As part of Cisco’s efforts to centralize its collaboration portfolio, the webex services were rebranded under the Webex brand in April 2018.

What Is Cisco Webex and How to Download Cisco Webex App

Cisco Webex is a number of products that offer users the capability of participating in virtual meetings, communicating with other members of the team, and sharing files through their online meetings. There is no doubt that this suite of software is considered one of the most advanced collaboration platforms in the market of unified communications. It is a solution that can support small group collaborations for small to medium-sized businesses as well as large meetings for enterprises.

From either a desktop computer or a mobile device, users can participate in video conferences. Webex is also available as a web-based product – although the features made available by the Webex product are a little more extensive than the features that are available in the other versions. There are also features that allow users to share files and communicate within a team. In order to support the Cisco Webex Meetings service, there are Cisco Webex Meetings application as well as Webex Teams application.

The History of WebEx

As far as the founders of WebEx are concerned, Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu founded the company in 1995. As well as the role of Zoom’s former President, Dave Berman played the role of an executive at WebEx as well, eventually helping the company to go public.

Eric Yuan, the founder of Zoom, had been employed by WebEx as an engineer for almost a decade before going on to become the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company. There is no surprise that the company would become successful and influential as a result of the fact that so many all-stars work within it.

WebEx was acquired 12 years after it was founded by Cisco for $3.2 billion, despite only having $380 million in sales. Despite only having $380 million in sales at the time of the acquisition, many consider it a strategic move against Microsoft and an attempt to compete with SharePoint, despite the fact that at the time of the acquisition, WebEx had only $380 million in sales.

It has even been announced that they will be bringing out a new offering that will compete with the likes of Zoom Phone, Ring Central MVP, and Webex Cloud Calling in the coming months.

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How Webex works

Regardless of whether the user joined the Webex Meetings or Teams apps, all meetings are powered by the Webex backbone network, regardless of the manner in which the user joined. As an extension to the Webex software suite, Webex Hybrid Service will allow you to deploy hybrid solutions on-premises in addition to on-premises deployments which is part of the software suite. A hybrid team is a collaboration product that is designed to complement Webex Teams’ cloud-based capabilities by providing web-based collaboration capabilities and on-premises communication capabilities. Moreover, Cisco Webex is one of the few companies worldwide that offer hybrid media services such as Video Mesh, which is a service that allows users on-premises to remain on-premises while remotely sending overflow and remote users to the cloud, making use of hybrid media services such as Video Mesh.

Drawbacks and Benefits of Webex

The features Webex offers over competition such as Zoom must be compelling to entice consumers. Consumers must find Webex’s features compelling in order for it to stand out among its competitors. Webex has several advantages, including:

  • Various voice options are available from your phone or computer, along with HD video options.

  • During a call, the user can switch between devices at any time during the call and join calls with multiple devices at once.

  • Depending on the type of file that is being shared among participants, different extensions are readily available that may be used on the web in order to share content among participants.

  • In addition, there is an option to add annotations.

  • It is possible to record a telephone call.

  • You have the option of chatting and sharing your screen with others.

  • Remote control of screens is possible.

  • The system has been enhanced with security features in order to improve its security.

  • The application integrates with Cisco and Microsoft Teams as well as many other applications.

Disadvantages of Webex, however, include:

  • Microsoft Teams is more expensive compared to Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

  • It may be a little difficult for some users to navigate intuitively through the menu system and UI, based on their comfort level with menus.

  • It has been reported that a few non-Webex users have suffered from audio glitches when they connect to Webex audio during their meetings.

  • The migration from legacy Webex systems has also been a challenge for some users.


Webex security


A Webex Meetings session is protected by encryption during both the download and during the playback of media streams. Customers are able to choose whether to encrypt their data end-to-end. There are also three additional certifications of Webex Meetings: ISO 27001, SSAE-16, and SOC 2 Type 2. The Federal Risk and Authorization Program (FedRAMP), which is also a certification program for organizations that operate in the government sector, has also been issued a certification for Webex Meetings.

We offer end-to-end messaging encryption through the use of user-held keys at the point of exchange, which provides customers with an additional layer of security by enabling them to control who has access to messages stored at the end of the exchange. There is also a SOC 2 Type 1 certification for Webex Teams as well as an ISO 27001 certification.

Cisco Webex plans and price

Depending on your needs and budget, Cisco offers five versions of Webex.

  • As part of the app, there is also a free version available, which gives the user the option to host up to 100 participants at one time, provide 1GB of cloud storage, and limit the number of minutes spent on each call to 50.

  • This is the most affordable option of the non-free versions of the software, with a monthly fee of $13.50 per user. We have upgraded our storage to 5GB, and we have increased the number of calls that can be made to 24 hours. Additionally to offering more features and compatibility with other apps (such as Microsoft Outlook and PowerPoint), this version of the program also offers call recording and integration with other applications (such as a phone) so you can get the most out of your phone.

  • There is a monthly fee of $17.95 per user per month for the plus version. A maximum of 100 participants can be accommodated in this version, an increase from 50 previously. Moreover, you will also be able to get technical support 24x7x365.

  • There is a business version of the application available for $26.95. This version allows users to upgrade storage from 2 GB to 10 GB, as well as increase the number of participants in a meeting to 200.

  • It is designed to enable businesses of all sizes to customize this plan in order to meet the needs of their businesses. There is no limit to how many attendees you can invite to a conference meeting, and unlimited cloud storage is included as part of the package.

WebEx Plans and Pricing – Know in Details

There are many options when it comes to software, but one of the most important things you need to consider is the price. For quite a long time now, it has been well known that WebEx is an affordable solution. Choosing the right plan for your business is important and if you dig a little deeper you will find out which plan will best suit your needs.

If you decide to go with WebEx, you will have the option to choose from four different plans that you can choose from. These two options are really different, and this section would like to help you get an understanding of the main differences between them so that you can be able to make an informed choice based on which one is the best match for you based on those key points.



You can benefit greatly from using WebEx by having a full-featured free account as part of your subscription, which is one of the biggest advantages of using the service. We want to make sure that you fully understand that it is a totally free service, and not just a free trial that is available for a specific period of time.

If you practice video conferencing and you have 50 or more participants to the meeting, you will be able to hold those video conferences without paying a single cent. Additionally, you will be able to watch the video conference without having to compromise video quality during your meeting. Additionally, with the free plan, you will be able to take advantage of 1GB of cloud storage, which means you will be getting a lot more storage than you would get from other providers who normally only allow premium members to take advantage of their top-tier plans.

It is important to keep in mind that there are only a few limitations associated with the free plan when it comes to meeting durations, which is true for meetings that can only last for 40 minutes when using the free plan. As long as your conferences normally run fairly short, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem at all.



There is no doubt that “Starter” is the cheapest paid plan available and is a fantastic tool that you may find useful if you are a small business or if you have a small team that operates from home. Depending on how many users you have, the cost of the service will be $15 per month for each user. However, there is quite a lot of value that comes along with the service that makes the cost well worth it. Regardless of the size of your company, this is a great way to prepare for the development of a more comprehensive backup plan that you can deploy regardless of how many employees you have.

There will be a new daily cap of 24 hours set for the new system, which means you will no longer have to worry about long meetings exceeding your daily limit as they will no longer be allowed to affect your cap. Considering the rarity of a video conference involving that many people running over an extended period of time, that is practically unlimited.

In addition to receiving a great upgrade, the capacity of your cloud storage will also be increased by five times to a much larger 5 GB. Further, it will also be possible for you to create transcripts from your meetings while they are being recorded, so that in the future, you can look back on all of the topics that were discussed during that meeting and reflect on them from a deeper perspective.

As the final advantage of upgrading to this plan, you will gain access to all the apps that can be used with WebEx as well as all the integrations and plug-ins that come with them. A significant part of WebEx’s design is geared towards integrating with Microsoft Teams, and integrating WebEx with Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, and Skype, as well as with other productivity tools that can be used locally or remotely.



The “Plus” tier of WebEx is a popular choice among mid-sized companies because it allows them to double their capacity of participants from 50 to 100 participants in one conference. As a result, they are able to keep everyone informed without having to repeat topics over and over due to the user-limit restrictions.

Aside from this, you’ll also be able to set up customized URLs for your conference if you choose the Conference plan and this will enable your team members to connect to your conference more easily if they choose the Conference plan.

On this tier, users are able to access 24/7 customer support, which can be extremely helpful if you run into a problem while hosting your meeting. There is a bit of an additional cost here, as each user has to pay $20/month. However, if your team needs a more powerful server, it is definitely worth it if you need the higher processing power.



Compared with the other tiers of WebEx, the “Business” tier is the most expensive. Although some of the premium features and add-ons that this software comes with are not ideal for all types of companies, there are certain situations when they can be very useful, even if it is not optimal for all companies. As a starter, let me tell you that each user has a monthly fee of $30.

