Even officeless people have close communication. This is a remote work tool

I think that there are many companies and organizations that are considering introducing remote work.

Among them, the first thing to think about is some people may be wondering how to start remote work.

In that case, it is a good idea to first touch the business tools required for remote work.

Above all, the chat tool and the Web meeting tool for communication are the ones you can’t miss when doing remote work.

If you keep these two down, you can start remote work.

In this article, I will explain what tools are included in remote work as actual examples, and what tools should be introduced when starting remote work.

What kind of tools do you need for remote work?

Before talking about recommended remote work tools, let’s first list what remote work tools are used by companies and organizations implementing remote work.

Types of tools used for remote work and work from home

  • Chat tools
  • Web meeting tools
  • Task management tools
  • Attendance management tool
  • online storage
  • Project management tools

This area is common. However, if you are considering introducing remote work from now on, it is not necessary to have all of them.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you hold down these two “chat tools” and “web meeting tools”, there will be no problem.

Although various services recommend using task management tools, we recommend that you first introduce them in stages.

Even if you have many tools, it is difficult to use them.

There are free and paid tools in the world, but there are differences in performance and capabilities.

First of all, it is good to use it step by step so that the initial investment does not become a burden when starting remote work.

Contents of each tool

at toolsYou can communicate in real time using devices such as PCs and smartphones. You can also send and share files.
Web meeting toolsA tool for gathering from a PC or smartphone in a virtual conference room set up online to hold a meeting
Task management toolsA tool that lists tasks (tasks) that must be done and assigns them to individuals/groups for management
Attendance management toolMake it possible to visualize and manage tasks online from start to finish, as well as breaks and early leave
online storageData such as materials and images are stored in a space (storage) provided online, and each can access, use and share
Project management toolsIn addition to the function of the task management tool, it manages the progress, schedule, and information in the team, and the management tool for efficiently proceeding the project.

Slack recommended for business chat

Now, what kind of tool should you actually prepare? Let’s prepare the business chat tool and the web meeting tool first.

If you have these two, you can start remote work immediately.

Slack is recommended as a business chat tool.

What is Slack

Slack is a business chat tool that was released in the US in 2013 and is now used in more than 100 countries around the world.

Even in Japan, it is used by more than 500,000 people, mainly IT companies, and is expected to continue to grow.

Features of Slack

Here’s a summary of why Slack is being adopted by so many companies.

  • Communicate smoothly in real time, either one-to-one or one-to-many
  • Can be used on any device or medium such as PC, smartphone, tablet
  • The excellent search function allows you to quickly search for messages, files, etc.
  • Feel free to share images, videos, document files, any kind of data
  • Since it can be linked with other business tools, more than one seamless tool is possible
  • Highly customizable and original, and can be used freely

It seems that the hurdle is high when asked about the tools used by IT companies, but in reality it is very easy to use and easy to understand, so even people who are not familiar with IT are safe.

You can start with a free plan, so it’s a good idea to try Slack first.

Zoom is recommended for web meeting tools

In the introduction of remote work, the web meeting tool is required next to the chat tool.

This allows you to hold online meetings and regular meetings that were previously held with participants in the meeting room.

This allows you to participate in regular meetings and morning meetings during remote work, enabling close communication.

Of course, you can have a meeting with an external client not only inside the company but also during remote work.

What is Zoom

Zoom is another web meeting tool that was released in the US in 2011 and is currently used by more than 1 million people worldwide.

It is highly rated for its simple operation, superior communication and stability compared to other conventional tools.

Zoom features

Like Slack, Zoom has summarized the features.

Operability for easy web conferencing

  • Can be used regardless of device or medium such as PC, smartphone, tablet
  • Participants can enter the meeting simply by clicking the meeting ID or the participation URL
  • Although the data itself is light, it is difficult to be interrupted by high quality communication
  • Can be linked with business tools such as Slack
  • Many functions such as file sharing, document sharing, and whiteboard function can be used

I’m sure some people think that it’s a videophone when it comes to Web meeting tools, but as you can see when you actually use Zoom, it’s a completely different thing.

Multiple conversations such as videophones are just group conversations.

However, Web meeting tools are attractive in that they can talk while sharing materials or work in collaboration with other business tools.

In that respect, Zoom is a fairly complete tool, so it’s safe to introduce it with confidence.

Other service systems that you want to install with Slack or Zoom

If you’re just starting out with remote work, as I mentioned earlier, I recommend using the Business Chat and Web Meeting tools first.

At that time, I recommended Slack and Zoom, but I will introduce them because there are convenient services at the same time.

By using these services and systems at the same time, remote work using Slack or Zoom will be smooth and convenient.

After mastering these, I think it’s a good idea to try task management tools and attendance management tools.

Google Drive or Dropbox

Google drive and Dropbox are free services.

So-called online storage service. You can save not only photo data and text data but also various kinds of data online.

These two services are recommended as they can be used for free up to a certain amount of data.

As for usage, it is convenient to share data of Google Drive and Dropbox by chat, save whiteboard data used in Zoom, and review it later.

These can be linked, so let’s link if you are familiar with Slack and Zoom.

Google calendar

Google Calendar is also a free service, so I definitely want to use it.

For remote work, you have to manage the schedule yourself.

In such a case, if you prepare a Google calendar and set an alert for the specified time, Slack will remind you.

Furthermore, if you have a Zoom meeting scheduled at a specified time, you will not be mistaken if you forget the meeting because an alert comes in Slack 30 minutes ago.

First of all, a summary of the tools to be introduced when introducing remote work

How was that.

This time, I talked about what kind of tools are needed for remote work, and what tools should be prepared if remote work is actually introduced.

In conclusion, with Slack and Zoom, you can communicate with employees who work from home at the same level of communication as when you are at the office, or even closer.



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