How much traffic does Zoom consume

Information about how much traffic Zoom consumes will be of interest to users with a slow Internet connection, with a limited tariff, or with payment for the spent megabytes. In this article, you will learn general consumption data that you should start from.

Consumption information

Technicians conducted several tests of the Zoom platform, its video conferencing capabilities, and the load on the users’ Internet channel. They gave the results in an average form. This information is the same as what is stated in the system requirements.

When communicating one-on-one:

  • Typical video quality is 540 megabytes per hour.
  • HD (1280 × 720) – 1.08 gigabytes per hour.
  • HD Full (1920 × 1080) – .62 GB.

In a video conference with three or more participants:

  • The standard quality is 810 MB / h.
  • HD – .35 GB / hr.
  • FHD – 2.4 GB / h.

FHD mode is not available for free account, it only has regular HD. Maximum quality is offered only for users with tariffs “Business”“Enterprise” and for the curriculum.

There are no video quality settings in the mobile app. And according to rough measurements, an hour of communication in a group conference with a camera consumes 800 MB.


It should be understood that the figures given are highly average. You can reduce the consumption of the Internet in several ways:

  • Reduce the quality of your camera in the Zoom settings by disabling HD mode.
  • Disable the video entirely.

All other options will not give the desired effect.


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