The offer is valid for a period of six months only, and it requires that the minimum number of licenses purchased each month is five. You will not be able to utilize the plan if you do not meet the criteria. It was therefore designed specifically to meet the specific requirements of large teams, which is why it is such an effective tool in meeting these requirements.

With this tier, the most important benefit is that it allows you to scale, as you will be able to host conferences with as many as 200 participants and you’ll have 10GB of storage, allowing you to host as many conferences as you like with as many as 200 participants. Additionally, you will also be able to access a multitude of branding functions that are only available to users on this level.

No matter which WebEx plan you choose, we strongly recommend that you start with a 30-day free trial first so that you can get an idea of what WebEx can do for you before you decide to invest hard-earned money into the service. A thorough due diligence process is essential to the success of any venture, and this is no different here.

What Does WebEx Have to Offer?


As a user, you have access to a wide variety of features that WebEx has to offer. Beginners may find it overwhelming to navigate through all of these options, since there are so many. To give you a better understanding of the value that WebEx provides, here are the key offerings WebEx provides as a service.

Video Conferencing

There have been a number of video conferencing platforms on the market for years, but but WebEx Meetings has always been one of the top options. You can now take part in – or even host – meetings while on the go with the WebEx app, which not only allows you to participate in meetings while on the go, it also allows you to share your screen and record meetings while on the go, as it includes HD video and screen sharing.


The WebEx Events product offers the option of hosting webinars with a maximum of 3,000 participants. By adding essential features like polls, questions and answers, and text chat to every meeting, you will be able to make the most of each session and make the most of your time by making the most of every session. There are a number of webinar tools that have been developed to ensure that everyone is on the same page, such as whiteboarding, sharing of content, and sharing screens so that everyone remains on the same page throughout the webinar.

In order to get the most out of WebEx’s webinar features, you may want to look at our recent guide on how to create a w


There has never been a more convenient way to deliver training from around the globe with WebEx Training. It is possible for presenters to write on digital whiteboards and share their presentations with others and even save their presentations in order to create a library of resources which can be used in the future as they wish with the use of a digital whiteboard library. There is also the capability of charging for your training in the application because it has eCommerce functionality.

Remote Support

It is one of the most robust remote assistance solutions on the market right now, and you are able to reduce operation costs, resolve issues faster, and provide real-time support to anyone anywhere in the world with WebEx Support. It is one of the most powerful solutions to reduce your operating costs. If you have a WebEx connection, then you will be able to offer support to your customers through chat or their video conferencing service regardless of the timezone in which they are located.


There are many collaboration apps available on the market today, including Basecamp and Trello, but WebEx Teams is one of the best, and it is maybe not as popular as some of the others, but it is still a good choice as an alternative. It is included in the package that allows your meetings to be scheduled as well as conducted online via chat, whiteboards can be drawn, files can be shared, and users can collaborate with each other on whiteboards via chat. In terms of a user interface for joining meetings in a matter of clicks, there is nothing better around in terms of allowing you to do that.

Cloud Calling

With WebEx Calling, you’ll experience all the key features you’d expect from a cloud-based solution that is going to meet your specific needs, and that you’d expect from a service like this. As part of the software you will be able to use hold, dial, resume, forward, transfer, do-not-disturb, and put your phone in do-not-disturb mode. Additionally, you can make use of a virtual receptionist who will answer the phone for you.



How To Sign Up Or Create Account In Cisco Webex

The Cisco Webex Meetings service can be accessed for free by signing up via the following link :

Please click on the link below to sign up for free.

It is necessary to register in order to access the site, which requires the use of your email address and the creation of a password.

When you attempt to log in using either your email address or your mobile number, you will receive an email with a One Time Passcode which you will need to enter when you attempt to verify your account.

You will need a Webcam to use your desktop computer, these are available on Cardea at a price of approximately £17.24 plus VAT, if you are using a desktop computer. There may also be a need for speakers and a microphone if you plan to use this in the setting of a board room.

The camera and microphone on a laptop are integrated into the laptop itself, so you will not have to worry about them.

In order for the application to work, an email invitation is sent to the client via the system with a link to be clicked on to join the meeting. They will be able to join the meeting once this software has been temporarily installed on their computer. In order for the person who will be participating in the meeting to be able to access the Cisco WebEx Meetings app on a smart phone or tablet from the app store, he or she will need to download it from the app store.

Upon not using your Webex Account for 6 months, the account will be deleted from your account database. If you have not used your Webex Account for 6 months, you will have to re-register with Webex.

You will need to log into your Cisco Webex account in order to schedule a meeting after you have successfully registered:

Follow the instructions below to schedule a meeting once you have completed the registration process.

  1. Select the scheduling a meeting option from the menu.
  2. What: Decide on a title for the meeting.
  3. When: When the meeting will take place, you should choose a time and date, as well as how long the meeting will last.
  4. Who: You may invite other individuals by entering their email addresses or names in the email address field on the invitation form if you would like to do so.
  5. Agenda: In this box, you will be able to add items to the agenda.
  6. Attach files: You can attach files to your message if you wish to share a document with others
  7. Meeting Password: It is possible to set a password for the meeting
  8. A box is located at the bottom of the screen where you can tick, if you want the meeting to be recorded, and this will appear at the bottom of the screen. It is NOT allowed to record meetings in any way. On the Ox, you will find a protocol for video calling that you can refer to.
  9. At the bottom of the page, you will find a green button that says “Schedule it” and click on that button. Upon receiving an email containing a link that they can click in order to be able to join the meeting on the specified date and time, which you have selected for them to attend, you will have to send them an email that contains the link to which they can click in order to be able to join the meeting.

It is necessary that you log into your account with the meeting time set for the conference and click on the start button the moment the meeting is scheduled in order to join the meeting. It is also possible for your participants to ‘join’ your meeting by clicking on the link they will receive in their email when they receive your invitation.

The first step after starting the meeting is to click on the call on your computer once you have started the meeting. You may have to adjust the settings according to your equipment, and after that you will be able to click on the saying ‘start my video’ on the right hand side of the screen when it appears on the right hand side of the screen.

You might be able to check whether the sound is muted once you have logged in, if you click on the microphone symbol once you have logged in. There is now a connection between you and the server.

How To Signin/Login In Cisco Webex

It is possible to use your Webex credentials, your Google account credentials, or even your Facebook account credentials to login to your Webex site.

The first thing you should do is

When the administrator of your Webex site has enabled the ability to sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Office 365 credentials, the feature can be enabled on your Webex site so that you can sign in with those credentials. You can find out how to contact the administrator of your site by reading this article.

  1. The sign in process is much more straightforward if you choose to sign in through Webex, Google, Office 365, or Facebook, as you will need to choose one of the options available from the drop-down box to the right of the sign in button, and then choose Webex, Google, Office 365, or Facebook, and then choose Sign in to complete the process.
  2. In order to connect your Google, Facebook, and Office 365 accounts with Webex for the first time, you will be prompted to use the credentials that you used when signing in with your Google, Facebook, or Office 365 credentials.

How To Install Cisco Webex

You can start and join meetings easily from the Meetings desktop app once you have installed it.

Why install the Meetings desktop app?

As part of Meetings, there are two desktop apps that are included in the package. The in-meeting app, which you can use when participating in a meeting or facilitating one, and the pre-meeting app, which is installed on your desktop and allows you to prepare beforehand.

Regardless of whether you are a Webex user or not, the pre-meeting desktop app can be used to join meetings, regardless of whether you are the owner of a Webex account or not. A host account allows you to perform a variety of features, including instantly starting meetings, scheduling meetings, joining scheduled meetings, integrating with other apps or participating in meetings via a third-party app, and detecting nearby video devices, and all of these functions are enabled when you are logged in with a host account. If you want to sign up for an attendee account, you will be able to see the meetings you will attend in the coming weeks, as well as detect any cameras that are in the vicinity of the meeting.

You can check your upcoming meetings, easily join your meetings, connect to a video device if you don’t have an account or haven’t signed in yet, even if you don’t have an account or haven’t signed in yet.

Download and install the Meetings desktop app

A Meetings desktop app automatically downloads after you start or join a Webex meeting using a Webex site or a Webex email invitation, regardless of whether you start or join the meeting via Webex or in response to an email invitation. Installing the software is as simple as clicking the installation file. Webex Meetings desktop application installation matrix includes two sections that explain how to set up a new sign-in user for the application and a new guest user for the application.

The app can also be downloaded manually here if you wish to install it without having to join a meeting first. Following these steps will allow you to install the file after you download it manually.

The download file should be available directly on the Webex site for customers who are locked into specific versions of Webex meeting applications. You will need to follow these steps in order to complete the process.

If you have a previous version of the Meetings desktop app, you have to uninstall that version before installing the new version.

  1. Log into the Webex site you are using.
  2. Select Downloads > Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App > Download.
  3. You can run the installation file for Windows (.msi) or Macintosh (.dmg) by clicking on the file and following the instructions. Once the installation process has been completed, you will be able to open the Meetings desktop application.
  4. Select Sign In from the menu at the top of the page and enter your email address.
  5. The URL of your Webex site should be entered or selected, followed by your password.

