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The Zoom platform is focused on organizing conferences, which can be connected from both a mobile device and a computer. It is enough to install the corresponding application or program. But can Zoom be used on a TV ? After all, everything is better seen on the big screen, and many modern TV models have a built-in webcam and microphone. And in the absence of them, you can just watch and listen to other participants. Let’s deal with this topic in a little more detail.

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The most convenient way to implement communication in Zuma is using set-top boxes based on Android TV. With any TVs with SmartTV function, the situation will be somewhat more confusing, since the platform developers have not released an application for any systems. Let’s analyze both cases separately.

Android TV

On these consoles, you can install almost any application from Android using a flash drive. We need to find the current version of zoom.apk, which is available on the official website. So let’s go directly to the instructions:

  1. Open the link .
  2. Download the zoom.apk file .
  3. Move it to any external storage device such as a USB stick.
  4. Connect it to your TV box.
  5. Open the provided file manager on it.
  6. Navigate to the contents of the drive.
  7. Run this file.
  8. Confirm the installation procedure.
  9. Open the Zoom app.

All that remains is to connect to the conference:

  1. Click on the blue button in the welcome window.
  2. Provide her ID, as well as a name that will be visible to other participants.
  3. Press the blue button again.
  4. Enter the password to connect and click “OK” .

Various models with Smart TV

It’s time to figure out if Zoom can be installed on Smart TV. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is negative . The developers have not released a separate app for any TV models. It is only available for PCs, smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). So the option with the installation immediately disappears.

But there are several alternative solutions. The most commonplace is to display a picture from a PC or laptop by connecting it via an HDMI cable. But it is also the most inconvenient for a number of obvious reasons. However, if it suits you, then do so.

And the last option is the most convenient, but confusing. A picture from a mobile device or PC can be broadcast via Wi-Fi to Smart TV. For example, in the case of the latest Samsung models, Screen Mirroring is used for this . But there are other applications that are suitable for other manufacturers.

Do not forget to connect to your home Wi-Fi network only on the TV itself.


The easiest way is to bring Zoom to a TV through a TV set-top box based on a modified Android platform. Indeed, in this case, the user can install various applications. Accordingly, all you need to do is download the apk file from the official website, transfer it to a USB flash drive, open it on a set-top box, install it and connect to the conference.In the case of an ordinary Smart TV, the solution is a little more confusing, for example, you can connect a computer and a laptop to it via an HDMI cable and display a picture. An alternative option is to display a picture via Wi-Fi and a special application.



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