Enable hardware acceleration In Zoom? What the hell is that?

There is an item in Zoom’s video settings that says “Enable Hardware Acceleration”, right?
Whether to turn this on or off is an important setting that greatly affects the operation of Zoom, depending on the computer.

The item “Enable Hardware Acceleration” in Zoom’s video settings.

What the hell is this?

I don’t know, so which one is fine? People who are not conscious of this sometimes have the following troubles due to this.

  • When I turn on the video, the image freezes immediately.
  • When I turn on the video, Zoom itself quits.
  • I can exchange sounds, but I can’t see the video.
  • The image looks like a mosaic.
  • The white part of the image turns gray.
  • The movement of the image is jerky and not slippery.


A personal computer has a component called a CPU (Central Processing Unit) .

In the human body, it is the part that corresponds to the brain.

The CPU is a component that performs all the calculation processing in a personal computer, such as the processing when the keyboard is pressed, the processing when the mouse is moved, and the processing when the software is started or used.

However, if you impose complicated calculations on the CPU, the CPU will be too busy and the processing of the personal computer will be slow.


Then, let’s leave only the video processing, which is relatively simple and requires a large amount of processing, to other parts! The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) was conceived as

The GPU is the component responsible for video processing, but it is not responsible for such complicated calculation processing.

The GPU is in charge of a large amount of graphics-related processing such as video playback and 3D image processing, which is a great help for the CPU.


Let’s leave Zoom video processing to this GPU! That’s the check to “enable hardware acceleration”.

However, if you check “Enable Hardware Acceleration” on a computer that does not have a GPU, a problem will occur.


that? I can hear the voice but the image does not appear, is the image a little strange? If you think so, uncheck “Enable Hardware Acceleration” and restart Zoom.

So it can be improved.


Also, if “Enable Hardware Acceleration” is checked and it works without any problem, it is better to check here for faster video processing.


In fact, Google Chrome also has a setting for whether to use hardware acceleration.

In the case of Google Chrome, it says “Use if available”, so I think it’s okay to leave it ON.

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