Update the Meetings desktop app

It is by default enabled for your Webex site to receive automatic updates through the Meetings desktop app. A new version of the Meetings desktop application will be checked every 6-8 hours when the application is running in order to see if there are any updates available. There will be a blue Update option at the top right corner of the app when a newer version becomes available and the app will automatically download it.

How To Uninstall Cisco Webex App Software on Microsoft Windows

At any time, you have the option to remove Webex from your computer if you no longer wish to have it installed.

To remove the Webex meeting software from your Windows-based PC:

  1. There are a few things you can do:
    • On Windows 7: Click on the Start button, then select Control Panel.
    • On Windows 10: You can initiate your search for the Control Panel by clicking on the search field on the taskbar and typing Control Panel in the box before pressing the Enter key.
  2. Alternatively, you can click on the Programs and Features icon or click on the Uninstall a Program link.The following are the names under which Webex may be installed:
    • There is a desktop application available for Cisco Webex Meetings
    • Meetings on Cisco Webex
  3. You can uninstall the Webex software by right-clicking on it and choosing the uninstall option.
  4. In the event that you decide to remove the software, you will be presented with a new window that asks you if you are certain that this is what you want.
  5. Please click on the Yes button.In the dialog box, you will find the option to uninstall the Webex software.
  6. Click on the Uninstall button after you have checked the Cisco Webex Meetings box.
  7. You might be asked to restart your computer, but before you do so, close all the open applications and save the work you haven’t saved before you do so. When you have clicked Restart Now, a new window will appear.

How To Uninstall Cisco Webex App Software on mac

What you need to know about removing Webex Meetings software from a Mac

For the Webex software to be completely removed from your Mac, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Using the Finder application, you can remove Cisco Webex Meetings from your computer:
    1. If you go to the Finder and then navigate to the Applications folder, you will be able to find it.
    2. The Cisco Webex Meetings app icon can either be dragged to the trash can or right-clicked and selected Move to Trash from the menu
  2. Remove all the Webex files and folders:

When using the uninstaller tool, you should follow these steps:

  1. Download the Mac Cisco-Webex Uninstaller.
  2. Please go to your Downloads folder and select the Cisco_Webex_Meeting_Application_Uninstaller. dmg file.
  3. From the Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller window that appears, click on the Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller icon to begin the uninstallation process.
  4. You will then be presented with the Cisco Webex Meeting Applications Uninstaller for your use once you have selected Open.
  5. The best thing you can do is to close all of the applications that you are asked to close, and then, if you are asked to do so again, you should select Try Again.
  6. Once the Webex files have been removed from your Mac as a result of the uninstaller having completed its task, a confirmation message will appear on your screen.
  7.      Note: There is an error message that is displayed every time a user tries to open the Cisco Webex Removal tool. This error message states: “Cisco Webex Removal tool cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” Below you will find a solution to the problem:
  8. A right-click on the Cisco_Webex_Meeting_Application_Uninstaller.dmg file will allow it to be selected for uninstalling. (Please refer to the steps above in Step 3)
  9. Open the file by clicking on it.
  10. The uninstall process can only be completed successfully if you follow the instructions at the top of this article in order to remove the program.
  • Manually remove Webex files and folders:


  • There is no need to run Cisco Webex Mac Uninstaller, nor is it necessary to remove Cisco Webex Mac Uninstaller manually, as Cisco Webex Mac Uninstaller can handle everything for you.

  • In the manual removal section, Webex provides information on a “perform at your own risk” basis, which means that Webex will not be liable if you do not follow the steps exactly as they are described.

  • There is a default setting that hides the Library folder.

  1. Drag the Webex Folder to the trash by going to Mac HD > Users > User Account > Library > Application Support folder, and then clicking on the delete button.
  2. I would recommend that you go to the Mac HD > Users > User Account > Library > Internet-Plugins folder and delete Webex.plugin from there, if you haven’t already done so.
  3. There are several folders on Mac HD that you can go to, such as Users > User Account > Library > Preferences, and then drag any files that contain the word Webex within them to the recycle bin.
  4.   Note: You might see as many as six preference files in addition to a few files that start with in the list of files that start with
  5. If there are any files with the word Webex in them then drag them to the trash by going to Mac HD > Users > User Account > Library > Saved Application State folder, then click on the trash can icon.
  6. Open up Terminal by going to the Mac HD > Applications > Utilities folder on your hard drive.
  7. Press the enter key after typing the command rm -rf .Webex.
  8.    Note: If this command proceeds to the next line with no errors, then it is likely that the command was successful.
  9. Once the terminal window has been closed, close it.
  10. The trash needs to be emptied.

How To Delete Cisco Webex Account

There is no expiration date on your free account, so you can keep it for as long as you like. You will not have to spend more than a minute deleting it if you do decide to do so for any reason.

We will be unable to retrieve any of the information or any associated data associated with your account if you follow the steps below in order to permanently delete it.

I would recommend that you cancel your paid subscription if you have one if you have a paid subscription. If you are on a trial plan or have just finished your subscription, it is imperative that you go into Control Hub after the end of your subscription or if you have just finished your subscription, and take the steps to delete your organization once the subscription has ended.

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. In the top right corner of the identity card, you will find an ellipsis. You will then need to select this, then select Delete account > Ok.

How To Setup Cisco Webex Meeting

There is a desktop app and a mobile app available for Cisco Webex Download cisco webex

Schedule your Cisco Webex meeting

From the desktop app
  1. The schedule button can be found on the desktop app for Webex Meetings.
  2. Upon clicking on the calendar invitation, it will appear as a blank page which you can fill in as you normally would for a meeting that will take place on site.
  3. Invite the invitees to the event.
  4. When you are in the Appointments menu, you can click the Webex Meetings logo to add a meeting.
  5. Then click the Send button.
From the mobile app
  1. In the top right hand corner of the app, you will see an icon that says Schedule. You will see the icon in the top right hand corner of the app.
  2. Your meeting should have a title that you can identify with.
  3. You can edit the meeting time and date by clicking on the edit icon.
  4. The email addresses of the attendees should be added.
  5. On the top right corner of the screen, tap Schedule.

Starting and joining meetings

From the desktop app
  1. Open the Webex Meetings desktop app.
  2. To start a meeting on the fly, click Start a meeting.
  3. To join a scheduled meeting tap the big green Join button next to the meeting you want to Join.

From the mobile app

  1. When you receive a notification regarding an upcoming meeting, click on the “Join” button to get involved, or if you don’t receive a notification, click on the “My Meetings” page within the app to find out more.
  2. Click on the meeting start button to invite your colleagues to your personal meeting room at a time that suits them.
  3. As an alternative, you can tap Join Meeting and enter the meeting number, URL, or username that you would like to join.

From a web browser

  1. Upon opening the meeting invitation, you will be able to join by clicking the link to the meeting within your browser.
  2. Ensure that your webcam and microphone are not being used without your permission.
  3. To begin the meeting, click the Start Meeting button.

Share your screen

The share your screen icon can be found within a meeting and you can click it and choose the application you wish to share or you can click the icon and select the application you wish to share.

How To Cancel Cisco Webex Meeting

Keep everyone informed if any meetings are going to be cancelled

The schedule of meetings is a norm everywhere because everyone should have the opportunity to attend important and recurring meetings on a regular basis. What would you do if there was a meeting scheduled and you were no longer able to attend it? Since you are the host of the meeting, you are the one who is responsible for canceling the meeting. It would be logical that you would want to let others know when you cancel it, so that they wouldn’t waste their time. There is nothing wrong with being courteous to others.

Is it possible for you to do that using Webex? If so, how? There is no limitation to the number of meetings that you can schedule using the Webex web portal, and any meeting that you can schedule through this portal can also be canceled just as easily. It is also possible for Webex to send an email out to all attendees of the meeting, who were invited to attend, informing them about the cancellation of the meeting. The meeting does not need to be cancelled by you and Webex will take care of the rest for you. You do not need to do anything except cancel the meeting.

On your Webex Meetings desktop app, you will be able to see all of your scheduled meetings, including those you have scheduled via Webex Meetings’ web portal, but you will not be able to cancel any of them.

You can cancel a Webex meeting by logging into the Webex Meetings account by going to and selecting the cancel button.

In the navigation menu on the left, you will find an option entitled ‘Meetings’.

Your upcoming meetings will be listed in this section. As a default, it will open up ‘My Meetings’ as soon as you click it. It is possible to access all your meetings, whether they are private or public, by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting ‘All Meetings’.

In order to cancel a meeting, the first thing you would need to do is find the meeting you want to cancel; this will be fairly easy for you to do since all meetings are required to have a meeting topic in order for them to be scheduled. To open a meeting, you need to click on it in order to do so.

By clicking on it, you will be able to view the details of the meeting. You can select from a few icons in the far right-hand corner of the Meeting title by using the arrow keys located on the far right-hand corner of the Meeting title. These icons can be found by returning your attention to the far right-hand corner of the Meeting title. You can cancel the meeting by clicking the ‘Cancel’ icon (the trash-can icon) at the top of the meeting window.

