Enhanced Zoom Connector for SIP/H.323 devices


From the 18th of January, new accounts with a Cloud Room Connector license will have access to the new API Room Connector for SIP/H.323 devices when they are provisioned with Cloud Room Connector licenses. After January 18, if you were provisioned a CRC license on your account, you can use the enhanced room provisioning and management instructions to manage and deploy new rooms.

There has been an architectural update to the Zoom Cloud Room Connector (CRC) management system as a part of the Zoom Connector Enhancement program. In an effort to make the current system more scalable, enable new features, and make the web application framework of Zoom more consistent, the current system has been rebuilt.

Our CRC Interop Service is responsible for the following: Registering and configuring any SIP/H.323 devices (e.g. Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, etc.) that can be used to join Zoom Meetings, managing the device experience inside the meeting, and using one-touch calendar integration to join meetings quickly and easily.

The Zoom Connector has been updated to take advantage of OAuth authentication for Calendar Integration, and it is recommended that customers planning to prepare for Microsoft’s retirement of Basic Authentication should migrate to the updated connector as soon as possible.

Here is how you can access the enhanced Zoom Connector

Zoom now offers an enhanced SIP/H.323 Connector as a complimentary update to customers using the legacy API Connector. To request access, please contact Customer Support. Once you have configured your devices for the enhanced connector, you can migrate them from the web portal once they are configured.


As a result, if you only wish to migrate a few of the SIP/H.323 devices in your account, you will need to create another API Connector for this purpose. Please contact Customer Support for more information.

Additional features and enhancements

Improved interface-

It is now possible to manage devices more effectively by using the new management interface, which is easier to use and more comprehensive.

Restart API connectors remotely-

There is no remote restart capability with the enhanced API connector, whereas the current room management API connector is required to be restarted locally within the web portal.

Admins of a Zoom account can use this information to troubleshoot issues when they do not have access to the local device or virtual machine on which the API connector is running, and particularly when they do not have access to the local device or virtual machine.

Unified calendar integration-

Enhanced Zoom Connector makes use of an automated calendar integration API, which can be used to aggregate and manage calendar integration services that can be used for SIP/H.323 and Zoom Room integration services. The following steps can be taken to improve calendar integration with SIP/H.323 rooms:

  • Provides an interface for adding and managing the calendar services and resources associated with SIP/H.323 rooms without the need to add the calendar mailbox address first
  • Support for OAuth authorization for Office 365/Exchange and Google Calendar
  • Integration for the purposes of impersonation using Office 365/Exchange Calendar
  • in order to sync the calendar resources automatically

Mute sync with Cisco and Poly devices-

With the enhanced Room Connector API, Zoom meeting interfaces can now sync mute/unmute controls to a Cisco or Poly SIP/H.323 device that is connected to the Zoom meeting interface/Cloud Room Connector. Zoom’s audio status will be synced with the mute status of the participants in the room if they use the remote or local interface to mute the device, and the reverse is true as well.

API Connector Scalability-

API Connector was enhanced to enable better scalability while utilizing fewer virtual machines in order to allow users to manage up to 200 devices per API Connector.

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