How much does Zoom cost? Explain the difference between paid version and free version, each plan

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that allows you to join from anywhere in the world.

In addition, there are some web conference tools and web meeting tools, but they are all inconvenient because of doubts about their quality and having to log in and apply for friends.

In that respect, Zoom does not require these concerns.

This time I will explain about such convenient Zoom charges.

The details of each plan and the difference between the paid version and the free version are summarized in an easy-to-understand manner.

What is Zoom pricing? Introducing each plan

There are basically four plans for Zoom.

  • Basic (free)
  • Professional (Paid: Up to 100 people can attend the meeting)
  • Business (Charge: Up to 300 people can attend the meeting)
  • Company (Pay: Up to 1000 people can attend the meeting)

It is possible to propose an optimal plan that considers the number of people, the scale, and the ease of use for the charges that are worrisome about these plans, so it is good to contact us first. (Please contact us from the banner at the bottom)

The difference between the plans is roughly explained: Is there a limit on the number of simultaneous connections, the number of hosts, or the time for holding a meeting?

There are also some major differences in functionality.
So first, let’s talk about the difference between free and paid plans.

Difference between free plan and paid plan

Even if the Zoom is a free plan, most basic services can be used.

So you might think that it would be better to toll-free, but it is not so when compared in practice.

With a paid plan, there are three major benefits and advantages that are more than the price.

  1. There is no time limit when used by 3 or more people (40 minutes for free plan)
  2. Cloud recording possible
  3. Multiple hosts can be set
  4. Can be linked with Slack etc.

There is no time limit when used by 3 or more people (40 minutes for free plan)

Zoom is often used for web conferences, online salons, online seminars, etc.

At that time, if you have a paid plan, you can continue to use meetings and seminars for 40 minutes or more.

Meetings take nearly an hour by all means, and it is normal for an online salon or seminar to take more than an hour.

In that case, being able to continue meetings and seminars for more than 40 minutes is a great advantage.

Cloud recording possible

In the past, meetings were usually in the form of minutes, but it took resources and time.

However, Zoom allows you to record and record all meetings.
If you have a paid plan that pays the fee, the method of saving this recording/recording data on the cloud is also released.

Furthermore, only the paid plans can be recorded from smartphones and tablets.

This is a very useful feature.
If you save the minutes of the meeting after the meeting on the cloud, you can share the content of the meeting by simply sending the URL link, and it is ideal as a backup.

This will be more noticeable not only for meetings, but also for online salons and webinars where there are people who can join or cannot attend.

It is easy to open popular salons and seminars to the public later if they can be saved on the cloud.

Multiple hosts can be set

The conference and meeting use of Zoom with the free plan is limited to almost 1VS1.

In other words, one of them becomes the host and invites the other person.
But when it comes to the size of a company, the restrictions on this meeting are a bit tricky.

The same person would have to always be there to launch Zoom and launch meetings, and I’m lazy to be able to access meetings from various places with Zoom.

In such a case, if you have a paid plan, you can set up multiple host accounts, so you can avoid such problems.

Can be linked with Slack etc.

With the paid version of Zoom, you can integrate it with commonly used tools such as Slack.

This allows Slack to communicate smoothly, such as notifications being sent to Slack at the meeting time, and being able to move to Zoom without switching apps during chat exchange.

What you can do with the free rate plan

Now that you understand the difference between free and paid plans, let’s look at the details of each plan.

First, it’s a free plan, but most basic features are available.

Unlimited use of 1VS1Use by 3 or more people (with time limit)Hold meetings for up to 100 people
Online supportScreen sharingChat function
Whiteboard functionLocal recording/recordingSecurity function

Due to the time limit, it is not possible to continue using a meeting of 3 or more people for 40 minutes or more, but it can be covered for small WEB meetings, online salons, seminar participation, etc.

Of course, there is no charge because it is a free plan.

What you can do with a Pro plan account

If you update to the Pro plan, you will be able to use Zoom in addition to the features of the free plan, as well as without the meeting time limit that was a bottleneck.

Can be used continuously for 24 hoursUser management functionAdministrator function control
Reporting Use of custom personal meetings Save management on cloud
API usage Interoperability with Skype for Business


Apart from small additional functions, the big point is that the time limit of 40 minutes when using the free version of Zoom is removed, and it will be greatly expanded to 24 hours.

After that, it will be that you will be able to save and manage recordings and recorded data on the cloud.

This saves you the hassle of recording, encoding, saving, and sharing, and saves a lot of time and effort.

For charges, please contact NEC NetsS Resellers and other resellers.

What you can do with the Business plan

The Business plan is recommended for small businesses and above.

Up to 300 people can participateMinimum 10 host settings Custom URL settings
Domain managementCompany branding Custom email

The main additional functions are as described above.

A big change in business plans is that you can brand your company on Zoom.

What this means is that you can prepare a meeting room with the company logo and invite it, or customize the invitation URL.

In other words, is it that you can hold a meeting that was previously held in a white business meeting room in the original meeting room decorated with a logo?

The invitation URl was a random alphanumeric character (example:, but it was prepared by making a business plan (example: https://nesic.zoom .us/j/123456789).

If you plan to introduce Zoom to a large company, we recommend the Enterprise plan.

Finally, Enterprise plans are recommended for larger companies.

Up to 500 people can participateMinimum 50 people host configurationUnlimited cloud storageFree webinar option for 500 people

It is a plan for large companies with all the features of the previous plans available and all restrictions removed.

In addition,¬†Zoom Webinar’s 500-person participation license, which is perfect for online salons and seminars, comes with the number of purchases and the recording capacity is unlimited, so it seems that it is also adopted by SMEs depending on the business category.

The number of accounts required for registration is 50 or more, and the fee varies depending on the number of accounts.

If you are considering introducing Zoom for enterprises, please contact us for pricing etc.

The prices and functions we have talked about are explained on the HP.

If you are a company or organization and would like to introduce Zoom, please contact us once.

Depending on the number of contract accounts and usage such as price and function, there is a possibility that we can guide you to the most suitable course.

Please feel free to contact us using the dedicated inquiry form.



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