A confirmation pop-up window will appear after you click cancel on the meeting, asking if you want to cancel it. This window will display a message along the lines of ‘Do you want to cancel this meeting’. Please click on ‘Yes’ in order to continue.

It will be automatically removed from your list of scheduled meetings as soon as the meeting is canceled, and you will receive an email informing all participants of the meeting of the cancellation, as well as the reason for the cancellation, as soon as the meeting is cancelled.

Cancelling a scheduled meeting that is no longer going to take place, no matter what the reason might be, is a basic courtesy and the polite thing to do, and is always appreciated. There will be no excuse for you not to use Webex when you use it. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do it, as it is eerily simple, so you do not have any excuses to not try it!

How To Share Screen In Cisco Webex App

Step-by-step guide to guide to sharing screen in Webex meetings

There is no doubt that Cisco WebEx Meetings offers the best video conferencing capabilities and it has a lot of features to offer to make it one of the best applications to use. Video conferencing is becoming more and more popular and the ability to share your screen is one of the most important features.

In Webex Meetings, users have the option to share the full screen with others but are also able to share specific windows as well if they wish to do so.

This article is therefore intended to explain how to share a screen during a Cisco WebEx meeting, so I will take you through the steps in explaining this process.

In order to be able to share your screen with other participants, you must first host or join a meeting. Read on to find out how to join a WebEx meeting if you would like to know what you need to do. Our guide on how to join a WebEx meeting is available at the link below.

It will be obvious to you once you are connected to a Webex meeting room that the bottom of the screen will show you the controls panel for managing the meeting.

The ‘Share Content’ option is available in the Meeting Controls section of the meeting system. After you have clicked the button, you will be given a choice between sharing a screen, sharing an application window, sharing a whiteboard, and sharing files. You will also have the option of sharing a whiteboard and sharing files.

Share Full Screen (everything on your display)

You will need to choose the ‘Share Content’ option and then click the share icon that says “Screen 1” in order to share the entire screen with other users. After hitting the share icon, you will be able to see the entire screen being shared. As long as you have multiple monitors connected to the computer, you will also be able to see a screen called “Screen 2” and so on. As far as Webex Meetings are concerned, it supports an unlimited number of monitors.

If you click the share option on “Screen 1” you will be able to start the screen sharing process immediately as soon as the screen sharing toolbar appears at the top of the screen. On this toolbar, you will be able to control the process of screen sharing. This message reminds the user that the screen is being shared at the moment.

If you move your cursor to the Screen Share toolbar, you will find the ‘Stop Sharing’ button on the toolbar which will allow you to stop the screen sharing at any time. To pause a screen sharing session, you can simply click the ‘Pause’ button that can be found alongside the ‘Stop Sharing’ button.

Share a Specific App Window

The possibility of sharing a single application window that you wish to present to your audience is certainly possible, even if you do not want to share your entire screen.

The first step to sharing a particular application window is to click on the share content option in the control panel of the meeting, then click on the application window from the menu that appears in the share content menu of that meeting.

For instance, if you want to share a window of your Firefox browser with someone else. The Firefox share option will be visible when you click on the share content option in the section below the Share “Screen 1” section, once you click on the share content option. Using the ‘Share’ button on the Firefox window will allow you to share the window with others.

In the image above, you can see that you can also share other windows within other applications in the same way, as shown in the image above. It is in this section that you will find a list of all the applications running on your computer.

How To Change Name In Cisco Webex Account

We will take you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to change the display name of your Webex meeting room in this tutorial. In order to ensure that everyone gets the most out of this cloud-based platform, we decided to include walk-throughs for different devices in order to make sure they are familiar with how to use it, both via desktop and mobile apps. This allows us to make sure everyone can get the most out of it by learning how to use it.

It is currently available in three different versions, namely: a web-based version, a desktop application, and a mobile version, which can be used on both iOS and Android devices as long as you download the app for both iOS and Android devices, respectively. With the same UI, you will be able to manage your profile from different devices with the same account. We have also included links to the official Webex apps that you can download if you wish to make changes to your display name at this page. If you wish to make changes to your display name, we have detailed instructions on how to do so.


How to Change your Display Name in Webex on the Windows or Mac App

It is important to note that there are two versions of the Webex desktop application: a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version. This means that you have the option of selecting either version you would like. The official website offers you the possibility to download the appropriate version, depending on the type of operating system that you are using. You can also download the official Webex app from the Microsoft App Source if you are a Windows user, but if you are a Mac user, then you can get it from the App Store if you are a Mac user. Compared to Cisco Webex Meeting, which requires a subscription to be subscribed to, Cisco Webex is completely free.

You can update your display name and any other profile information on your Webex account once you’ve set up the Webex desktop application on your computer. Moreover, since the app is connected to your Webex license, it will automatically open when you click on the URL of a Webex meeting as soon as the meeting is available since it is connected to your license.

As a result, you should follow these directions if you also want to change the name of the display within the desktop app:

  1. Using the desktop app for Webex, launch the application.
  2. Clicking on the tiny drop-down arrow next to your existing name will allow you to access a panel of options that will allow you to edit your account to suit your needs. By doing this, you will be able to easily access the options that you need. Choosing “My Profile” from the drop-down list will bring you to the next screen.
  3. As a next step, select “Edit My Profile” from the drop-down menu. There will be an appearance of a new window. The field that corresponds to the display name you want to change should be filled in with another display name. Furthermore, if you are permitted by your organization to update your first and last names, you may be able to do so at any time.
  4. On the same Webex page where your name has been added, you will be able to add a profile picture if you don’t already have one. Next, click the option to “Change Profile Picture”. Then, select an image from your computer and upload it onto your profile.
  5. In order to update your profile information, you will need to click “Save” once you have finished making the changes.

How to Change your Display Name in Webex on the Web

By using a cloud-based platform, Webex allows you to conduct video conferences and engage in other collaborative business practices online through the use of a professional video conferencing system and other software. This web application is extremely user-friendly, and you can change your profile info in accordance with the corporate directory of your own company by using the web application. It is possible to change the display name of your account instead of updating your first and last name if your organization forbids you from updating your first and last name personally. In meetings and in other situations where Webex users interact with each other within the platform, the display name will be displayed.

It is therefore extremely important that you follow the steps below if you are interested in changing your display name:

  1. Go to in your web browser and then open it. If you haven’t already logged in, please do so.
  2. Located at the top-right corner of the screen, you will find a downward arrow next to your name. Click on the arrow to display your profile pic and avatar icon when you click on the arrow.
  3. The list will appear as a drop-down menu. Choosing “My Profile” will take you to your profile page.
  4. In the next window, you will see a message similar to the one below. In the next step, you will need to click the button marked “Edit My Profile” in blue.
  5. There is a field where you can enter your preferred display name.
  6. As soon as you have finished editing, click the “Save” button.

How to Change your Display Name in Webex on the iPhone

There is also the possibility of using the Webex mobile app on iOS devices in addition to the Webex desktop application. The official version of the app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store at the following link:

  1. From the home screen of your device, launch the App Store App.
  2. There is a search function built into the browser that can help you find the Webex app if you are having trouble finding it.
  3. On the app information page, you will notice a “Get” button. Tap on that button. In case your Apple ID is required, please enter it here.

You can use the app to manage your profile once you have installed it and have it installed on your mobile device. The web-based version of the program has a slightly different interface, but it’s still very user-friendly compared to the web-based version. How to change your iPhone or iPad’s display name is very simple and straightforward. Here’s how you do it:

  1. To launch the Webex app, tap on the Webex icon that appears on the home screen of your device. In the next step, you will need to sign into your account.
  2. To open the Settings section on your phone, tap the tiny gear icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. Open the “My Account” tab.
  4. There will be a new window that will open. Click on the name that is currently displayed on your screen.
  5. You can edit your first and last name in the settings menu if you are using the mobile app. There is not a separate display name section in the mobile app, but you can edit your first and last names there if you are using the mobile app. After the new entry has been made, it will appear during the next meeting after it has been made.
  6. As soon as you’re finished, tap the “Save” button in the upper-right corner of your screen to save your changes.

What Is Main Feature Of Cisco Webex App

The Cisco WebEx platform has long been considered one of the leading brands in the field of collaboration platforms in the world.  No matter how stiff the competition may be, there will always be something to be said about collaboration in today’s world. It is even more amusing news to announce about Cisco Webex, which has been receiving increasing traffic for some time now and has been receiving an increasing number of users as well. Taking a closer look at this, it is easy to understand why Cisco WebEx is such an outstanding service. You will be able to gain a deeper understanding of Cisco’s capabilities by analyzing its functionality, which will give you the ability to decide if Cisco is the product you are looking for. Cisco WebEx offers a number of features that make it one of the best products on the market.

