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The Zoom platform is convenient in that it allows free webcasting with video output (for example, participants), screen sharing and many other functions. It is great for distance learning, tutoring, business negotiations, and even social gatherings. At home it is more convenient to study, work and have fun at the computer. And if you plan to download Zoom for free on your computer , then use our instructions.

Step by step guide

The developers of this service release both a mobile application and a client for PC. They are identical in their capabilities. But still, watching the video broadcast is more comfortable on the big screen. This is especially useful when displaying any virtual elements (board for solving problems, tables, graphs, etc.).

The most common computers are Windows and Mac OS. But many users are also behind various Linux distributions. And a separate version of Zoom is available for each of the three operating systems. They are practically the same in function and appearance, but their boot procedure is different.

So first we will analyze three separate instructions, and then the general one for connecting to a video conference and other nuances of use.

The link to download the program is under the article.

Instruction # 1: Windows

The simplest procedure for installing the program specifically for Windows:

  1. Open the link below to access the download page.
  2. Here we are interested in the top button, click on it.
  3. The download of the ZoomInstaller.exe file will start .
  4. When finished, open it.

The program itself will be installed in automatic mode, and immediately after it will start. It will be reopened using the Start Zoom shortcut on the Windows desktop or the item of the same name in the Start menu.

Instruction # 2: Mac OS

For a PC with an Apple operating system, the installation procedure will look slightly different:

  1. Again, open the link to the Zoom download page. It is located under the main article.
  2. Here click on the marked button:
  3. If the file download does not start automatically, then launch it manually.
  4. Now open Zoom.pkg .
  5. A full installation window will appear. First, click on “Continue” .
  6. Confirm the start of the procedure by clicking on the corresponding button.
  7. You may be asked for a password from the “account”. Enter it in the appropriate field, confirm authorization and installation.
  8. Close the window when finished.

The program can be launched from the shared directory, and the first time it will open automatically.

nstruction # 3: Linux distributions

On most distributions (Debian, Ubuntu and Mint), the easiest way to install Zoom is using the Gdebi unpacker . If it is not present in the system, then you can download it using the Terminal. Just run the command in it:

sudo apt install gdebi

Perhaps a confirmation message will appear, then enter the letter Y in the terminal or whatever is requested.

Next, launch any Internet browser and go to the dedicated download page . Here you need to select the current Linux distribution, and then click on Download .

Save and run the file. It will open in the previously downloaded unpacker. Start the installation procedure. Enter the root password if required.

Nuances of use

Registration at the Zoom site is required only to gain access to all its functions, for example, organizing video conferencing. This procedure is described in maximum detail here . If you just need to enter a conference, then you do not need to create an account. Enough:

  • Use the invitation link.
  • In the program itself, click on the blue button, specify the identifier and display name, and then the password. And wait for permission to connect.

We also recommend checking the Zoom settings. For this:

  1. Click on the indicated buttons to get to the required page:
  2. Make sure the microphone and speaker are selected correctly. The “Check” option will help with this . Adjust the volume if necessary.
  3. Go to the “Videos” tab .
  4. Set up your webcam as you like if it’s connected to your computer.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Keyboard Shortcuts tab . Various combinations are recorded there for convenient conference control. Here are the important hotkeys:

  • Alt + A – mute and unmute your microphone
  • Alt + V – the same, but with a webcam.
  • Alt + S – screen demonstration.
  • And much more.




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