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According to official statistics, Windows 7 still remains in the top three most popular operating systems for computers and laptops, although it is far from the newest and outdated in some respects. Developers understand that such an impressive audience cannot be ignored by adding its support to their programs. The Zoom platform for online conferencing is no exception. This article will show you how to download Zoom Cloud Meetings free for Windows 7 . But we will analyze not only the installation procedure, but also the nuances of using the program.


The installation instructions are pretty simple. Follow the suggested algorithm:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of our article and click on the “Download …” button .
  2. Click on the highlighted item below the Zoom Meeting Client block .
  3. Run the file you just downloaded called ZoomInstaller. exe .

In principle, the installation itself is now complete. The Zoom client will automatically open. Most likely, the launch shortcut will not appear on the desktop. Find it will come out in the Start menu , in the All Programs list :

Nuances of use

For starters, it makes sense to set up audio and video. For this:

  1. Open Zoom if it doesn’t work right now.
  2. Next, in the Windows tray, right-click on the blue camera icon.
  3. In the menu that opens, select the “Settings …”
  4.  item .Visit the Video tab .
  5. Change the camera settings (aspect ratio, picture flip, HD high quality, etc.). There is also an option “Touch up my appearance” , designed to programmatically improve your face through various effects.
  6. The Advanced section contains additional options.
  7. Now go to the Sound tab .
  8. Make sure that the microphone and speakers are working properly, and yours can be heard well (two “Test” buttons ).
  9. Adjust the volume levels if necessary.
  10. And finally, open the “Keyboard Shortcuts” .

From here you can learn useful combinations that will certainly come in handy when communicating or participating in conferences. And it is to him that we will now turn.



The Zoom welcome window consists of two buttons. The purpose of the first is more than obvious, but the second is needed to log into your account. So, registration on this platform is optional . It is needed only in a number of cases:

  • Detailed profile setting.
  • Organization of your own conferences.
  • Making a paid subscription.
  • Priority support.
  • Etc.

If you still need a personal account on the Zoom platform, then register it according to our instructions .

But the connection to the conference is not included in this list; it will be possible to do this without an account, and in two different ways.

First way:

  1. Open a special link in a browser that the organizer will send.
  2. Agree to launch the required application.
  3. Set a name that other participants will see.
  4. Click on the blue button.
    1. Wait for permission to connect.

Second way:

    1. Open the Zoom client on your PC.
    2. Click LMB on the “Enter conference” item .
    3. In the top box, enter its identifier.
    4. In the column below – your name.
    5. Mute audio or video if desired.
    6. Click on “Login” .
    7. When prompted, enter the password and click on the login button again.

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