The Best 6 Features of Cisco WebEx

High-Quality Video Conferencing

As far as video quality and audio quality are concerned, Cisco WebEx offers a really great product.  In spite of the large number of participants, all of them are able to be seen due to its customizable layouts. There are both full-screen and split-screen layouts available for the display of only the speaker at the moment, and with the full-screen layout, only the speaker will be shown at the moment. Taking a look at a grid view of the chat, it is evident that all participants are displayed together in a single stream, much like they would appear as if they were all seated together.

It is possible to navigate the interface seamlessly during the video call without interrupting the flow of the meeting by switching between different interfaces. The webcam or camera that is connected to the computer could be a webcam or any other type of camera. This will enhance the visibility of the attendees by utilizing the USB connections. The users are able to enjoy a more engaging, smooth, and effective meeting experience this way.

Cross-Platform, Functional and Geographic Versatility

In addition to desktop computers, Cisco Webex is compatible with Android, Apple, and Mac computers. Furthermore, users don’t have to worry about sensitive information being leaked to third parties. Cisco Webex allows the integration of a number of apps in order to enhance the collaborative experience. In my opinion, one of the major benefits of this product is its ability to integrate with key productivity tools, such as Excel, for example.

Cisco has a number of data centers located in strategic locations around the world. All users will be able to enjoy video conferencing sessions due to the high bandwidth transmissions available to them because of the high quality of the video. Therefore, meetings can be conducted smoothly without having to be interrupted by lags caused by network connections. Using Cisco Webex, collaboration is not hindered by the geographical location of participants. There are a number of locations around the world from which its services can be accessed.

File and Desktop Sharing

There are many powerful video conferencing features that Cisco WebEx offers, which include desktop sharing and file sharing. There has been an optimization of WebEx so that it can be used to share content quickly and efficiently. You can share a variety of things with others, including files, attachments, photos, videos, GIFs, desktop screens, screenshots of your desktop, and desktop screens off your computer. There are two kinds of file sharing permissions – those set by the host and those that can be assigned by others. In applications such as this one, you can easily share Power Point presentations, among other tools, as well as other files.

Brainstorming via Whiteboarding

WebEx Meetings and WebEx Teams both offer the ability to whiteboard, which can be a useful feature.  Collaboration on WebEx is made so much easier through WebEx’s whiteboard feature, which is one of its most useful features. There are many types of whiteboards, including virtual whiteboards, flip pads, or canvasses. You will be able to create illustrations and annotations for each connected user by using the whiteboard in a variety of ways.

AI Powered Functionality

Using Cisco Webex, you can improve the productivity and intelligence of your collaboration sessions. A new dimension has been added to the functionality of WebEx which is being added with the addition of the AI capability to the tools that the tool offers. In many of these meetings, you may not be able to get the same benefits as you would in an in-person meeting due to these AI capabilities. The software allows you to perform language translations, closed captions, and transcriptions.


One of the most widespread end-to-end security features with Cisco is said to be its end-to-end security. When a user logs in to Cisco WebEx, the security feature is automatically turned on by the program when they log in to the system.  In order to preserve the privacy of our users, all personal data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties. As a standard feature in WebEx, there is an option for password-protected access. As a default, every Webex user gets an individual secure meeting ID when they join a Webex room.

How To Know Or Find , What Is My Cisco Webex Id?

How to reset your username and password:

  1. Access your Webex site by navigating to it. AN EXAMPLE OF THIS SITE CAN BE FOUND AT WEBSITENAME.WEBX.COM.
  2. Select Host Login from the upper right-hand corner of the Classic View window, and then select Log In from the upper left-hand corner of the Classic View window. The Sign In option can be found in the upper-left corner of Modern View.
  3. Click on the link Forgot your username or password? if you would like to retrieve your password or username. It will display the message ‘Forgot your username?’ when you click on the link.
  4. It is recommended that you enter your host account email address here as well if you have one associated with your account.
  5. The CAPTCHA field needs to be filled in if necessary.
  6. Click on the Submit or OK button.
  7. In your inbox, you should find an email message that contains a link to a Webex account information request that you can click on, as shown below.
  8. Follow the instructions in the email you received if you wish to reset your username and password. The email will contain instructions on how to do this.

How To Test Cisco Webex Before Meeting

The following instructions are provided as part of this guide:

  • If you would like to test your microphone, sound, and webcam, please join a test call

  • The volume settings for both your inputs and outputs should be set correctly in order to ensure that your speaker and microphone are working correctly.

  • The status of the Webex server can be checked by clicking here

  • As soon as a problem arises, solve it as soon as possible

Before You Begin:

  • It is important that you make sure your computer’s headset is plugged into it if you are using one.

  • You should make sure that your computer is plugged in if you are using an external speaker or microphone.

1. Make a Test Call and Check My Settings
  1. To make sure all the settings are set up correctly before your real conference, Webex offers a free test webinar that you can attend before the conference begins so that you can check to make sure everything is set up correctly.
  2. Click on the Join button after entering your name and email address.
  3. When you first start Webex, you will be asked to install webex.exe, but this is the only step you need to take.
  4. There are some browsers that require explicit permission before external programs can be opened in your browser. You will need to select the Open Cisco Webex Meeting option.
  5. As soon as the meeting software is launched, the meeting will begin. By selecting this option, you will be able to join the meeting.

Test My Mic, Sound and Webcam

  1. The meeting starts with a simple test view being displayed on the screen. The microphone should not be muted, and if you are using the webcam, you should ensure that it is visible if you are using it. On the right-bottom of the meeting, you will be able to see a preview of your webcam so that you can verify that it is working.
2. Check Speaker, Mic and Camera Settings After Joining

The audio sources and destinations that are available on your computer are very numerous. Many of them have been set up as defaults for some reason, so you might not be able to find exactly what you are looking for. In order to resolve many of the problems you may be experiencing, it is a good idea to check where Webex is listening and playing audio.

  1. You can select the Speaker, Microphone, and Camera options while on a conference call by selecting the Audio menu.
  2. Let’s take a look at each setting one by one:
    • The following are the settings we need to take a look at one by one:
      • The Test button can be clicked after you choose a device so that you can ensure you hear the chime.

    • If you want to use a microphone, select the one that you prefer.

      • As you speak, a meter will appear just below the speaker, so make sure you select the right source by watching it light up when you speak.

    • The source should be selected correctly if you are using a camera.

      • The webcam preview that you will see just below will give you a better idea of what it looks like. Make sure that the camera is not covered by anything if you are only seeing black.

3. If the Test Call Worked but You’re Having Issues

There are some additional steps that you can take in order to resolve the issue if there is a problem with your call but the test call went smoothly, and there are some additional checks you can carry out.

Check the Webex Service Status page. The status page on our website allows you to keep track of whether any outages are occurring as well as any interruptions in service. It is advised that you simply wait until the issue is resolved or contact Webex’s customer service if there are any issues.

How To Join Meeting In Cisco Webex

Before You Join a Meeting

As a member of a meeting, you may experience some of the following occurrences during the meeting. A meeting’s maximum number of participants depends on how big your system is, which determines how many people can attend a meeting. If there are too many participants in a meeting, users who try to start new meetings or join existing meetings will get an error message that says that the number of participants has reached the maximum size, preventing them from starting or joining the meeting. It is very important to note that when participants dial into a meeting, they hear an audio prompt that indicates that the system is at its maximum capacity for participants. The system has reached its maximum capacity for participants and the participants cannot join or begin the meeting. As a result of this, the system has reached its maximum capacity in terms of participants. If a meeting has a maximum number of participants, then video will not be able to be used by more than half of the participants. Whenever we talk about digital video transmission and reception, we refer to what users do with their WebEx webcam video or with the video file sharing feature that allows them to share a video file with others, which can be done via their WebEx webcam video. You will need to install a certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store after joining your WebEx site to another data center if you use self-signed certificates instead of certificates that are issued by well-known Certificate Authorities. Once your data center is joined to another data center, users will need to install a certificate for each data center before they can begin or join a meeting. Depending on your browser version, you might notice that a Cisco WebEx plug-in needs to be installed if you are using Chrome 32 and later or Firefox 271 and later. The required plug-in can be downloaded and installed by selecting Download and following the instructions.

Note :In order to use the plug-in, you may need to enable it after installing it.

  • It is possible to tell Chrome to automatically allow plug-ins if you select the plug-in icon that appears on the top right corner of your screen, check the Always allow plug-ins checkbox, and then click on the Done button.
  • In Firefox, you can modify your default settings by selecting the plug-in icon that appears at the beginning of the URL (before web address) and selecting Allow and Remember if you are using Firefox.

During the meeting, if it does not automatically begin, please refresh the page in order to get it to begin

The Cisco WebEx extension for the Chrome browser will not function if you are using the browser Chrome 38 or later for starting a WebEx meeting or for playing WebEx recordings. To enable the Cisco WebEx extension in Chrome for your browser, you may have to complete the following one-time installation:

  1. The first step in adding WebEx to Chrome is to choose the Add WebEx option.
  2. On the dialog box that appears, choose Free from the list of extensions.
  3. To install Cisco WebEx on your Chrome browser, select the Add Extension option and follow the instructions.
  4. You should now be able to run the Cisco_WebEx_Add-on.exe file by selecting the Run button.
  5. It will take a few seconds for the page to refresh once the installation has been completed. It may be necessary to refresh the page if the meeting does not begin automatically.

