Explain how to hold a Zoom webinar! What are the benefits of introducing tools?

Recently, an increasing number of companies are using Webinar as a tool for product briefings, company training, and interviews.

Webinars are also called online seminars and webinars by delivering seminar videos on the Internet.

Webinars have various merits, but I think many people are worried because they do not know how to install or operate.

Here, we explain how to use webinars, how to use them, and the merits of introducing them.

We also introduce a webinar system recommended for corporate use, so if you are interested in the way of the webinar, please refer to it.

How to choose a webinar and tools

There are many types of webinar tools, so you should choose the one that has the function that suits your purpose.

First, let’s take a closer look at the basic steps and ways to implement a webinar, and how to choose a webinar tool.

Purpose of introducing a webinar

When considering introducing a webinar, start by thinking about the purpose of the webinar.

For example, when using it for product and service briefing sessions, it is necessary to create seminar videos that target customers and lead to product purchase and service contracts.

In addition, when using it for company training or interviews, it is required to create seminar videos that can be repeatedly distributed.

For purposes such as in-house meetings, meeting tools may be preferable to webinars.

It is important to set targets and goals as concretely as possible because the method of selecting tools and the method of operation will change depending on the purpose of the webinar.

Webinar Tool Selection

Once you have a webinar purpose set, choose from a wealth of webinar tools that fit your purpose.

When conducting a webinar for customers, it is recommended to use tools that have communication functions such as chats and surveys.

It would also be good if there were functions useful for marketing such as data analysis.

On the other hand, for internal use, a tool that has functions such as recording function and scheduled distribution such as repeated seminar distribution is convenient.

We recommend that you choose an existing device that can be used without the need for a dedicated device, as this will reduce costs.

The maximum number of participants and the time that can be delivered in one seminar will vary depending on the contracted plan.

A well-defined purpose will facilitate the selection of the required functions and plans.

It’s also important to compare prices and features across multiple tools, not just one.

There are many tools that can use the demo version, so please try the method and decide the tool to introduce.

Preparing the delivery environment

An internet environment is required to host a webinar.

Since video distribution has a large capacity, it is important to create a stable communication environment so that audio and video are not interrupted.

If you want to improve the quality of audio and video, you should stick to the attached microphone and webcam.

There are two types of webinar tools, one that uses a dedicated device and the other that downloads a dedicated system to an existing device.

If you include a microphone and a webcam, the installation cost will increase, so if you want to keep costs down, a download-type tool is recommended.

Conducting a webinar

There are two ways to deliver the webinar: real-time delivery (live delivery) and recorded delivery.

If you want to communicate through comments, etc., we recommend real-time delivery.

Q&A can be done on the spot, giving you the feeling of being in an offline seminar.

It is convenient to record and save the in-house training videos as they may be used repeatedly.

If you want to ask and answer questions, one way is to do “pseudo live distribution” such as chatting while distributing the recorded video.

After holding the webinar, let’s look back and see if there is any improvement in the method or distribution content.

We also recommend conducting a survey to collect the opinions of the participants.

Benefits of holding a seminar online

What are the benefits of using a webinar for marketing, training, and interviews?

Next, we will introduce the advantages of webinars that are not available in offline seminars.

Holding costs can be suppressed

One of the major benefits of adopting a webinar is that the cost of events and training can be reduced.

When holding product and service presentations offline, various preparations such as reservations for venues and staff arrangements are required.

The transportation costs for traveling on the day and the printing costs for the materials to be distributed will never be cheap.

If it is a webinar, it is not necessary to prepare a venue, and it is possible to easily deliver from a meeting room in the company.

You don’t have to pay for transportation, and you don’t have to print the materials because they are completed by data sharing.

We can expect an increase in the rate of attracting customers and closing rates

Offline seminars require a visit to a specific venue and are primarily targeted towards those living near the venue.

On the other hand, theĀ webinar can participate from anywhere as long as there is an internet environment, so it is possible to attract customers both domestically and internationally.

Webinars also benefit from the ability to use comments and surveys to solve customer questions and collect feedback.

Repeating webinars and strengthening relationships with customers will be the key to success.

How do webinars work?

Webinars have different characteristics than offline seminars, so it is necessary to change the method and contents delivered.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at some tips for effective webinar delivery.

Creating content that does not stress participants

In the case of webinars, participants’ evaluations vary greatly depending on the image quality of the camera and the sound quality of the microphone.

Participants will be stressed if the video or audio is interrupted or noise is added on the way.

When holding a webinar, it is important to pay attention to the surrounding environment and the condition of the equipment.

In addition, participants in the webinar are basically just watching what the organizer is talking about.

Participants may leave if a monotonous image continues, so the point is to change the screen, such as displaying a document image.

It is also recommended that participants can take action, such as putting a question and answer time at important points.

Focus on attracting customers in advance

Unlike traditional seminars, webinars do not require a venue.

While the cost can be kept down, it also has the disadvantage of not being able to use the method of attracting customers such as notices and leaflets at the venue.

Therefore, when gathering participants for a webinar, it will be important to announce it on the web such as SNS and blogs.


  • When introducing a webinar, it is necessary to clarify the purpose and target
  • Delivery methods differ depending on the application, such as real-time delivery and recorded delivery
  • It is important to create a webinar that will keep participants from getting tired

The content of the webinar needs to be well crafted, but the webinar itself is easy.


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