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he theme of this time is …

Let’s post the meeting (seminar) held at Zoom on YouTube.

I’ve written that Zoom is easy to record in various places, and that it’s easy to use what you’ve recorded as video content.

So how do you actually use it?

We will show you how to record Zoom and upload it to YouTube in the first part and the second part.

When recording a Zoom meeting with a Zoom free account

If you have a Zoom Free account, you can save your recordings to your local computer (the device you are using).

There are two patterns for starting recording.

You can either press the recording start button during the meeting to record from any time, or turn on the automatic recording function when scheduling the meeting.

With automatic recording, simply check the location on the next screen when scheduling a meeting, and it will be recorded automatically as soon as the meeting starts.


To record during a meeting, simply click Record during the meeting.


In addition, when recording starts, the following mark indicating recording will be added to the bar.


If you want to stop recording, the same place as when you started recording has changed to stop recording, so just click on it.


Then, when the Zoom meeting is over, click End Meeting, then End Meeting for Everyone.

You can also press the end of the meeting suddenly without stopping the recording.

Recording will stop without permission.

When the end of the meeting is completed, the conversion work in Zoom will start immediately after the end as shown below, so wait until it reaches 100%.


When the conversion work is completed, the following alert to select the save destination will appear.


Don’t forget to save it here.

If you forget to save it, the video will disappear.

The file is in the location you specified here, so don’t forget where you put it.


If you open the save destination folder, multiple files will be created like this.

The video content is only the one with the extension ” .mp4 “, so we will use this.

Notes on recording with a Zoom Free account

There are some things to keep in mind when recording with your Zoom Free account.

That is, it is not possible to record from a mobile terminal.

Please note that no matter how much free space you have on your device, you cannot save it.

Therefore, only PCs (Windows and Mac) can record.

When recording a Zoom meeting with a Zoom paid account

If you have a paid Zoom account, you can use something reassuring.

Yes, it’s cloud recording.

In addition to saving the device used in the free version, you can choose to save to the cloud (Zoom server), so “Oh !! I’ve done it !!” is almost eliminated.

Because if you select automatic recording in the cloud, recording will start without permission, and when it finishes, it will be saved without permission.

The method of saving the device is the same as the free account above, so I will omit it, and here I will mainly explain how to save it in the cloud.

There are also two patterns for starting recording even with a paid account.

You can either press the recording start button during the meeting to record from any time, or turn on the automatic recording function when scheduling the meeting.

If you want to start automatic recording, check Auto recording in the cloud and schedule the meeting in the same way.


The operation of voluntary recording of the meeting is the same as for a free account, so I will omit it.

Well, this is the end of the meeting.

Please end the meeting.

Unlike a free account, conversion work does not come out.

Because it is cloud recording, it does it without permission.

And you don’t have to choose the save destination from here.

Download cloud-recorded video content

Video content saved in the cloud can be downloaded at any time (*).

* Please note that cloud recording has a storage capacity limit.

Download the recording as follows.

After signing in to Zoom, select Record from the menu on the left.


Then you will find the most recent recording at the top.


It’s like this.

This is because I moved to this page immediately after recording.

The point is that you are doing the conversion work here.


In that case, please wait for a while and click the refresh button of your browser.

The screen changes to a downloadable screen.


If you want to download, select Download from Other and save.

If you are using the Chrome browser, it is downloaded directly to your download folder.

Also saved in .mp4 format

After downloading the video, delete it by deleting it to secure the capacity of the cloud.

Summary so far

How was that?

Since it has become longer, I will cut it once when the video data is ready.

This continuation is scheduled to be added on 9/29, so please wait.


Once you use the paid version of cloud recording, you will be captivated by its ease of use.

That said, the free version of saving to a local device is not bad, so you can feel free to use it.

The data recorded by Zoom has a lighter capacity, so it is also very easy to handle.

In the next article, I will explain the procedure for uploading this video data to YouTube.


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