Finding a Zoom Meeting Password

The Zoom platform provides two options for how to connect to a video conference: open a link from the organizer or use the meeting ID. And in the second one, the user may need a password. You simply won’t be able to enter without it. And it’s not entirely clear where to find this information. In this article, we will explain how to find the password for a Zoom meeting .


In fact, there are no tricks in this matter. It is enough to check with the organizer or another participant of the online meeting for the connection code. That is, it is visible to all users who are there.

In the case of a PC client, Zoom will view it as follows:

  1. Hover the cursor over the running program window to bring up the controls.
  2. Next, left-click on the white “round” in the upper left corner. There will still be a green lock icon next to it.
  3. Look at the marked box:
  4. Tell or write the code to the person who needs it.

And it’s even easier to find out information in the mobile application. It is enough to tap on the screen in the video conference window and look at the two inscriptions above.

For some reason, the developers did not provide a way to find out the access code for the web version of the service that works in the browser.

In principle, you can opt out of using a password to connect to an Internet conversation in Zoom. There are two solutions for this:

  • Use of special invitation links.
  • Disable the need to enter a code in the conference settings.

First solution

Instructions for PC and mobile devices:

  1. Click on the “Participants” button in the video meeting window .
  2. Then – on the “Invite” button .
  3. Select the “Copy URL” option .
  4. Send a message with the link you just received to the right person. This can be done through a messenger, social network or any other means of communication.
  5. Wait for the user to open it and connect.

Second solution

If desired, the conference organizer can disable the password altogether. That is, to enter, participants will only need to specify an identifier, wait for the connection and permission to enter, if the waiting room is active.

For information on setting up this function for all versions of Zoom, see our article “Zoom – conference without a password” .



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