Joining a Meeting From an Email

Step 1: If you have received an email invitation, please open it and click the link inside. It will appear that you are joining a meeting and the details page for that meeting will appear on your screen.

  • Note : As a member of a recurring series of meetings, if you join one that is part of the recurring series, you may be able to see the wrong date on the meeting details page. The issue has been reported and will not have an impact on your ability to join the current meeting from this page as this is a known issue.

Step 2: In case information is required, please enter it as requested. Please consider entering the following details if you are required to do so:

  • Your name: You will be asked to give your name before the meeting begins so that attendees can identify you easily.
  •  Email address:The email address you are entering should be formatted as follows: name@your_company. The e-mail address can be something like, for example.
  • Meeting password: Please enter the password for the meeting. There is a good chance that the host of the event may have included the password in the email invitation, or he or she may have provided it in some other way, in order to ensure your safety during the meeting.

Step 3: Select Join.

  • Depending on whether you already have an account on this WebEx site or whether you have not yet created one, you may need to wait for the meeting client to launch.
  • As soon as you try to sign in to WebEx but you are not signed in by mistake, you will be directed to a sign-in page where you will be able to enter your WebEx credentials in order to join the meeting. If you have an account on this site, the system will redirect you to a sign-in page where you will be able to enter your WebEx credentials.

Note: The sign-in page for your site will be on the single sign-on (SSO) site of the company that you have configured for your site. Unless your site has been set up for single sign-on (SSO), you will be required to sign into WebEx directly after you have signed in.

What to Do Next

There may be a prompt for you to install a Cisco WebEx plug-in if you are running Chrome 32 or later, or Firefox 27 or later. Install the required plug-in by selecting Download and following the instructions to complete the installation process.

As of the date of publication of this document, neither Chrome nor Firefox have yet been released in a final version that adheres to this policy; therefore, the exact versions that will be affected by this policy are still being determined at the time of publication.

Note: There is a possibility that you will have to enable the plug-in after installing it.

  • Using Chrome, on the top right of the page, you will see an icon for an add-on that you can select. Once you click on that icon, you will be prompted to check the Always allow plug-ins box and click the Done button.
  • In Firefox, you can select the plug-in icon that appears at the beginning of the URL (before the https:) to enable the option to Allow and Remember that appears at the beginning of each URL (before the https:).

There may be a delay in the meeting starting, so please refresh the page if it doesn’t start automatically.

The Cisco WebEx extension for the Chrome browser will not function if you are using the browser Chrome 38 or later for starting a WebEx meeting or for playing WebEx recordings. To enable the Cisco WebEx extension in Chrome for your browser, you may have to complete the following one-time installation:

  1. Then, click on Install WebEx on Chrome to add it to your browser.
  2. During the installation process, select the Free radio button.
  3. Adding Cisco WebEx to your Chrome browser is as simple as clicking on the Add button.
  4. Using the Run option on the Cisco_WebEx_Add-on.exe file, you can begin using this add-on.
  5. After the installation has been completed, the page will refresh once it has been completed. Refreshing the page will cause the meeting to start automatically if it does not start automatically.

You can join your meeting by selecting Audio Conference in case you are not automatically prompted to do so by the system.

Joining a Meeting From the Meetings Page

Step1: Open the WebEx site on your computer and sign in.

You will be directed to a page called Meetings.

Note: If you are having sign in issues, make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. You cannot sign
in to Cisco WebEx if cookies are disabled.

Step2: In the list of today’s meetings, find the meeting you would like to attend.

Should you be unable to locate your meeting in the All Meetings tab, please click on the All Meetings tab. To find the meeting that you are looking for, please enter your search parameters on the left side of this tab.

Select Join.

The Cisco WebEx plug-in may be required if you are using Chrome 32 or later or Firefox 27 or later if you are using either of these browsers. If you are using one of these browsers you may be asked to install the Cisco WebEx plug-in. The plug-in can be downloaded and installed by selecting the Download button and following the instructions on the screen.

There has not yet been a finalized version of Chrome or Firefox that will be affected by this policy at the time of the publication of this document, so the exact versions are still being determined.

Note: There is a possibility that you will have to enable the plug-in after installing it.

  • In case you are using Chrome, you will need to open the page in Chrome settings, and then find the link Plug-in icon, which will appear in the top-right corner of the page. Click on Always allow plug-ins… and click on Done when you are finished.
  • It is very easy to allow and keep the plug-in from Mozilla Firefox by simply clicking on the plug-in icon in the address bar (below the https:) and clicking on Allow and Keep. Once you have clicked this, you can click Ok, and the plug-in will be enabled.

There may be a delay in the meeting starting, so please refresh the page if it doesn’t start automatically.

Occasionally, you may be prompted to join the audio conference portion of a meeting by the system if you are not automatically prompted.

Joining By Meeting Number

There is no requirement for you to be signed in to Cisco WebEx in order to join a meeting – simply use the meeting number.

Your WebEx account has already been set up and you are already logged in

  1. If you select the Meetings tab on the left side of the screen, you will be taken to the Meetings page.
  2. Click on the Join by Number option.
  3. Please enter the number of the meeting here.
  4. If you are being asked for a password for the meeting, please enter it.
  5. Click on the Join button.

The WebEx site you are visiting does not have you logged in

  1. In your web browser, open the WebEx site you wish to use by clicking on the link in the address bar.
  2. On the top right of the header, you will find a link called “Join by Number”.
  3. Please fill out the Join by Number form with the requested information.
  4. Click on the Join button.

The Join by Number page can also be reached by entering your public WebEx site URL followed by /orion/join, for instance, https:///orion/join so that you can access the page

How To Add Participants/Someone In Cisco Webex App

A meeting that is already in progress can be added to by adding more participants. A person who is invited to the site as a guest can invite you to share their screen or app with them, and you can then share your screen or app with them as well. Despite not being added to the space, the person won’t have access to any of the messages or files shared in this area, which includes any whiteboards and documents shared there, as well as any other files or messages they might leave there.

It is possible to add guests to a meeting (in Webex App) that does not take place in a regular Webex meeting or a Personal Room meeting, if the meeting takes place within the Webex App, rather than within the usual Webex meeting. However, the participants will need to provide their email addresses before they can be added. It is possible to add more than one person to a Webex App account, depending on the Webex App plan your company has.

If you invite someone to a meeting, they will receive an invitation to attend and will be able to either accept or ignore the invitation.


Windows, Mac, and Web

  1. Click the , select the person’s name or email address, then click the button and select Invite to meeting only. 

If the meeting is in a team space, then you will only be able to add someone as a guest.

iPhone and iPad

  1. You can invite guests to a meeting by tapping on it and then selecting Invite Guests. Then tap anywhere on the screen to see all the options if you do not see any on the screen.
  2. To invite someone, all you need to do is enter the email address or name of the person who you would like to invite, and then tap the Engage button.

If the meeting is in a team space, then you will only be able to add someone as a guest.


  1. If you wish to invite guests to this call, you can do so by tapping on the conference panel in the meeting and selecting Invite Guests to This Call. Depending on where you are on the screen, you will be able to see any options that are available.
  2. When the person’s name or email address is entered, the OK button is clicked after the person’s entry is tapped, and the name or email address of the person is entered.

If the meeting is in a team space, then you will only be able to add someone as a guest.


How To Change Background In Cisco Webex App

Device Requirements to Change Backgrounds

Despite the fact that virtual backgrounds are available on many computers and mobile devices, not all of them can be used. Using a virtual background can be resource-intensive for your processor, which can lead to a strain on the hardware on your computer. During a video conference call, devices with less power will not be able to see the options, so less powerful devices are not able to join.

How to Use a Virtual Background on Webex

The Webex client should have been installed on your device already, as well as the updated version of Webex that should also have been installed on your device. It is highly recommended that you do so now, if you have not already. As soon as this is done, you will be able to use a background in your conference call.

On Desktop

I am going to start this article with an introduction to how you can use virtual backgrounds on your computer to enhance the experience of using it on your computer in the first part of the article. Users who are using a PC that runs Windows or a Mac can follow the same steps, so both versions can be followed.

If you’re using a computer, you should follow these steps:

  1. Launch Webex before joining a meeting so that you can see everyone in the room.
  2. On either the top left hand corner or the top right hand corner of the screen, you will find the option titled “Change Background.”.
    • The left corner of Windows has this option, while the right corner of Mac has this option

  3. Depending on what you prefer, you can either select an image or the “Blur” option.
  4. The settings you have made will be saved when you click the “Apply” button.
  5. Your new virtual background will look great when you join a meeting.

