Guidelines for getting Start on the Windows and macOS with Zoom application


 Zoom in unified cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution provides a better video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experience across multiple platforms. Follow this article to learn about the basic characteristics of the narrow clients for Windows and Mac.



  • Zoom desktop client for Windows or macOS


This article applies to: 

  • Log in 
  • Home 
  •  chat 
  • phone 
  • Session 
  • Contact 
  • In the meeting controls 
  • More 


Sign in and join

After the release, the zoom, click on join a meeting without signing in. If you want to log in, start, or book your private session, please click on the logo.

Sign in

Log in to use your magnifying glass, Google, or Facebook account. You can also log in with SSO. If you do not have an account, please click on the flag, free of charge. If you have a narrowing of the account but do not remember your password, please click forgot. 

Sign in



 After landing, you will see the home page you can select the following options:


  • A new meeting to start an instant meeting. Click the Down Arrow, so that the video or use personal meeting ID (PMI) instant meeting. 
  • Added: participation in a meeting is in progress. 
  • Solution: the establishment of a future meeting. 
  • Share screen: share your screen in a narrow room, you can enter the shared key room ID. 
  • Date and time in the background of the image to change the background, press the mouse pointer to the image and click on the camera icon. 


  • Next meeting: to display the next meeting of the day. Add a third-party calendar you want to synchronize upcoming events. 

Next meeting

  • Click on your profile picture as follows: 

profile picture

  • Add a personal note. 
  • Settings: access the settings you can change to the customer. 
  • Change your status to available, away, or don’t want to bother You. 
  • My personal information: the opening of the portal, to edit. 
  • Try these top features: open a web page, a description of some of our most functions. 
  • Help 
  1. If reduced to provide information about the narrowing of the client is currently installed on the computer and other information about the company for more information. 
  2. Help Center: open the website, for the support 
  3. Report a problem,…to the issuance of the report a problem 
  • Check for updates: checks to see if playback is up to date. 
  • Switching to a portrait view, switch to narrow the window to portrait mode if you prefer a smaller window. 
  • Exchange accounts: allows to quickly switch between multiple accounts 
  • Logout 
  • Upgrade to a Pro if you are a free account) 


Select the chat tab, to show that private conversation with all your contacts or a group conversation in a chat channel. 

Select the chat

You can access these features from the left panel

left panel

  1. Skip searching to find a contact or a channel. 
  2. This allows you to go back and forth between previously used chat windows. 
  3. Starring in the message to view the message you are marked with an asterisk. 
  4. Please contact further information: show the last contact of the hope you have received the second amplifying the user. 
  5. All of the files, view files shared in a chat room and access to all the files in real-time chat, and save all the whiteboard session. 
  6. To start, click on your name to access your personal chat rooms. 
  7. Add it to the database for later: start a new chat with a contact, establish a channel to the group chat, or join a pre-existing channel. 
  8. In the past: 
  • Select a contact Select a contact to check the chat history and continue to chat with them. A status symbol is before their name.
  • Select a channel(such as via the icon in front of the name to display on the channel, chat, history, and send messages to the group members. 

Select a channel

After you select a contact, or together in the left hand, use the functions available in the chat window. 

After you select a contact

  • Star: to increase the contact, or the channel of your starred list, this provides quick and easy access to contact or channel. Starred contacts, or together will appear in your personal chat rooms and the latest episode in a fast and easier to access. 
  • Video icon Video: the beginning of the meeting is linked. If a channel has been selected, it will start with a meeting of all members of the channel. Hit the next target selection if you would like to meet with the video or not. 
  • Phone: to start a conversation with the contact. Only available if you visit, to reduce phone service. 
  • The new window icon(hover the mouse to the contact and the channel name display icon): enter the selected chat window. 
  • Information objective: to show the other options are linked, or channel. Provide you with quick access to the files, photos, and starred in the message to the selected dialogue. 
  • Message box: write and send messages to your contact information or the channel. You can also send pictures, files, a Code sheet, audio, and animated Gif. 



Select a phone makes a phone call, see a call log, and playback your voice message to help reduce telephone service. 


Note: a zoom phone license is required. 

  • History tab: view and delete the call logs and recordings. 
  • Voice mail tab: play and manage your voice messages. 
  • Lines tab: View any lines you have access to.
  • SMS tab: View any SMS messages you have sent or received.
  • Dial pad: make a call by manually entering a phone number or search your contacts.


Learn more about how to use the zoom function of the phone.


Select the meeting tab, and then click Next to view, start, edit, or delete the scheduled appointments.


You can select from the following options after you select a session on the left-hand side: 

  • Add to the icon. Schedule a new appointment. 
  • Refresh the underlying update the session list, where you can see your scheduled meeting. 
  • Start starts a scheduled meeting; you have to choose your next meeting. 
  • Copy of the invitation, a copy of the meeting invitation, the text, so that you can manually paste it into an email, instant messenger, etc, click View invitation if you want to see while you are copying. 
  • Edit: edit the meeting of the options for your event. 
  • Delete: to permanently delete any of your appointments. 
  • Join From a zoom room: start of the encounter, and has been its narrow chamber will also participate in the meeting. 


Select the Contacts tab search and manage contacts. 


  • Contact: display a list of all your contacts, among other things, relates to external and auto-reply contact. If your organization has a narrow room, it will also be a list of the narrow room. 
  • The channel label displays a directory channel (which is used to set the message. Starred channels will appear in the list. 
  • Add a label: to display the contacts and channels. You can add a contact to create a contact in a group, create a channel, join a channel, or you can add an app from the market or store. 

 In the meeting controls 

 When you have started or joined a meeting, you can come to the meeting, the controls are located on the bottom of the meeting window (move the mouse out of the window, to show and check). 

Learn more about the conference on the control of the main and co-organizers and participants. You can also join a Test meeting to familiarize yourself with the Will and control before you attend the meeting. 

meeting controls 


  • See the start of the video 
  • Join our weekly zoom out meetings and training seminars 
  • To participate in a test words

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