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The age of Windows XP is approaching 20 years because it was released back in 2001. This indicates the extreme degree of obsolescence of the operating system. But still, it still works well on weak computers and laptops, and their owners are in no hurry to update. This is also taken into account by software developers, for example, the creators of the Zoom platform for online conferences. They still support this operating system. So, installing Zoom for Windows XP will come out without any problems, but with some caveats.


The official website lists the minimum system requirements:

  • Single-core processor with a frequency of 1 GHz.
  • The operating system version is no older than Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (marked as SP3 ).

First, check if your computer or laptop is Zoom compatible. To do this:

  1. Open “My Computer”.
  2. Right-click on an empty space.
  3. In the context menu, click on the “Properties” item.
  4. The System Properties window will open. In it, make sure that the current version of Windows ( Service Pack 3 ) is installed, and the processor is powerful enough.

Most likely, there shouldn’t be any compatibility problems. So let’s go directly to the installation.

Installation procedure

The latest version of Zoom on Windows XP is not supported. So an older version of the program is offered on the official website for users of this operating system.

Download instructions:

  1. Follow the link
  2. Click on the highlighted button at the top of the page that appears:
  3.  Save the file with the distinctive name ZoomInstallerXP. exe.
  4.  Open it immediately afterward.
  5. The rest of the procedure will be performed automatically, the installation window will immediately close, and the program will start itself. In the future, you can open it from the Start menu:


The user will see two buttons in the Zoom welcome window:

  • The first is for connecting to an existing conference. You can also do this using a special link that the creator will send.
  • And the second is for logging into your account.

So, the program itself can be used without registration, but only as a conference participant. Just click on the first button, enter your ID, your nickname, and click “Login”.

And then confirm the entrance with a password (the creator of the conference will also provide it).

Well, if you need additional features of the Zoom platform, then create an account. Detailed registration instructions are given here.


Owners of older computers and laptops don’t have to worry if Zoom works on Windows XP or not. The program developers still support this operating system. But here it is worth understanding that it can function intermittently because of the recommended system requirements:

  • The dual-core processor is no weaker than the Intel Core i3.
  • The amount of random access memory (RAM) is at least 4 GB.

So small freezes, while you are sitting in a video conference, can occur. There are other problems as well:

  • Poor video quality.
  • Lagging, interruption, and stuttering of sound.
  • Drop-in system performance.

For the time of communication in Zoom, we recommend that you close other programs, including the browser. This will greatly improve overall performance and avoid many problems.

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