A virtual background can also be changed during a meeting while you are present. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. When you are in the middle of a meeting, you can go to the upper left or upper right side of the screen.
  2. You will need to select the “Audio & Video” option.
  3. In the “Camera” menu, find “Change Virtual Background.” Then, go back to “Camera.”
  4. Change the background of your virtual desktop to a different one.
  5. Apply the changes.
  6. We will continue to discuss this matter at length.

On Android and iPhone

A user cannot change the background on their mobile devices before joining a meeting. Only after joining a meeting can the user change the background on their mobile devices. In order to participate in the meeting, you are required to enable your video before you join, so we strongly recommend that you do not enable your video before you join. If you wish to participate in the meeting, you must enable your video before you join. As a result, we strongly advise you to turn off your video before you join a meeting. The process of setting up your virtual background will be facilitated if you do this at the right time.

You can change your mobile device’s background by following these steps:

  1. Using the mobile version of Webex, launch the application.
  2. During the meeting, you will be able to see the screen without your camera being active.
  3. Make sure you select the “Video” option.
  4. Select “Virtual Background.”
  5. Alternatively, you can choose to blur a picture.
  6. The settings will be applied once you have done that.
  7. The camera must be enabled before you can use it.
  8. Your meeting will continue as planned.

This is a relatively new feature on smartphones that is available, in comparison to the use of virtual backgrounds on computers. You’ll need to pay close attention to the information as there may be more errors.

If you would like to use a virtual background, you will need the same permission as when you use Webex on a desktop. Unless you have enabled the feature on your compatible device, you won’t see the option on your device if it is disabled.

How To Record Video Call In Cisco Webex App

How you can record a Webex meeting depend on several factors:

Are you a free or a paid Webex user?

There are limited recording options available for users of the free Webex service. You can only record directly from the desktop application, and you won’t be able to record directly to the cloud as well. The recordings you make are going to be saved locally on the hard drive of your computer. If you want to share the recordings with others in some way, then you might want to consider that before taking the steps. Recordings can be made from the desktop computer or from a mobile device, with the option to save your recordings to the cloud or directly to your device for paid users.

Are you the host, cohost, or presenter? 

A recording of a Webex meeting is only supported by the host, co-host, or presenter. Having the ability to record a meeting as a member of the audience can be an important tool for future reference material, training material, or educational materials that will be used in the future. As an attendee, you will, however, need a separate program in order to record a meeting. If you wish to accomplish this, you will need to download an additional application in order to accomplish this.

What type of device are you using to record your meeting? 

The method of doing so will vary slightly depending on whether you are using a computer or a mobile device when recording as the method of recording will differ between the two depending on the device you are using. If you want to get the best recording quality, then it is important to take into consideration both the specifications of your device and the method of recording that you intend to use when you choose the recording method you will use.

Paid users have the following limitations for recording a meeting and saving it to the cloud: 

  • On a phone, for example, you are unable to record a session to the cloud if you begin it on that device.

  • When the host is present in the meeting, cohosts are not able to record the meeting.

  • Video played from your camera while sharing your camera over a shared presentation won’t be captured in your recording.

How Do I Record a Webex Meeting on a Laptop or Computer?

A few clicks of the mouse can be used to record a Webex meeting from a laptop or computer – and this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Using the username and password you entered in your Webex account, you will be able to login.
  2. Please click on the button that says “Record”. This simple step-by-step guide will show you how to record a Webex meeting on your computer or laptop by following these simple directions:
  3. You can either choose to make a recording on my computer or a cloud recording from the pop-up menu.
  4. On the popup window, you will find a red button labeled Record.

It is possible to pause or stop your recording by clicking on the Record button again if you wish to pause your recording, or if you wish to stop your recording if you wish to stop it.

How Do I Record a Webex Meeting With Audio?

It is very important that you set up your audio connection correctly if you want to make sure that audio is included in your meeting recording. The call utilizing computer audio option can be selected at the beginning of the recording process. The recording will not begin if this option is not selected, and you will be notified that you will not receive any audio.

How Do I Record a Webex Meeting as a Participant?

There is always a way to record Webex content even if you’re not the host, co-host, or presenter during an event. Even if you’re not the host, co-host, or presenter during an event, there is always a way to record Webex content. As a participant, you will be able to record a meeting on any device that has a camera. Keep reading to find out how.

How to Record Webex Meeting on PC

You might be surprised if you learn that you can use PowerPoint as a tool for capturing your screen when you are using a PC. While the quality of your recordings won’t be as good as you’d like, you can still record and save the content.

Complete the following steps to record Webex on PC systems using PowerPoint:

  1. On your screen, make sure that you are able to see your Webex meeting.
  2. Click on the PowerPoint icon to open it.
  3. Among the options provided, select Blank Presentation as your presentation type.
  4. Using the Insert Tab, choose Screen Recording from the list of options. As a result, your screen will be turned gray and you will not be able to see anything on it.
  5. For recording your entire screen, you will need to hold down the Windows Key and Shift while pressing F.
  6. Once the Record button has been clicked, a countdown of three seconds will begin. In the event that the countdown is stopped, your recording will begin.

When you are recording, you can access the Pause and Stop features at any time by placing your mouse at the top of your screen.

How Do I Record a Webex Meeting on Windows 10?

It has been made possible for Windows 10 to record Webex meetings through the Xbox Game Bar program. As a live streamer, this app is designed to capture gameplay sessions, meetings, events, and other recordings from your gaming sessions.

To record a Webex meeting on Windows 10 using the Xbox Game Bar, follow these steps:

  1. When you are using the Xbox Game Bar app to record your screen, it is very important that you choose which window you wish to record before you begin.
  2. As soon as you open the Start Menu, select the Xbox Game Bar button from the Apps list on the lower left hand side of your screen. This will bring up the Xbox Game Bar on your screen.
  3. The recording of your Webex meeting will begin as soon as you click the Record button.

Your Xbox Game Bar recordings will be saved to your Windows 10 computer’s Videos folder once you make them in the Xbox Game Bar app.

How Do I Record a Webex Meeting in Browser?

The method mentioned in the two sections above can either be used on a PC or on a computer’s browser to record a Webex meeting from your computer browser. In order to create a screen recording for PowerPoint, you need to press Windows Key + Shift + F simultaneously, which records your whole screen, including your browser window, if you are using PowerPoint to create the screen recording. By clicking on Screen Recording, you will also be able to choose whether or not to record only your browser window if you click on it.

To record a Webex meeting in a browser window on a Mac, follow these steps:

  1. The first step to recording a browser window is to open it.
  2. Hold down Command + Shift + 5 while you are on your keyboard.
  3. When recording, you have the option to record only those windows that are open on your screen at the moment you record.

In addition to being given a thumbnail preview of your screen recording, once you click Stop, you will be prompted with an option to choose where your video should be saved once the screen recording has been completed.

How Do I Record a Webex Meeting on a Phone?

You need to follow these steps if you are creating or co-creating a meeting using Webex on your phone and you want to host or co-host the meeting. You can follow these steps below:

  1. By tapping the three-dot More button, you will be able to view more options.
  2. Locate the Record under General in the left sidebar.
  3. You will be prompted to tap Record at the bottom of the screen when you want to start recording your Webex meeting. If you tap on the More button again, you will be able to pause or stop your recording.

If you would like to record a Webex meeting from your phone to a screen on an external monitor, then you will need to use the built-in recorder available on the device that you are using to record the meeting. If you are using an iPhone or an Android device with a built-in recording feature, you can record your Webex meeting using this feature. Read on to find out how to use the recording features on your iPhone or Android device.

How Do I Record a Webex Meeting on Android Phones?

Additionally, Android phones also come with a built-in screen-recording feature that can be used by participants as a convenient method of recording Webex meetings from anywhere in the world, in addition to the screen recording feature on Android phones. How your Android phone records your screen will depend on the version of Android software you have running on it.

Record Webex meetings using Android 11: 

  1. Screen Recorder can be accessed by selecting Quick Settings from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Once you’ve selected all of the audio and video settings, you’ll need to click on Done when you’re ready to proceed.
  3. In order for your device to make use of the Android Screen Recorder, it needs permission from your device, please grant it this permission.
  4. You can start recording by selecting the Start Recording button.

Depending on the type of phone you have, you can find your recordings in the Photos app or the Gallery on your phone, depending on how you set it up.

Record Webex meetings with older versions of Android: 

  1. By going to Settings and selecting the About Phone option from the drop-down menu, you will be able to enable Developer Mode on your device. After you tap seven times on the Builder Number, you will be notified by the app that you have now become a developer.
  2. Select the Advanced option from the Settings menu by returning to the Settings menu. Choose Developer Options from this screen and then choose Feature Flags from the next screen.
  3. Setting_screenrecord_long_press should be turned on in the settings.
  4. Keep the button pressed while you take a screenshot.
  5. Using the pop-up menu, select the option to Start Recording.
  6. As soon as the new popup appears, tap on Start Now so that the process can begin.

You are able to save your recordings in your phone’s default photo gallery.

