Expand your seminar delivery with Zoom screen sharing

By the way, Zoom has a function called screen sharing, but are you using it?

It is no exaggeration to say that this screen sharing is an indispensable function when delivering seminars etc. on Zoom.

Since I often pass through all the time, this time I will deliver all the things related to this screen sharing.

Please see this screen first.


This screen is the screen after entering the room with the microphone and video turned off.

I think there is a button called screen sharing in the middle of the bar below, so let’s click it.

Clicking Share Screen will bring up a screen where you can select the screen you want to share the screen with.


Usually, what appears in the upper left is what you see on the screen and share it as it is for distribution.

However, although it is Desktop 1 in this screenshot, please note that it may be written differently depending on the terminal.

Other than that, there is a function to share a blank white screen by selecting what you want to display from the whiteboard or the window of the application that is currently open.

If you check Share computer audio in the lower left, the sound from the device being shared will be shared with everyone.

It’s a good idea to check this when sharing video materials and other videos.

Optimize for full screen video clips Try turning it on when sharing video in full screen.

If you don’t use video clips, you don’t need to turn them on, and you shouldn’t.

Let’s share the whole normal screen this time.

If it is my screen, select Desktop 1 and click Share on the lower right screen .

Yes, the whole screen is shared like this.


The shared area is surrounded by a green line.

For example, if you open Google here, the Google screen will be displayed on the customer’s screen in the same way if you select another application.


Basically, just move the slide show while sharing the screen, and it will be a great seminar.

It should be noted that in the end the screen sharing Stop Sharing , please stop sharing from.

If you just want to stop sharing, you can also press the pause button for screen sharing .

If you share the screen, let’s make it a higher-grade seminar with the comment insertion function

Did you share the screen with the previous procedure? But let’s make it even easier here.

That is the comment insertion function.


Select Add a comment .

By selecting, you will be able to enter characters and mark on the screen currently being shared .

Yes, it’s called comment insertion, but it doesn’t just allow you to insert additional characters .

If you add annotations to the materials during the seminar, you can hold a seminar that is easier to understand.

I would like to introduce some points.

Insert text

This button allows you to enter text.

There will be a field in the document where you can insert a comment, so enter your text there.

draw a picture


If you press this button, it will change to the mode where you can draw a picture.

Click here to increase the toolbar below, so select the one you want to use from here and draw freely.




To delete the content written by inserting a comment, click here.



You can draw a line and display characters like this.

It will be easier to understand if you use it when distributing seminar materials such as PowerPoint.

Remotely control the other party’s computer using Zoom’s screen sharing

Screen sharing has other uses besides seminars.

That is where you can remotely control your computer.

The method is simple, and this time, ask the customer to share the screen.

Then, let’s select remote control in that state.

Then you will be able to operate the mouse and keyboard on the customer side.

In this state, clicks and character inputs are reflected on the other party’s PC, so there is no need to issue operation instructions one by one, for example, when you want the customer to log in to some management screen and show a work example. So you can go smoothly.

Then, when it comes to the actual feeling of remote operation, there is a slight lag, but it can be said that it is within the allowable range.

I have used multiple software such as pcAnywhere for corporate terminals, remote desktops, and TeamViewer for external PCs to support PC operations with different operating systems.

However, among them, the remote control from Zoom’s screen sharing is also excellent in terms of functionality in the sense that it can be operated while interacting.


In this way, screen sharing can be used not only to show the other party what you have prepared, but also to show the other party’s status.

And it is a bonus that you can operate even the terminal.

It can be said that it is an indispensable function for seminar-type broadcasting, so please make full use of screen sharing and expand the range of online business.


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