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Access to video conferencing at the Zoom site for computers and laptops is carried out through a special program that requires installation. It is available for Windows, Mac OS and various Linux builds. But there is also a way to enter Zoom through a browser . In fact, it looks like an online application, as in various messengers, for example, Telegram Web. But in this case, there are several important nuances. Let’s deal with everything in a little more detail.

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In the Zoom for PC program and in the mobile application, joining the conference is possible without registering an account on the site. In the case of using the web version, this procedure is necessary in any case. So if you haven’t created an account yet, then use this instruction and return to this article. We will analyze separately the instructions for connecting to an online conversation, creating it, as well as using the browser extension.

Connection to the conference

To sign in to Zoom through a browser, visit , enter your account credentials and click on the blue button.


There are two ways to connect:

  • Through a dedicated link.
  • Through the connection ID.

The first way is that the conference organizer can send you a link to enter, for example, in some social network or messenger. Open it in the same Internet browser where you signed in to your account. You may be prompted to launch the Zoom Meetings app, then refuse. Click once on the “click here” sign and again refuse any offers if they appear. Immediately after a gray inscription will appear with an active link “connect from a browser” , click on it.On the new page, change your name if necessary, and then click “Login”

After a few seconds, you will connect to the conversation

The second way is somewhat less convenient:

  1. Visit .
  2. Enter the conference ID, which you can check with the organizer.
  3. Click on the “Login” button .
  4. As in the previous case, refuse to start the program, click on the inscription “click here” , and then on “connect from …”
  5. Provide a password, if required, and your name.
  6. Click the “Login” button .
  7. Wait for the connection.

Creation procedure

Zoom Web allows you to not only connect to meetings, but also create them. For this:

  1. Go to .
  2. Sign in to your account if you haven’t already.
  3. Now hover your mouse over the “Organize …” text at the top of the page.
  4. Choose one of the available options. In the conversation itself, the video availability and screen sharing can be adjusted.
  5. If you have the Zoom program installed on your computer or laptop, the system will offer to launch it. Then give it up.
  6. Click on the “click here” caption highlighted in blue.
  7. If the window with the opening of Zoom Meetings appears again, then refuse again.
  8. As a result, new text will appear. In it, click on the link “start from browser” .

The broadcast will start immediately, you just have to configure everything and invite participants:

  1. Click LMB on the “Manage …” button
  2. Click on “Invite” .
  3. Select Copy URL .
  4. Send the copied link to other people and wait for them to join.

Using a browser extension

An extension for scheduling and creating online conferences has been released specifically for the Internet browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But in this case, too, a Zoom account is required.

Download links:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mazila Firefox

The installation procedure is identical in both cases:

  1. Follow the link you need for your browser.
  2. Click on the download button.
  3. Confirm the procedure.
  4. Close the store page.

The icon for launching the add-on will appear in the “Toolbar” area, which is located to the right of the address bar of the browser. Click on not to open the main menu. You will be immediately prompted to sign in to your account. Enter your email address in the upper field, your password in the lower field, and then click on the Sign in button .

This will open the control menu. The Schedule a Meeting button is needed to schedule a conference (via Google Calendar or similar service). But it can also be created immediately. For this:

  1. Hover your mouse over Start a Meeting .
  2. Select With Video Off if you don’t need a webcam initially. Otherwise – With Video On .
  3. On a new browser page, stop launching Zoom if it appears.
  4. Click on “click here” several times until “start from browser” appears . In this case, click on it already.

The way to invite participants is the same as in the previous case.

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