How much traffic do you have if you use Zoom for an hour?

Earlier in this article, I covered the environment for holding Zoom meetings outside.

In this, I wrote that Zoom has a low hurdle for the communication environment, but at that time I mainly wrote about the communication speed, so there was a part that I did not mention so much.

What is it? How much traffic does Zoom actually have? The place.

Let’s examine that area this time.

Traffic volume when using Zoom for 30 minutes

In this verification, I tried using Zoom for 30 minutes easily.

The distribution environment is 1: 1 using a personal computer, and only normal video is distributed.

The top is before use and the bottom is after use.



I’m sorry that it is difficult to understand because the start is halfway.

The amount of communication used for 30 minutes is about 260MB.

This is not all Zoom because it is also mixed with minor communication such as other communication of the browser, but I think you can think that it is about twice this for one hour.

It will be about 500MB in about 1 hour delivery.

Of course, if you upload files and do a lot of other work, the amount of communication will change, so please use it as a reference only.

After all, is there a lot of Zoom traffic? Is it small?


Compared to YouTube videos, the amount of traffic is about the same as watching YouTube in SD quality for about an hour .

SD image quality may not come to mind, but a beautiful video is more than HD image quality, which is one rank higher than this, so it is an image of a slightly rough video. ..

Isn’t it safe to say that this amount of communication is small even though two-way communication is performed on a personal computer?

For example, I had a problem on the go and couldn’t use the internet line I had planned! !!

It can be said that there is a good chance that the upper limit will not be exceeded even if you connect using the tethering of the smartphone you have a contract with.

If you have a contract with a lower packet limit, you can not use it regularly, but remember that it can be used as an emergency response so that you do not have to rush in case of emergency.

There is a big difference between having this peace of mind and not having it on the go.


It will be written again, but it can be said that the communication volume of Zoom is small for what it is doing.

In the unlikely event that something happens, I’m personally happy that I don’t have to rush if I prepare for tethering.

However, please note that the amount of communication this time is only when Zoom video images are broadcast.

If you want to know your own traffic in detail, some of the standard functions installed in Windows 10 will tell you the traffic for each app.

It’s a good idea to use these functions to measure the amount of communication when you try to use all the functions that you normally use in Zoom meetings.

Doing so will make it even easier to plan.


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