Error code 105305 spit out by Zoom

At the time of the organizer seminar, a student tried to share the screen but could not.
At that time, what appeared on the screen was error code: 105035. I
immediately contacted the Zoom headquarters.

Error code 105035 is displayed when sharing the screen

At the organizer’s seminar, a student tried to share the screen but couldn’t do it at all.

The cursor goes into a standby state and does not proceed from there.

After trying several times, the error code: 105035 was displayed.

It’s unusual for me to get an error code when using Zoom.

At that time, I didn’t know the cause at all, and after the seminar, I contacted Zoom’s support center via chat.

I told them that error code 105035 was displayed when sharing the screen, and after a while, I got an answer.


Since the cause is that the version of Zoom is old, I want you to uninstall Zoom once, download Zoom, and reinstall it.

First, uninstall the app. The method of uninstalling depends on whether it is Windows or Mac, so please google it.


You can download the latest version of Zoom here.

⇒ Zoom Download Center

Now, download and install the “Zoom Client for Meetings”.


Participants of the organizer seminar who could not share the screen seemed to be improved by simply updating to the latest version without uninstalling or downloading.

Zoom has frequent updates, so be sure to check for updates each time you use it.

How to check and update Zoom updates

On the Zoom startup screen, click ▼ to the right of the name

Select Check for Updates.

If there is an update, the message “A new version of Zoom is available.” Is displayed.

Here, click “Update Now”.

The download will start.

From here, the installation will be done automatically.

When Zoom starts, the update is complete.


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