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Currently, Windows 10 is the most popular PC operating system. So the developers release most of the programs primarily for her and Zoom among them. It is a very user-friendly platform focused on online video conferencing. It can be used for distance learning and business meetings. But it is also suitable for friendly gatherings. To access all the features, just figure out how to download Zoom Cloud Meetings free for Windows 10 . We will analyze this procedure, as well as explain the nuances of using and setting up audio from video.


The installation of the program itself is extremely simple. Only four actions are required from the user:

  1. Find the button “Download Zoom for Windows 10” under this article.
  2. Click on it to get to the desired page.
  3. As soon as it opens, click on “Download” (the first button).
  4. Open the resulting file.

The installation procedure will go directly, which will complete after a few seconds. As a result, the Zoom program will start. In the future, it will be possible to open it from the Start menu ( Start Zoom item ) or through a new icon on the desktop.

Nuances of use

The first time you launch Zoom on your computer and laptop, you should adjust the sound and make sure that the webcam is working (if it’s connected, of course). You will get to the parameters page as follows:

  1. Expand Windows Trey by clicking on the “arrow” in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Right click on the distinctive blue icon.
  3. This will display a context menu. In it we need the item “Settings …”

If you have a webcam, then immediately go to the “Video” section .

It’s easy to make sure everything is working properly and adjust the aspect ratios. The following options are available:

  • Enable HD – improving the quality of images to the resolution of 720 p (1280 × 720).
  • Flip my video – Disable or enable the mirror effect.
  • Fix my appearance – smoothing facial features and other software processing in automatic mode.
  • Advanced – go to advanced options (noise reduction, hardware acceleration, etc.).

The rest of the points are not so interesting to us.

Now open the “Sound” section .

Here you can check if you can hear (microphone) well and if your speakers are working and adjust the volume. If you click on the “Advanced” button , the processing effects will appear: noise suppression and echo.

And finally, visit the “Keyboard shortcuts” section . It contains all sorts of combinations to control the broadcast (mute the microphone, webcam, change plans, and so on).It’s time to figure out how to connect to an online conference.


When you launch the PC Client Zoom, you will only see 2 buttons. The first one, as you might guess, is intended for entering an already existing conference. And no account is required for this.

The second is more interesting ( “Enter” ). It is needed to log in to an account that you can create for free. This will provide the following options:

  • Additional profile settings.
  • Launch your own video conferencing (free).
  • Switching to a paid plan.
  • Access to technical support of the service.
  • And much more.

If you need something from this list, then read our instructions for registering a Zoom account. It is presented in a separate article .

And here we will analyze the methods of connecting to existing conferences, of which there are only two.

The first of them is that the organizer (or an authorized participant) can send a link to join the conversation, for example, in some messenger or social network. Open it and agree to launch the required application.

In the new window, enter a name of your choice and confirm the connection.

In the second case, you need to know the conference ID and password for access. Click on the blue button in the Zoom client.And then fill in all the fields one by one and click “Login” . Do the same with the password and confirm the connection.


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