Enabling users to add and share their pronouns in zoom app

In case the account owner or admin is in charge of your account, you can enable the Pronouns feature in the account settings page so that your users can add pronouns to their user profiles and selectively share them during meetings that they are hosting or attending, as well as webinars that they are either hosting or discussing during their roles as hosts or panelists. Unless an account owner or admin maps the pronoun information through SSO, only users themselves are able to add pronouns to their profile.

All account types except for free accounts, accounts with a single licensed user, and accounts with multiple licensed users have the Pronouns feature disabled by default and must be enabled at the account level by the account owner or admin.

Note: Learn how you can add your pronouns to your user profile if you have a free Basic account or if you have a single license, and share them during meetings and webinars with your colleagues.

Prerequisites for enabling users to enter and share their pronouns

  • Client for Zoom on the desktop

    • Windows: The latest version of 5.7.0 is required

    • MacOS: The latest version of the application is 5.7.0 or later

    • Linux: If you have version 5.7.0 or higher, please install it

  • App Zoom for Android and iOS

    • Android: If you are using 57.0 or higher, click here.

    • IOS: Version 5.7.0 or a later one is recommended

  • Workspaces and rooms for Zoom

    • Windows: The version must be at least 5.9.0

    • MacOS: It is recommended to use at least version 5.9.0

    • Appliances: The minimum version is 5.9.0

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How to allow users on your account to enter and share pronouns

If you want all users in your account to have the Pronouns feature enabled:

  1. You need to be an admin user with permission to edit account settings in the Zoom web portal.

  2. Click on Account Management in the navigation panel, followed by Account Settings in the Account Management section.

  3. To access the Meeting tab, click on it.

  4. If you click the toggle under Admin Options, you will be able to enable the user to enter and share pronouns.

  5. In the event that a confirmation dialog appears, click Enable to confirm the changes have been made.

It is possible for your users to enter their pronoun information directly into your application, or you can map pronouns from your Identity Provider (IdP) using the SAML mapping process once the feature has been enabled. A user logging in to Zoom with SSO, for example, will see a list of their pronouns mapped to their Zoom user profile automatically, for example, if his IDP supports a pronouns field. Learn how simple SAML mapping can be used to add pronoun information through the addition of information about pronouns.