How Do I Record a Webex Meeting on iPhone?

When you use the screen recording feature introduced in the iOS 14 update, you will be able to record a Webex meeting as a participant from your iPhone. The following instructions will guide you through the process of recording a Webex meeting on your iPhone:

  1. Using the Settings menu, select the Control Center option. If you want to start recording your screen, all you have to do is tap once on the + icon next to Screen Recording to begin.
  2. By pressing the Home button on the device, you are able to open the Control Center by going back to the Home screen and swiping down from the top right corner of the screen and selecting ‘Control Center’.
  3. In order to record, press the Record button and hold it for a few seconds.
  4. By tapping the Microphone button on your device, you will be able to turn your mic on.
  5. Choose the location where you would like to save your recording from the scrolling menu.
  6. A three-second countdown will begin as soon as you tap Start Recording. Your recording will begin as soon as the countdown is over.

How To Find Recorded Video Call In Cisco Webex App

Webex App gives you the option of storing all the recordings of your meetings locally on your computer as well as in the cloud, so that you can watch them whenever you want. If you need to access, share, or download your recordings, you can do so whenever you need. For those meetings that aren’t yours, you can ask the host of the meeting if they have recorded it.

Find your Cloud Recordings

The space where a meeting has been held will display an automatic link to a recording of the meeting that has been associated with that space for those who wish to view the recording of that meeting.

Click on the Recordings link under the Webex account on, and then sign in.

In the recording section of the page, you will see a list of recordings related to the particular service type.

There may be a delay in receiving your recording depending on the file size and speed of your internet connection.

Find your local recordings

  • For Windows: When you open the Documents folder located in My Computer when you open your computer, you will find all the recordings that were started during the meeting and that you can access from this folder.

  • For Mac: If you use Finder, you can find the recordings that were started in a meeting under the Home folder of the system directory. This can be accessed from the Meetings folder using Finder.

In the list below, you have the option of selecting a different path to save your local recordings, but by default, these will be the default locations to save your local recordings in case you make a different choice.

How To Delete Recorded Video From Cisco Webex App

As a meeting or webinar host, you have the option of deleting the recordings and highlights that you have created during meetings and webinars. It is possible to delete the highlights of a meeting or event if you have been given editing privileges by the host and he or she has shared the content with you.

Before you begin

The Webex Assistant can be found in Webex Meetings under the Support tab.

Having just released version 41.6, this feature is now also available as an add-on option for plans that are capable of supporting up to 10,000 users as well as an option as part of plans that are capable of supporting up to 1000 users.

Using the Webex App, it is now possible to start or join meetings that don’t support Webex Assistant in the 41.7 update that are not full-featured meetings. In the event of a meeting starting or joining from a space, Webex Assistant is not supported.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Recordings from the drop-down menu.
  2. The Delete screen will have a Delete button next to the name of the recording and clicking on it will take you to the place where you will be able to delete the recording, if you click on it you will then be taken to the Delete screen.
  3. Unless you permanently delete the recording from your trash folder, you will be able to view the recording in the trash folder for the next 30 days.
  4. Under My Recorded Meetings, on the left side, you can select Deleted to permanently remove a recording that has been thrown away.

The consequence of this is that it will be possible to delete video recordings with embedded transcripts, as well as the audio file and transcript associated with the video recording that can be found under the Reviews tab within the Calendar, but that cannot be deleted separately.

How To Mute In Cisco Webex App

How To Unmute In Cisco Webex App

How To Cancel Cisco Webex Subscriptions

What Is The Price Of Cisco Webex App

Basic Plan


Even though our free plan comes with a limited number of features, it is still a good choice for you if you want to try out our service before you decide to upgrade.

  1. Up to 50 min meeting length
  2. Up to 100 participants
  3. Screen sharing
  4. Personal meeting room
  5. Breakout rooms

Meet Plan

$13.50per user/month

Our Premium Meetings offer participants the chance to take part in HD meetings with up to 200 people, share their screens, record meetings, have breakout rooms, and more with our Premium Meetings.

  1. Up to 24 hours meeting length
  2. Up to 200 participants
  3. 10 gb of cloud recording storage
  4. A number of new features have been added to our meeting and conferencing software, including the transcription of meetings, advanced host privileges, file transfer during meetings, and more!

Meet + Call Plan

$20per user/month

Our Meet + Call plan offers you even more savings when you choose to buy it. There are all features available in both the Meet Plan as well as the Call Plan that you will be able to use.

  1. Up to 50 min meeting length
  2. Up to 200 participants
  3. 10 GB cloud recording storage
  4. It is not only the Meet Plan that has a multitude of features, but also the Call Plan that has a multitude of features (receiving calls, phone transfers, conference calls, and MORE!)


Call us for Flexible subscription plans

Plan and execute large meetings, events, and training sessions in a timely manner, and provide support and assistance to all participants

  1. Unlimited cloud storage
  2. Customer phone support 24/7


How To Change From Free Version To Paid Version Of Cisco Webex App

You can upgrade to a subscription that suits your needs if you have signed up for an account on and would like to access more features on Webex.

Find out how we talk about the app and how it works by exploring the interface.

Available plans and features

In the Compare plan features section of the Webex Pricing page, there is an updated list of all the features that are included in each plan, as well as a list of the extra features that are not included.

A paid Webex plan can be purchased by tax-exempt organizations by contacting sales.

What to expect when you upgrade

As soon as you change over to a paid plan, your Webex site will be provisioned with the new features, as well as customized to your liking, with reports, recordings, and the migrated content, including existing meetings you may have. Using the email address that you have used when you signed up for your Webex account, you will be able to access your Webex site. There is, however, a possibility that you will be able to change it to something more suitable for you.

As soon as you complete the purchase, you will receive your new phone numbers. After you submit the request for porting a phone number, the porting process usually takes about 21 days to complete once the request is submitted.

Choose a plan

As soon as you are ready to switch your account from a free account to a paid account, following the steps below is what you need to do in order to accomplish this.

  1. Go to the Webex site and sign in.
  2.  If you click the Upgrade Webex button on the home page, you will be taken to the upgrade page.
  3. Select the plan you would like and click “Buy Now” on the Plans & Pricing page.
  4. The option to renew your subscription on a monthly or annual basis can be found in your cart.
    • Only Meet plans can be purchased as annual plans. In Germany, there is no option for annual renewals.
  5. It is necessary to add a license for each user in order for them to be able to make calls, invite colleagues to a meeting, or co-host, schedule, and start meetings.
    • No matter if they have a Webex account or a license, anyone can attend meetings, regardless of whether they have a Webex account or a license. It is possible to add more licenses at a later date in case you determine that you will need more than the number that you have selected now.
  6. For attendees to be able to be called directly into the meeting, it is possible to add on the Call Me add-on so that there will be no potential dial-in toll charges.
    • In the United States and Canada, there is a toll-free number that can be used for domestic calls
    • We offer toll-free calls to over 70 countries worldwide (including the U.S. and Canada)
  7. To proceed with the checkout, click the Proceed button.
  8. To begin the search for your existing account, you will need to enter your email address into the box provided for account details, and then click on Continue in order to begin the process of finding your existing account.
  9. To return to your order, click Sign in from the success page if you want to go back.
  10. In order to ensure that billing, service, and contact information are correct, it is the customer’s responsibility to enter the required details.
  11. To be able to place your order, it is imperative that you agree to Cisco’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Emergency Calling Policy before you can proceed with the ordering process.
    • During the provisioning process, a banner will appear on your Webex site indicating that your site is being set up.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Cisco Webex App

There is a platform known as Cisco Webex used widely throughout the world in order to conduct online meetings. There are many sectors of the business world in which the COVID-19 pandemic is prevalent. It is utilized by educational institutions, government organizations and NGOs as well as in many other areas of the business world. In order to accomplish the work function within a safe and healthy work environment, the solution is widely used in many different sectors.

There are many advantages to using the platform, such as its ease of use, but it also comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages of its own as well. A Cisco Webex meeting is an exciting way to conduct online meetings. This article will highlight a few of the most exciting aspects of using Cisco Webex for online meetings.

Benefits of using Webex

  1. Create a meeting record that can be accessed offline and made available for future reference.
  2. In addition to the IOS version, there is also an Android version available.
  3. You can access it from any device that has an internet connection.

The Drawbacks of using Webex

  1. Before using the application, you will need to download it first.
  2. There is a lack of control over commenting and chatting.
  3. Website versions are weaker than app versions when it comes to user experience.

Advantages Of Webex

  1. Easy in Sharing
  2. Easy in invention
  3. Difficult To Share Confidential Data
  4. HD Video And Audio
  5. Minimum Utilization Of Internet Data
  6. Easy in Accessible To Various Tools
  7. Easy in sharing Task
  8. This is best platform for education sector
  9. Live stream meeting in social media
  10. Reasonable Subscription Plans

Disadvantages Of Webex

  1. Security Issues
  2. Small Audience Friendly
  3. Restrict Broad Audience At Once
  4. Large Memory Usage