Error: ‘User Authentication Failed, Reason: No user account found in the system In Webex (3)’

Error: Authentication of the user failed for the following reasons: The system has not found any user accounts (3).

The host account cannot be accessed due to error code 3.

Error code 3 is preventing me from logging into my Webex host account.

In this case, the user authentication process failed, with the reason being that there was no user account in the system (3). Generally, a page will display an error if one of the following conditions is met:

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  • When a user tries to authenticate using SSO, it fails

  • There is no user named user in the system for which the request has been made

  • There is no option to create an account automatically


To fix the issue:

  • The user should be added to the company’s active directory as soon as possible. You can contact the helpdesk of your company for more information.

  • In Cisco Webex Meetings Site Administration, ensure that auto account creation has been enabled. Make sure you consult with your site administrator for Cisco Webex Meetings before proceeding.

The Technical Support team can assist you further if you need it.

  • WBX162 – How Do I Contact Webex Customer Service or Technical Support?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSO protocol error?

” An error message stating that the SSO Protocol error has occurred can appear for users who don’t have a meeting license and are added to a WebEx site which has enabled the SSO feature.

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