How do I always start recording Zoom meetings automatically?

When you have a meeting with Zoom, you can set whether to record automatically for each schedule.
Even so, you may forget to set the automatic recording setting when scheduling.
How to start all recordings automatically with Zoom …? ??


Settings for automatically recording all meetings with Zoom are made from My Meeting Settings.


First, go to My Meeting Settings and click the “Recording” tab there.

Scroll down a little.

Then, there is an “automatic recording” there.

Turn this on if you always want to record any meeting.

When recording to a computer, check “Record on local computer”.

If you want to record on the cloud, check “Record on the cloud”.

Also, if you are in trouble because the meeting is always recorded without permission, please check here.

If you want to decide for yourself whether to record automatically for each meeting, uncheck here.


Settings in the Google Calendar plugin

Also, if the Google Calendar plugin allows you to set up Zoom meetings, you can change the plugin settings to enable automatic recording.

① In Google Chrome, click the Zoom plugin

② Click the gear icon on the upper right of the window that appears

If you check “Record the meeting automatically” on the setting screen that opens, you can set all meetings set in Google Calendar to be recorded automatically.


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